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Reliable comfort surprisingly ample cargo.

2006 xc90. We are the 2nd owners currently has approx.. 110,000 miles. Overall we are still very happy with it - it is the most comfortable car I have owned as both the driver and as a passenger to date ( I have personally sat in every seat in the car including the 3 row for at least an hour drive - the 3 row is tight I am 5'6" if I were any taller it would be cramped ). The downsides: it is very expensive to maintain - it is usually $300-600 each service mileage/check. It's not super efficient last time I checked I was getting around 13 mpg - but it is very comfortable and I have a short commute to work. Other positive things: I can fit a ton of stuff in the back - the third row folds completely flat the 2nd row to about a 45 degree angle. I have managed to fit two med armchairs (not recliners) and a ottoman.

- Laura J

Family car- safe, fun and luxe!

High performing, roomy car with luxury amenities such as memory seat and mirror settings for up to 3 drivers. Plenty of cargo area and love the way the cargo entry/ tailgate functions. Back lifts up, but there is a 8 ish inch high tailgate that holds any bags in that may have shifted in transit. Built in booster seat saves room and bulk and allows for easy carpooling with families. Smooth driving, reliable car. Feel very secure in it. Only one thing we did not consider was a mechanic specializing in Volvo's before the purchase. Maintenance and repairs are (naturally) more expensive on this European car. However, aside from routine maintenance, no major repairs have been necessary. It has 150k+ miles and is still driving very well!

- Erin T

Volvos are reliable cars and have been chosen as the safest car on the road.

As of today I haven't had any problems with my current vehicle. Love how it drives. It speeds up quickly and have a smooth ride. The only negative about this car is that it takes premium gas which could get expensive if you drive a lot. The engine is powerful and I didn't have to replace anything in the car besides normal wear and tear like tires, brakes, and headlights once in a while.

- Agnieszka S

The amazing car of my dreams is a Volvo xc90!

My Volvo xc90 is the car of my dreams. Although it is a 2006, and does not have all of the bells and whistles on newer cars it is always amazing to me. The ride is more of a glide, like sliding on butter. The car is built so well it makes you feel extremely secure should you be hit. It has a steel bar down the sides. It is roomy. Fold down seats are very easy to maneuver.

- Carol T

The car is very safe and I always let other know.

I honestly I have no problems with my xc90. Its big, safe, comfortable, and nice. I always feel like I am riding in luxury with the heated leather seats, wood steering wheel, six disk CD player, automatic sunroof, and manual mode. The car is very reliable and has never had any problems or broken down on me.

- Casey L

The Volvo xc90 is an incredibly solid, safe car, as driver or passenger,

I originally purchased my Volvo for its safety features. The seat headrests and the steel bars down the sides of the car caught my attention as I did the research. My Volvo glides as though on butter down the road, the cruise control is a feature I use often. It adds to the enjoyment of the trip.

- Carol R

The Volvo xc90 is very safe and durable. It is very spacious and comfortable.

I absolutely love my Volvo vc90. I feel really safe when I am driving down the road and it feels like a very strong, heavy duty car. There are some minor interior details that need fixing, but that comes with the car being 12 years old. Overall, I love this car and would recommend it to anyone!

- Molly M

Volvo xc90 makes family feel safe. Until repair cost are required.

What I like about Volvo xc90 is very spacious with 3 rows of seats which also fold down, the power of v8 engine, reliability, very safe, and it does hold its value compared to some other makes and models. What I dislike is the expense associated with low miles/gallon and repairs/maintenance.

- Cynthia W

A very reliable vehicle. Very low maintenance. Vehicles ride smooth. Cars last for a long time.

Volvo"s last for a long time. Mine is 12 years old and still runs great with no problems. The body has no rust and the seats which are leather have no rips or holes. If you keep up with the maintenance you Vovlo should last for over 20 years and can be passed on in your family or traded in.

- robin n

Everything you want and need in a vehicle.

The xc90 has enough space to carry 7 people comfortably or carry a Christmas tree. It is very reliable and will last forever. Regular scheduled maintenance is all I ever have to do with it like oil changes tire rotation and fluid checks. It also comes with every element in a car you want.

- Susan M

3rd row seating AWD very spacious.

It is been a very reliable vehicle I love the 3rd row seating I have 4 children and it is very spacious for the whole family to fit comfortably plenty of room for moving things as well my everyday car for everything features and detail are very nice AWD and gets you through everything.

- Brittany M

Volvo xc90 is great for busy families.

My xc90 is comfortable and stylish, but still great on gas. We camp, shop, and travel in it. Our large family fits easy, and the seats are so easy to move. The stereo and sunroof add to our live, but live g in Michigan, I would have to say that the heated seats are my favorite feature.

- Stephanie B

My first car and it is good to start off

My car is a 2006 Volvo xc90 and it is good to me it takes me to work, home and to other places. The mirror on the passenger side looks down and the air works when it feel like. But it runs good some parts still need changing but that comes with time because the parts are expensive.

- Ashley G

Its a green Volvo and its shiny.

Turbo has leaked, that was bad. But overall it's a great car I'd say. It's a very large vehicle. Sits up to 9 people and the trunk is very large as well. Its semi automatic as well. Id buy another Volvo, I trust the car manufacturers. I do wish it wasn't a turbo engine though.

- Serenity P

Volvo SUV great overall car, safe for little ones

Great vehicle, safe and comfortable. Have noticed with age things tend to break often. Had issues with the instrument panel going berserk. Lights needing to be replaced often. Broken hydraulic on tailgate. But all is pretty standard wear and tear. Interior leather cracking.

- Jessica C

Excellent vehicle-but expensive.

Overall I absolutely love my xc90-it has been very reliable. It handles excellent in rain and snow. My only complaint is that repairs/replacements can be extremely expensive, even with it being an older model. The antifreeze alone is $30.00 per gallon.

- Hope D

It is very safe and allows you to see more of the road than a compact.

A great car for travel, the additional row of seats is able to put down and you truly can fit just about anything. It could also be a good family car with all the extra seats without seeming like a "mom car"

- Caroline D

A great vehicle all in all.

It is a good vehicle and it is satisfactory the speed is fast. I ts a 7 seater and a family vehicle making it a great vehicle if you have a large family can also be an off-road vehicle with 4 wheel drive.

- Mitchell Jericho J

It is extremely reliable,it starts right up in frigid temperatures.

I like the gas mileage and the look. I don't like the cost of repairs and the design of the vehicle. My complaints are that the oil changes are too expensive and the leather seats don't hold stuff well.

- Luann A

Very safe and comfortable.

Very reliable car. Is nice an high for good visibility and handles well in the snow. Now that it is 13 years old, had to do some extra maintenance work replacing a brake sensor and the 6-CD player.

- Jt H

Volvo vehicles are made for safety.

Love the safety and how reliable it is, does not require a lot of work. Just had all belts and hoses changed. Dislike that it is older and has a lot of miles and is showing signs of age.

- Joan N

Safety is the most important feature of any vehicle. Volvos are the safest on the market.

I feel safe in my vehicle. It saved our lives when someone ran into us going 50 mph. If we were in a smaller vehicle we probably wouldn't be here today or in critical condition.

- Kate A

the great volvo experience

my vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. it has electric windows and seat, air conditioner, leather seats and 3 row seats. haven't experienced any major problems.

- james j

I need some help getting my car worked on.

Check engine light is on, and it is comfort to drive and it is liability to drive and it also needs some work on it but I have no money at all to have it worked on.

- Kim M

My awesome amazing car runs great

It's my first car and I love it to death. It had quite a number of miles already on it when I got it but it still runs just fine. Definitely built to last

- Noah M

That parking spaces can be short, so be selective for my truck.

No complaints. It is very comfortable. It is a safe vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. The price was very reasonable for the quality of the vehicle.

- Jesse P

Safe, comfortable, and fashionable.

It's very comfortable and I feel safe driving it. My only issue is that it's a little old. I don't have any Bluetooth or auxiliary capacities.

- Caylyn S

Volvos are very safe cars and have been tested for many possible outcomes of accidents and they are rated high for safety

I enjoy the car because it is safe and reliable. I don't like that it takes premium gas but only because of the expense, but mileage is good.

- William R

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is how safe it is.

I love the feel and safety of my car. I dislike the fact that it is very hard to get it repaired. I love the size and features.

- Adri T

Very Reliable - would definitely recommend to anyone

We've had this car for over 10 years and 120,000 + miles with no unusual problems. Will definitely consider buying again

- Charles W

These cars are sturdy and provide safe driving.

This is a heavy car that is very safe. It has been very reliable with few repairs. I love the space in this SUV.

- Jane H

The reliability of the car

It has been very reliable and has a lot of miles on it. It does have some rust though. Gas mileage is decent.

- Sue E

It's expensive to repair. Take good care of it and the repairs will not run as high.

I like it because it is a safe and reliable vehicle. I do not like it because the repairs are very expensive.

- Michelle T

Has dvd in the head rest and navigation in the dashboard.

My vehicle is awesome the only issue I've had is the check engine light coming on. It's a very safe vehicle!

- Gabrielle S

Compare typical models. Make sure the mileage correct.

The Volvo is roomy, Quiet and smooth riding. The repair costs are too high. The gas mileage could be better.

- Jerry M

It's safety features and multiple air bags.

I love how big and spacious it is. It is also very comfortable. I also love the many safety features.

- Kennedy w

Its comfortable and reliable. Its roomy without being a gas guzzler.

I love the way my xc90 handles. I can pack it full of stuff and still have room for kids.

- Stephanie B

It is extremely safe and solid. It also has tons of cargo space

I like the size. I don't care for the gas mileage. I love the color. I wish it had nav

- quintez R

The stereo system is great.

The cargo capacity. I love the look of the suv, I like the stereo system.

- robin n

It's very sleek and stylish

I love the legroom and cargo space. The interior is falling apart.

- Karlie M