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My awesome Volvo cx90, trust me you will not be disappointed in this car!

Love my Volvo cx90 it has optional third row seating, 2 seats in very back that fold down if not using, 3 in middle and of course 2 front! There are so many awesome things that you wouldn't even know this car has like a built in car seat in middle row, a TV/DVD player, back up sensor, front and back a/c and also a passenger temperature scale for itself, seat warmers, so many compartments throughout the whole car that you would never even know were there, alarm system, screen that tells you how many miles 'till empty and multiple other alerts, garage hook up, sunroof, back windshield wiper and defrost, even a small tailgate when you open the back which you can also open and close the tiny tailgate, I seriously love this car!

- Kayla C

Very dependable and comfortable vehicle.

Very reliable, comfortable & love the heated seats. The only thing that I do not care for is the color of it black, it is really hot in the summer. The sound system in the car is awesome. Only real problem that I have had with the vehicle is the sunroof will not open up, replaced the exhaust, had new brakes installed and just the normal maintenance upkeep such as oil changes. Almost 203, 000 miles on the car.

- Diana P

I like that it�s a small SUV with 3rd row.

It's not very roomy. The seats aren't car seat friendly, it's hard to get the kid's in and out of their car seats. Things fall apart, the side panels that hold the carpet down are coming up, it leaks. Haven't had a whole lot of problems with it, have had to have work done on it, due to the tires and sway bar making noise. It's a ok family car, even though it could be better.

- Gloria R

It is perfect for a place with cold mornings because of the seat warmers.

I really like this car, the audio is great especially the surround system. The only thing that would be nicer is if there was either a Bluetooth or AUX cord option for the car. Driving is really smooth, however it is a Volvo so maintenance every now and then is expected. The space is great inside the car and it does not feel too big either. It is great for families.

- Diana A

Reliable and comfortable car

This car is really reliable. Its older and has some wear and tear, but in general it's comfortable and it also looks good. Super functional for my family of 5 and has plenty of room for more if needed. Its loaded so it has power everything and a sunroof. Plenty of space for storage. The back middle seat even flips up into a built in booster seat.

- Amber K

Very reliable car but had problems that occur are hard and expensive to solve.

It was very reliable for the first 12 years but has developed traction control problems and is no longer drivable in the mountains or on ice/snow. It is a very comfortable car with lots of space for a family. However it is very expensive to fix, many possibilities that could be wrong and will cost more than the car is worth.

- Lauren R

Safety is extremely important to Volvo, and as a mother that means a lot to me!

I love that Volvo is such a such company and that I feel safe in my vehicle with my family. I love that there are three rows of seats and that the first two rows have a lot of legroom. I don't love that they are provoked to repair and that I have to purchase premium gas, but I knew these things before purchasing the car.

- Tara R

Expensive to maintain, but comfortable to drive.

Expensive to repair. Several expensive and time consuming repairs that seemed to result out of the blue. Even replacing the headlights it expensive! The radio no longer works. That said, it is very comfortable to drive and provides a feeling of luxury. I especially love the leather heated seats.

- Melissa P

Innovations inside the Volvo

My car's features were quite innovation when it first came out in 2004, and until today, they're just as useful and competitive towards other cars, especially versus other US. The comfort is great, as the car is extra spacious with 3 rows of seats and the car being relatively tall.

- France A

The troubles with the xc90 SUV Volvo

I really enjoy vehicle but not giving problems but was told it would after high miles have high mileage and know throttle not great been putting lot water in radiator hoses starting to leak but beside that really like Volvo and I would really recommend the Volvo xc90 to everyone

- William M

That it has kept me and my family injury free and safe for 15 years.

I have had my car for almost 15 years and I'm not ready to get a new one! It feels safe, it has a great ride and it is so comfortable. I know I need to get a new car soon just because technology has changed so much over the years but my car feels like a member of the family!

- Judy L

Volvo fits us just right. I haul everything in it; sometimes even people!

I love the cargo room in back I can carry almost any, including all of my grandkids on a trip to Disneyland. It worked out beautifully for all of us with plenty of room for the kids. I feel very safe & comfortable in this SUV. The only downside was gas mileage of course.

- Suzanne H

It is a wonderful and very reliable car!

I love my Volvo. We have owned it since 2007. It is a 2004 xc90. This car has a great miles/gallon ratio. It is a very reliable car. I have not found anything I do not like about it. When this car finally gives out, I will be getting a newer model of what I have.

- Anne N

Great durable and comfortable SUV.

My battery is being slowly drained from within the vehicle and it's difficult to determine where. I keep a set of good jumper cables in it and if I'm not using the car daily I usually have to jump it. Otherwise it's a great durable and comfortable vehicle.

- Melissa D

My Volvo. My 2004 Volvo is reliable and comfortable.

The car is really reliable. Keep up with the maintenance to keep problems down. Since my car is older it does not have the current bells and whistles but it works for me. The car is comfortable and reliable. I never had a problem getting around in it.

- Daphne J

As of now my air conditioner is not blowing cold air.,

I love driving my Volvo. It is smooth and comfortable to drive. I love the space that I have and it has towing capabilities. All the features auto windows, sunroof, tailgate hatch are great to have in the vehicle. The sound system is loud and clear.

- Jami B

That it can hold up to 7 people in it. It comes in handy when trying to travel together.

My Volvo is very spacious which I love. I carry 7 people in total in my car, or I can fold down all of the seats and move things. One thing I dislike is the gas mileage I get from this vehicle. It is a large vehicle which has its ups and downs.

- Lauren A

This car did not get talc from the previous owner.

The car is not very old but the previous owner did not take very good care of the car. There is always a problem with the car, especially electrical issues. Also the cost is very high to fix a lot of the problems.

- Shekinah D

Easy to handle when on tight turns.

The car handles curves. No problem with the vehicle. The seats are leather still in good condition. I enjoy when side mirrors pull into avoid damage. Sound system is noise and delivers the bass awesome.

- David M

God gave it to me. And volvos are reliable, sturdy and long lasting vehicles.

It is a great size because I am short and need to see other cars better. It is a very comfortable ride and I enjoy driving it. Besides, god gave it to me through some dear friends.

- Jeannette B

My car is both luxurious and safe. It has a substantial amount of miles on it and it is still in good shape.

Since it is older, the vehicle has needed a substantial amount of work/repairs in the past few years. Other than that, it is a safe and reliable car. Excellent for families.

- Aviva S

Very comfortable. Drives smoothly. Luxury options.

Currently replacing transmission at 107k miles. Also having computer issues. Brakes, lights, ect stop working while driving and have to pull over and reset computer.

- Mel B

Volvo's are very safe vehicles, they are well worth the money you pay for them. They go for a lot of miles and are dependable vehicles they don't have too many issues that I'm aware of.

I like it because its a strong reliable safe vehicle. My vehicle is very roomy, it has the third row seating. I don't really dislike my vehicle at all.

- Deanna T

XC90 is fun to drive and dependable, with lots of cargo room.

I love my car's handling and dependability. I have enjoyed driving it and it still looks pretty good. However, it is expensive to maintain.

- beth V

It is roomy and spacious and comfortable.

I love my car. It fits all 6 of my kids, great on gas, n very smooth driving. My kids love my car because of the sunroof and heated seats.

- Sara T

Parts are expensive and hard to come by unless through a dealer.

Fits a family of 6 comfortably with room to spare. Very reliable vehicle, very few issues. Handles very well in all kinds of weather.

- Katie B

The AC works great. Can't say the same for the windows.

It gets me from point a to b. Lots of things are broken on it. Parts that I don't think should have broken. Upkeep is a pain on it.

- Rachel H

It fits us all in it, most cars don't have enough room for all of us with trunk space

I like the design of my vehicle. I love the space it has to fit us all in it. I dislike the cosmetic issues that have happened

- Alicia D

It is bigger than it looks.

Paid off, drives nice. Has leather and stereo sunroof, hate the age and reliability but again there is no monthly payment.

- Thomas M

It's a safe car to drive that you don't have to worry about taking your kids in

I like how smooth it drives. I like that it gets decent gas mileage for an SUV. I dislike that it costs so much to repair

- Casey R

It is reliable, built wonderfully.

I love this vehicle!! Best investment I made, it drives so smooth and it has plenty of room for my kids and grandkids.

- Kim R

the XC90 is a must own stylish, dependable and fun to drive SUV!

it is solid, stylish and dependable. It is a bit expensive to maintain but i like the handling and its fun to drive.

- beth e

Very reliable suv and drives nice and smooth.

I love the roominess. The vehicle is.very reliable and drives great. Has high miles but still drives like it's new.

- Shay w

Safety price gas mileage

Good and safe car no rust just the right size ,it's getting little wearebsnf tare but still ok

- Val M

When the car is driven on warm summer days or for an extended period, power shuts off from overheat.

I do not recommend buying the volvo xc90 2004 suv. I think there should be a recall.

- Jonelle R

It's on its last legs, starting to show its age. Need a new one.

It's old, time for a new one. It's a suv, was probably nice when new.

- Wayne H