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Amazingly strong turbo engine in a wagon. Still looks great.

My car is very reliable and at 12 years old the engine is still like brand new, the comfort and safety level for a car in this class and price range is outstanding. Seeing that the car is 12 years old we have had some sensor issues which cause readings on the obi that are false but the readings have not affected the car performance. We've also replaced a faulty rem (rear electronic module) which caused malfunction of the all wheel drive. My last car was a Volvo wagon which I drive for 14 years and only replaced due to an accident. Great brand and the safest car around.

- L. R

This car is very safe and has more "pep" than you might think.

All-wheel drive "sport wagon", white with taupe interior. 2.5 liter 5 cylinder turbo engine. The turbo easily makes the engine feel like 6 cylinders. Seats very comfortable. Mileage is 19 city/24 hwy, but has been less with tires that last 80k miles. At times expensive to maintain, but worth it because of reliability and safety.

- Ryan S

Volvo review- the real deal.

Great car, New York state is just tough on cars because of the salt so the parts are starting to rust and need to be replaced. Also, this car is brutal on gas! It gets about 14 miles per gallon because of the turbo engine. Other than the price of the parts, which is all luxury vehicles, this car has been great.

- Brittany L

2007 Volvo: overall reviews and information.

Child safety lock fails and cannot be permanently fixed by mechanics. Other than that the vehicle is reliable and comfortable. It has not had performance issues, nor any other problems. The car has just above 100, 000 miles on it despite it is age, so it is used less than cars made its same year.

- Chloe B

The Volvo XC70 drives like a car, but has the transmission and versatility of an SUV.

My 2007 Volvo XC70 is such a fun car to drive. I love that it is sporty, all-wheel drive, and like my little nephew says, "It's built for adventures!" He's right! I feel extremely safe driving my Volvo, whether in town or on the freeway, in sunshine or the worst winter blizzard.

- Vana H

It is wonderful to drive and extremely safe.

I love my car, but it is old. I would like to have blind spot assistance. I would also like to have a backup camera in addition to my back up sensors. I love how the car drives as well as the size. It is wonderful that the back seats fold down for transporting larger furniture.

- Annie W

Even though it looks like a station wagon, it drives like a sports vehicle.

I like that the Volvo is reliable. It's surprisingly spacious inside. It's good for road trips. Multiple passengers can travel in it and feel comfortable. It also handles well on the road and in various types of weather, which is good for the region in which I live.

- Tat H

Reliable, long-lasting Volvo.

I have had my Volvo for 11 years now, and it has not failed me. Stable construction, reliable mileage, and easy repairs. Very comfortable, and the fold down seats allow me to transport big items when necessary. This car is fashionable, and yet very functional.

- Stephanie J

Even though this car is older it still runs as good as some of these newer cars.

I have had the car for a couple years now and it has not given me any problems. It runs smooth and is great on gas. An overall great car. The only issue was the radio. The CDs kept getting stuck but, I am sure that is just a minor fix.

- James W

BRILLIANT driving experience

This is the best vehicle I've ever driven or road in. Comfortable, smooth ride, sturdy and reliable. I have driven for long periods of time, nothing compares. They were all top of the line cars along with other standard cars.

- Karen H

The feel of the ride is great.

Like- ride is great and it has been a low cost car in terms of repairs. Dislike- at 6'3" comfort is not good in any seat when taking longer drives. My boys are 6'2' with size 13 shoes and they have the same problem.

- George H

Volvos: They won't stop but they are expensive.

It's a hand me down from my mother- she left the country when I was moving here for school. It does the job, but it seems like the wear and tear of 11 years is evident.

- Emily G

It is great on gas and it has a lot of space.

I love Volvo's the speed, the space and the nice leather seats, the nice dashboard. I can fit so much in a Volvo. Honestly it is a nice car for someone who is single.

- Bree B

The Quality of the vehicle is top notch as It's had very low maintenance costs over It's life

Great safety and comfort. Good gas mileage but not great. Low maintenance costs over the history of ownership. Car size could be a bit bigger

- George H

Dependable, it can compete with other luxurious card, performs well.

Best car ever owned. Dependable, rugged sturdy, dependable. Good on gas, comfortable to drive. Dislikes cost of repairs but so far minimal.

- jon r

It is one of the safest cars.

I like that it is sturdy, strong. It is very dependable. It has good amount of space. I wish it had compass and button to close hatch.

- Fran C

That it works when it want to work.

It gives me problems I have a lot of engine problems I have oil leaks the brakes are going out my steering wheel a little lose.

- Jeff J

It is safe, solid and tough.

I love the space of the cargo area. I love the heated seats. I love the safety. I dislike the turning radius.

- Rebecca B

My car could save my life in the future because of the safety features.

I love my Volvo wagon. I feel safe driving my Volvo and happier after having totaled 2 American made cars.

- Janis T

The swedes built great automobiles!

Safest vehicle ever owned. Comfortable, fuel efficient sure-footed, and dependable but expensive to repair.

- Mark E

I like the way it handles in the winter, especially in the snow.

Bought it used with very low mileage. Great car all year round but very good in the snow.

- Eda M