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It has these plugs in both back seats for headphones or earbuds.

First of all, it's a gas hog. Approx. $60. 00 to fill up (it can only use the most expensive gas) it lasts about 1 week. All of the fluids(besides wiper fluid) Have to be for a Volvo. But I love the room it has inside & its a very comfortable vehicle. The stereo sounds great. The back seats lay flat for carrying large objects. I feel that its a safe vehicle.

- Kimberly Z

I have only driven a Volvo and love them!

I haven't had any major problems with my vehicle. I have had tiny issues like the key fob does not work the best and the bliss is not the most reliable. The performance is great. It is super comfortable. All of the Volvos I have had have been comfortable. It is a super reliable car. The AWD is a huge plus for the hilly area we live in.

- Angela R

It is a solid, safe, and functional design that works in every situation.

It has a great design and very high quality materials. I love the memory driver seat and automatic wipers. My only dislike is the older generation six-cylinder engine, which is lacking some power and has poor fuel economy. I know newer models have a turbo 4 which is probably better.

- Jon C

It is very safe without losing any feeling of comfort.

I love the feel and interior space/layout of my car. It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. The seats can be slightly difficult to put down occasionally and I wish there was an easy place for trash but these are minor complaints compared to my overall love for the car.

- Shawna B

Great gas mileage of my. My car is white in color with beige leather upholstery.

Love my car. It is reliable. I have not had any problems since I had it. I purchased it new. The only time in repair was for scheduled maintenance. My car has 3 rows of seats. Has lots of storage capacity. Leather upholstery classes up the car and makes it a good sale.

- Cynthia H

That it is very roomy and spacious. It is very comfortable for the entire family on longer drives.

I like the size, it has plenty of cargo room and seating. I also like that it has features like heated seats and back up sensors. I also find that is drives very well on road, handling really well, feeling very safe,

- Michelle F

It is a very comfortable car to drive and ride in.

It can be very noisy at times, and is not always the smoothest ride. But it is very comfortable for long periods of time. And as a teenager it does a great job getting me where I need to go, without guzzling gas.

- Piper K

Great Vehicle

I bought this vehicle new and I could not be happier with it. Other than routine maintenance, I have not had to spend any money on it for repairs. etc

- jarl o

It maneuvers well in the snow, and handles potholes as well :)

We love our Volvo, and can't imagine driving anything else. It runs well, does well in the snow, and gets good gas mileage. Perfect for us.

- Ralph F

It drives like a tank and is very easy to handle.

Super comfortable and reliable. The one major drawback is the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Also the cost of repairs is prohibitive.

- Max R

The best Volvo on the market

I have had some problem with the speaker system but that is all. No other problems have occurred for me at this time.

- John S

Volvo vehicles performance is the highest quality.

Vehicle is very reliable. Routine maintenance vehicle will perform at the highest quality. I recommend Volvo.

- Tammie W

That it is the perfect car for me and my family. The size is just right and it offers rugged luxury.

I love that it's the perfect mix of luxury and ruggedness. The size is not too big, and not too small.

- jodi m

This truck handles very good in all kinds of weather.

Love how it drives and how comfortable it is. Very roomy also. Only drawback is terrible gas mileage.

- Maxi R

I love how solid it feels on the highway. I choose it because of the look. I love the safety features.

It has high safety records, of other vehicles. It is the third Volvo we have bought.

- Beth R

It is a very safe vehicle

A reliable vehicle. Many safety features. Expensive to repair, but repair is rare.

- Frank C