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Great car for all who want reliable and safe.

This car drives really smooth and even with 130, 000 miles, it has very few problems for a car of its age. It has a ton of space and the extra seats in the trunk have been great for moving lots of people. It is a large car but maneuvers smoothly and has great visibility. One major problem is the key fob. It was completely broken when I bought the car which I didn't realize and the cost to replace it is extremely high, most of my few repairs on the car have cost less than a working remote would cost.

- Phoebe T

Great car for dog lovers!

I purchased this Volvo wagon because at the time I had 2 large dogs. I liked that it had a net barrier for the dogs built in and being not high off the ground, it was easy for the dogs to get in and out. I also like that is all wheel drive. I have found it to be reliable despite its' age and still looks great. No rust even with salty winter roads and not being kept in a garage.

- Ann J

Others should know that my car is very versatile. It can fit in a compact spot, but it has AWD and a huge trunk.

I really love having a wagon that has all wheel drive and I can take anywhere. My only real complaints are that the transmission is starting to out because it's an older car. It's currently having a problem shifting between gears. Other than that, I have no complaints! Well, I do wish it had a bit better gas mileage, but it's not too bad for an older car.

- Becca B

My xc Volvo station wagon.

My car is solid, I feel safe the doors are heavy. It is a very comfortable car except for the seatbelt which I think needs to be adjustable so it does not sit on my neck. You can carry a lot of stuff in the back. The cup holders broke not a good design. I wished the car was better in the snow. It is also very expensive to get parts and work done.

- Dawn T

Volvo XC70 review, comfortable and spacious.

The seats are extremely comfortable. The only car seats that haven't aggravated my sciatica. Great performance, love the features and cargo space. Only negative is that parts and maintenance are more expensive than other vehicles I've owned. Had repeated issues with rear differential.

- Abigail T

2002 Volvo XC70: Lives at the Auto Shop.

Always in the mechanic shop! And repairs are extremely expensive! This car has one problem after another and makes be afraid to drive more than a few miles. I hope to sell it or trade in for something that requires less maintenance. Beware Volvos - you cannot do the repairs yourself.

- Tina D

Reliable vehicle that is great in tough weather. Trust brand of cars!

This car is great in snow and all weather terrain. The gas mileage is pretty good for being a somewhat older car, however it does take premium gas. It is expensive to fix but the car is reliable and smooth to drive. I will be sticking with Volvo cars for a while. I love them!

- Abby H

We have nicknamed our car "Helga. ".

Drives great, reliable, only the driver seat heater does not work, and the rear driver side door weather stripping leaks a bit when it rains, there are minor dings, scratches in the paint, and the steering wheel radio buttons do not work, other than that, I love my car.

- Michelle B

Reliability on wheels. No money spent on repairs or adjustments to get through MOT

The best feature of my Volvo has been its reliability.I have owned it for 11 years with absolutely no problems. It is comfortable and easy to drive,and has passed its MOT tests with a minimum of adjustments or repairs.

- Stewart K

My vehicle is a volvo xc70 and I love it

My vehicle is very reliable and I enjoy driving it. One problem I have with my vehicle is the hood and tailgate suspension do not work. Also the lights are hard to change because the space in the hood is too small.

- Amber E

An older Volvo that's been great for road trips and taking my dog on trips

Worked well for the first 10 years or so. Now it's starting to require a lot of maintenance. It's great for getting me to work, but I'd like a car that is more fuel efficient

- Josh C

That it is well made, gets great gas mileage, and is roomy enough for my husband who is 6'2" to drive comfortably.

Love that it has room in the back for sports equipment. Drives very smoothly and the interior is comfortable. Dislike that the roof rack doesn't have cross bars.

- Karol S

It is dependable and safe.

I like that it is comfortable to ride in and drive. It is reliable and safe. There is nothing I dislike other than it is old and makes a little more noise now.

- Connie A

I will get messages on how many miles I have until I run out of gas.

Drives nice, I have had some electrical problems. Ac works great. Smooth ride. If there is a problem I will get a message from the car.

- Robin E

It is incredibly comfortable and designed to last.

My only complaint is that parts are expensive if/when something breaks. It is comfortable, reliable and has plenty of storage room.

- Shannon L

Overall good car. I bit on expensive side to maintain.

I like the turbo power. I like the comfort of the seats and handling. The electronics on the car are not that good.

- Mark B

It's the best vehicle on the planet. It's sleek and sexy.

I have driven Volvo wagons for over 20 years. I love that it drives like a sporty car but is big and comfortable.

- Anne Y

It is a nice car to drive

I like how safe it is. I find it to be very comfortable to drive and ride in. It breaks down too often

- Betsy G

It's a quality car built to last. Even as old as it is, it still looks pretty good

I like the space, the ride, the durability of Volvo's. this one is no exception

- Brandy H

Always dependable, can always count on it in snow or hot weather.

I own 3 Volvo's, the best and most reliable vehicles on the road

- Carol D

The ease with which the car handles and the smooth ride. Reliability is a big plus. My car has never had an issue other than routine maintenance.

This car is one of the best I have ever owned and operated.

- Elene L

Nothing. It is ok. Good car.

It is ok. Good and reliable. Good for snow

- Devin g