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Comfortable lumbar support, great safety features, and reliability

2008 Volvo XC70 4dr Wgn w/Snrf

No mechanical problems with my Volvo, even though it is 11 years old. My car is very reliable. It is easy to drive and park. I like the features of level fold-down back seats, and convenience of folding down one back seat, and can still use the other side for seating. The leather seats are very comfortable, with good lumbar support, and built-in seat heater. The seats and mirrors have easy-to-adjust controls that can be adjusted for each driver, and saved with just a push of a button. The sunroof gives a nice open feel when driving in the car, instead of a closed-in feel like many cars. My car has an optional fold-down cargo bars that separate the back cargo area from the seats. This is perfect for times I transport my dog. If I have to stop suddenly, the barrier stops my dog from flying through the car, and protects him. I love my Volvo!

- Ruth R

Volvos are great looking and long lasting vehicles

2008 Volvo XC70 4dr Wgn w/Snrf

I love how the car drives and the gas mileage. The look of the car is great looks like a luxury car both inside and out. Since I own a 2008 and bought it used, there have been a few problems with the vehicle. A few loose wires, goes through oil a little faster than I'd like, and I had a problem with the blower. So the biggest issue with a Volvo in general is the cost to fix it when Something goes wrong. In this case the blower is underneath the dashboard so you have to pay for all of the labor to get underneath the dashboard. Other than that it's a great car!

- Stephanie S

2008 Volvo Cross country 70

2008 Volvo XC70 4dr Wgn

Smooth drive, great gas mileage, great control while steering the wheel. What is not great is the phone charging battery goes out quite a number of times and must be brought in for repair. The car does not have Bluetooth in it's system but it is an older model which is most likely why

- Gabriela G

Great safe if a touch boring car

2008 Volvo XC70

I like the safety and solidity of the car. It's very sturdy and I like the layout and room. It does, however, need some attention to stabilizers, , ride comfort, and also to pick up and acceleration when the a/c is on. It's been a good car for us.

- na T

Very well made and very solid car with reliable features. it handles well and is great in snow and ice.

2008 Volvo XC70

I really like the sturdiness of the car and its reliability. It does not have the greatest acceleration though. The climate control is great but the ride is a bit bumpy, if so solid and reliable

- Nancy N

Volvo love hate relationship. Electrical problems, love the smooth ride.

2008 Volvo XC70

We have had several problems, computer and electronic problems that do not get fixed the first time also there are few repair places that are willing to work on a Volvo.

- Agnes F

Others should know that I love my car and will leave it to my grandkids when I die or stop driving.

2008 Volvo XC70

I finally bought my dream car. I wish it was baby blue. I wish the warranty was longer, I'm a car orphan.

- Gail N

Military tank: Volvo station wagon.

2008 Volvo XC70

The car is built like a machine tank I got hit from behind at a dead stop and the car did not even move.

- Izzy K