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A very nice 2011 Volvo that has lasted a long time.

I really enjoy my car. The seats are really comfortable and you can adjust the stiffness of the back of the front 2 seats. I also enjoy the third row. However, the third row is very tight and can mostly only fit very small people who have little legs. I enjoy the hatchback trunk and the car itself. I have never had any actual problems with the car which leads me to believe that it is well made. However, like all Volvos the battery is in the back which makes it hard to jump if it dies.

- Hannah C

I didn't like the slanted look at first, now think its a unique look to the car.

At first I wasn't to sure about the car. It has an awkward slant and the front of the car is really low. I am taller so I wasn't sure that I was going to be comfortable. After riding in it two or three times, I got used to it. There's a lot of space to move my legs around and the seats move back pretty far so I am not squished. The back seats fold down for maximum trunk space, but even if they didn't, the trunk is pretty big.

- Jade H

My seven cedar three dog Volvo is a pleasure.

I love my car! Room enough for my three children ages 16,12 and 10. My three dogs love it in the back as well. A German shepherd, a cocker spaniel and a shiatsu. We have traveled all over Florida and trips all the way to NYC. We’re I am originally from. It is easy to parallel park even in Brooklyn neighborhoods!

- Mary Ellen F

Volvo luxury, class and priceless the car to drive!

The Volvo xc90 is very reliable, low maintenance with luxury. It is very comfortable when traveling long trips and with children. The service at the dealership is excellent professional care and consideration for the customer needs. They will also make sure that the customer is satisfied.

- Lr Y

The Volvo XC90 2011 is incredibly family friendly and safe.

I love the safety aspect of my vehicle. It drives like a tank and stops quickly when needed. I also love the space-we can fit 2 kids, 2 large dogs and 2 weeks worth of clothes in it. I do not like the lack of pick up in the engine, and the technology is a bit outdated.

- Meghan L

My car has needed very little maintenance and runs very well.

I love the size of my XC90, plenty of room for kids and adults to go on car trips. I also like that the dashboard is not over the top with technology. It's easy to drive. My one dislike is gas mileage, driving in city is not great.

- Jenny M

This Volvo is a safe SUV for the family.

This SUV is very Safe, extremely comfortable, pretty fast with get up and go, reliable. The safety features are incredible. However, gas is a bit expensive.

- Michelle D

Good safety rating, but if the car sits for more than a few days without being started, the battery will need jumped.

Like the 3rd row option. Gas consumption is good. Battery doesn't hold a great charge if it sits more than a few days at a time.

- B H

It's a quality product built for safety. It is a great engine and all wheel is nice. Resale on Volvo tanked kinda good and bad

It eats tires really fast and the air conditioning doesn't satisfy the cabin volume with black dash traps heat. But I love it

- Matt C

Very safe and good for family.

Very safe and minimal problems. A great family vehicle. Voted one of the safest. Slow pick up. Good on gas.

- Bee C

This car has never slide or gotten out of control due to weather conditions.

Too technical and specifics due to temperatures. Safest car I have ever owned. Volvos are the best.

- Tanya S

The size is perfect, not too small. Sits high enough off the ground

I don't care for the leather seats. I do love the moon roof. Wish it was more fuel efficient.

- Barbara H