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Simple and efficient features

I was always a Volvo fan because of its safety. I bought my car 10 years used and I am impressed in how it is still in a good shape. All the functions still works, it has a lot of space, the seats are super comfortable, and considering how old it is, the mileage is not bad at all (20 mph average). My car is V6 all wheel drive and it is super stable. It responds fast when you need to speed up, which is great on highways. My favorite thing about this car is the blind spot sensor, which saves you from having to look back on every time you will change lanes. Another feature I really like is the sensor for the tire pressure, as a woman (true to be told), I don't always worry on verifying the tires and oil, and having features that reminds you about those is really useful. My car came with plastic rubber cover for the trunk and also with a metal gate which is perfect for me to carry my dogs and not having them jumping to the back seat or damaging any of the carpet in the trunk. I am really satisfied with my XC90 and I plan to exchange it for a newer one soon.

- Julia L

10 being the highest, I would give 2008 Volvo xc90- 8 out of 10 stars.

I really enjoy my Volvo 2008 xc90. Aside from the great lines on the vehicle the interior is beautiful. My vehicle has brown and cream leather with a cream fabric. The fabric is very durable and somewhat easy to keep clean. The vehicle also has a great cargo capacity and many neat and useful. Storage spaces include a nifty "grocery bag holder" in the rear cargo space. It also has unique center seating area for children in a car seat where the center rear console can be removed to move the child forward for ease. The vehicle however has had to have all of its motor mounts replaced. Some more then once which depending on which mount it is can be very costly. I would consider purchasing this vehicle (in a newer year) again.

- Heather G

Great, solid, comfortable vehicle.

It is a very comfortable car. Being 5’4 “ I do have to sit quite close to steering wheel which makes it hard to get out and in of vehicle. Just doesn't seem door opens wide enough and visor hits my head when down. A telescoping wheel would help and automatic seat. I do love the cloth and leather interior. Makes it so you don't slide around as you go thru a corner as you would just leather seating. The rear seat has a child feature where you can slide the center back seat forward and remove the center console for easy access to a child in a car seat. Also, the rear cargo area has a nifty “grocery bag” holder and lots of convenient hidden storage.

- Heather G

Why you should absolutely consider a Volvo xc90.

This is one of the best cars I have owned. Gas/mileage is pretty good for the size of the car. Body is pretty robust. Weight for the class of the car is above average and perfect for the snowy and icy road we get in Minnesota winters. This is a 7-passenger car that hauls all my entire family of 5 plus extra room for 2 more friends and plenty cargo space. 2nd and 3rd row seat can be folded completely flat. I have been able to fit a medium rise sofa in that car. The only downside to me is the overwhelming number of sensors in the car; and when one is faulty, generally, 4 or 5 other read faulty too and can cause you to spend unnecessary dollars in repair!

- Fred T

it is very safe, there is plenty of space for children and adults as well as a full and clear view of all areas for the driver to see.

I feel very safe and the drive is smooth. So far the only issue I have is roof covering is coming off due to heat issues. I am warned about tire pressure, oil, maintenance, battery, skid-resistance, and light bulb failures. I love that there is plenty of space in the trunk including extra storage hidden in the trunk. All leather interior does get very hot in the summer, but cleans up very nicely and smells fresh.

- Elizabeth E

It's roomy, safe and made for families with children.

I love my Volvo because it has lots of room, a fold-down third row and a built-in booster in the middle of the second row. I also love the built-in navigation system and the built-in entertainment system (DVD player). The only thing I don't like about it is that I don't like that the only clock in the car is on the driver's instrument panel and you can't see it anywhere else in the car.

- Jessica S

A village does not have to love a Volvo xc90, but village approval is guaranteed.

Excellent performance and comfort. Driver seat can be changed to fit your every need (position, seat height, etc.) To ensure a comfortable driving experience. My only issue is the cost of maintenance and upkeep. A basic oil change is $350. If you are financially able to afford vehicle updates and maintenance schedules, you will have little no on complaints.

- Katrina L

Drives like a luxury car and makes me feel extremely safe.

I have had almost no issues with this car. It is my favorite car I have ever had and it drives like a luxury car and I have never felt safer in any car ever. The car drives great on the highway and there has only been very minor problems with this car. There is plenty of room inside and I have never loved a car more.

- Pamela A

My 2008 Volvo xc90 review.

I love the car so much. There is so much room, it is very good for a family household with 7 people. The seats adjust very well to my liking. However, I do have some complaints, it is very low so not much head space. Also when you try to increase the speed to go on the highway it kind of jerks when trying to go fast.

- Lucy F

The Volvo xc90 fits 7 very comfortably.

The Volvo xc90 has been the most reliable and fun car to own. It fits 7 people comfortably. It has just enough power to go off-road, and on long trips. It is also very stylish and has clean lines. While we were looking for a large SUV we came across the Volvo. For the price it is hard to beat it!

- Greg H

I learned to drive in this car, and it has not let me down ever.

My car is dependable, and functional, and I like the way it looks. It also has a pretty good speaker system, and the ac works pretty well, pretty fast against the worst of the savannah heat. My AUX insert is broken now, but this is a ten year old car so overall, I would recommend this.

- Marian N

Good midsize SUV, with some quirks that come with age.

Very comfortable ride, always something small going wrong however (headlight continues to go out due to electrical problem, etc.). Sunroof is a nice touch. Radio system could be higher quality. Turning radius pretty good for an SUV. Turn signal is beginning to be less sensitive.

- Katie R

Good used economical vehicle.

Bought the vehicle used in 2014. It has been a fairly good vehicle. Have had minor problems with it. Gas mileage is good. I like how it handles on the road. It is a very heavy vehicle. I would probably buy another if I was in the market for another but not at this time.

- Beverly M

It is a great family car, very smooth.

It is smooth, fast, comfortable, not bad, awesome, 5 seater (could be 8), family car, 1st car ever drove, best car, mom car, it is a cruising car, smooth like an electric car, no back up camera, speakers sound good, recommend people to buy this car as soon as possible.

- Zee P

Reliable, safe, and efficient.

The car drives smooth on the highway and in city as well as accelerates quickly. When the car has maintenance issues they are expensive to fix and replace. The car also is average for gas mileage. The sound system is great and it has a spacious interior/trunk space.

- Zach S

Safe and reliable wind the day.

Very reliable. Safe. Very comfortable. Not enough conveniences. Haven't had any problems except the usual wear and tear. Do have an issue with the latch to the back hatch. It sticks. Hard to find the release for the hood when trying to open the hood at the grill.

- Danielle S

Best car ever: a must buy.

Great vehicle. Safe and comfortable to drive. Great color. Not many miles on it so I'll be able to drive it for a while. Only minor, very fixable problems have occurred since its purchase. Very happy with my selection of vehicle. Ten out of ten would buy again.

- Cameron P

Black, four-door, sports utility vehicle

I love my Volvo XC90. I have had it for 10 years now, and it has been nothing but dependable! I had one issue with the ignition a few years ago, but it was a fairly inexpensive fix, and I have had no problems since! I would highly recommend it!

- Angie R

It is been very dependable, no breakdowns and handles well.

Very dependable, love the way it looks, solid body and you feel very protected with a steel body... Also the room for carrying a lot of cargo, groceries, going shopping to places like Costco, when u r loading up for house things etc..

- Jacqueline M

I it is power it is much stronger than someone would imagine.

It is a beautiful vehicle it has a great amount of horsepower it is extremely comfortable and it is plenty of room for you and your family the only thing you need to get fixed on a car or a lot of money that is down to an oil change.

- Mitchell S

Items to check prior to end of warranty

Good reliable vehicle. Recommend avoiding direct spray to the BLIS camera when washing. Also, mirror defrosters may fail and you won't know if you park your vehicle inside: confirm prior to warranty running out.

- Craig G

The car that keeps my family safe.

My Volvo is a very smooth ride and comfortable driving. It feels very sturdy and safe on the road. I love that it has the optional 3rd row seat as well as a built in booster seat for young children.

- Linda K

Family Volvo Pros and Cons

Has a ton of room. It's a 7 seater but the back to seats collapse. It's the perfect family vehicle. My only complaint is it is a gas hog and has some electrical problems now and then.

- Andrea M

You Should Buy a Volvo XC90

Great car. Good size car. Seven-passenger plus plenty of cargo space. Rides really nice. Very comfortable seats. Great gas/mileage. Downside: Too many sensors.

- Fredo T

It is a very economic vehicle.

I like how safe the car feels as I am driving. I think the car is pretty consist in the way it drives. The only problem is there are some awkward blind spots.

- Liz A

Love our reliable Volvo XC90

This car is very safe and reliable. The interior is nice and I really like the design. The repairs for the vehicle can get expensive, but overall a good car.

- Shayla M

That it is reliable and comfortable

I love the way it handles on the road. It has a nice suspension and it is very comfortable to ride in with my family. I also like the third one row.

- Tan S

It has been thoroughly used, but is still reliable and will likely last a while longer

It is a safe car, has a fair amount of storage, and handles well, but it is not particularly stylish and is somewhat outdated in its amenities

- Chris M

It's very solid and safe and runs perfect. It us not expensive to fix like people always seem to say about volvos.

It rides like a dream, is very safe, has a ton of trunk space, and has had no major problems. We've only had to do regular maintenance.

- Amy R

It is a tank and will crush almost anything out there.

Dislike the gas mileage. Wish it was a newer model... Love the safety. Love the amount of room. Love the comfort level..

- Tanya J

The Volvo XC90 is a solid car, but perhaps not as luxurious as they make it out to be.

I like the style and safety. I don't like that the plastic parts break and the air conditioner keeps having problems

- Jason W

Volvo: a comfortable ride but uncomfortable to your pockets

It's a great car and i love it but it's expensive to fix if it tears up.it can also be expensive to maintain.

- cassie s

Some maintenance can be more expensive than other vehicles.

It's a really great vehicle. It's very comfortable and dependable. It's one of the safest SUVs on the road.

- Toby W

Why I chose the Volvo xc90 for my family.

I love the heated seats, mirrors, comfortable seats, 3rd row seating, rear a/c and heat and synthetic oil.

- Anna Marie F

Easy to drive with high safety as well as powerful and solid structure of my car make other people impressed.

It is reliable, safe, and comfortable. However, more parts are in need of replacement soon or later.

- Arthur S

Purchase the Volvo as certified pre-owned to reduce the price of purchase.

Exceptionally safe vehicle with plenty of room for family, friends, my dog and sports gear.

- Heather M

I like how my car is very big and can fit lots of people.

It is a big car not a rough ride. Brakes are very squeaky. The navigation system is faulty.

- Sean M

That it is an extremely safe and overall great family vehicle.

It is extremely safe. It has towing capacity. Enough space for my growing family.

- Brad P

It is reliable and rides well on the interstate. It has held up well

I like that the car rides well dislike that is an older model

- heather m

Reliable. Durable. Dependable transportation.

Reliable, sturdy. Has been very reliable.

- Joe B