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Volvo XC90: Exceptional Commuting Review

Purchased on 3 criteria: vehicle safety, driver comfort, gas mileage. I commute over three hours a day so safety, comfort and fuel efficiency were very important to me. I have not been disappointed with this vehicle. It is safe, luxurious and comfortable. There have been unexpected disruptions with the software and GPS and that is literally the only issue I've had. Seats are crazy comfortable, sound system is amazing and I love the hands free driving and adaptive cruise.

- Carole P

If you're looking for an SUV, look no further than the Volvo XC90

My Volvo XC90 drives like a car and performs and rides like an SUV. It's one of the most comfortable vehicles I've ever owned. The third row is comfortable as well. This isn't the case with all SUVs. The XC90 seems compact in comparison to other SUVs but it is very roomy and spacious and can still fit into smaller parking spots and navigate through narrow roads with ease.

- Cathy S

I've never felt safer in any other vehicle. It has all the bells and whistles

My Volvo has wonderful safety features such as, Parking alerts, front/side and rear cameras, lane assist and much more. I love the semi-auto cruise control. It also came with a built in booster seat in the second row which is great for my son. With its turbo and supercharger, it is fun to drive and has a pretty decent get up and go for being a three row SUV.

- Melissa v

Nothing else to add. Wonderful car.

No problems to report. Love my car so much and will get another after lease. Drives smooth and great on gas. I feel so safe driving. Size inside is great. Trunk is huge and can fit so much! The car turns off when the driver door opens. This is an annoying feature but it is not a reason to not get the car. It is for safety so I understand.

- Melissa A

Love my Volvo, would highly recommend

Have owned this vehicle for almost 3 years. I have had no problems with anything on the vehicle at this point, with almost 70,000 miles on it. With driving almost 25,000 miles/year, I love the fact that I can go 10,000 miles between oil changes. Love all of the safety features that Volvo offers. Extremely comfortable to drive.

- Michelle C

This is a good vehicle for someone who can afford constant maintenance

It's really expensive for maintenance and it needs maintenance frequently it's not always super reliable my next vehicle will not be a Volvo. It takes a long time to get parts in and it's hard to find the parts unless you go to the dealership which costs more. It's a lot to maintain

- Ally P

Hybrid is great; doesn't cost hardly anything to charge; you save on gas mileage.

I really like the hybrid part of my xc90h. I also like all the safety features and the fact it raises/lowers itself for easier entry. I do not like the premier leather because it does not hold up to normal wear and tear. Even service departments admit it is giving them a problem.

- Joanne B

Safety first. Gets very good gas mileage on the highway but is very thirsty on the city. Has one of the best sound systems in a car today.

The only issues I have had with car is the tires exhibit small bulges from the excessive potholes. I have had 2 tires replaced. This cat purrs like a kitten. Loaded with safety features. My 7 year old likes the car more than I do.

- Jeffrey C

Love my Volvo XC90 and will purchase another one in about 2 years.

Drives well with smooth ride. I feel secure with the safety features in the car. I live in a mountainous region and the off road drive mode is useful. I just love the vehicle and intend to purchase a new one again in about 2 years.

- Dot H

It's very elegant, familiar and good speed. It's worth investing in such a good car.

I love how spacious and comfortable it is. it's design and elegance draws the attention of the people where i'm going. I like to feel important. sometimes the box has been locked.

- christopher s

Smooth ride, safe, comfortable drive. Great family car!

The only issue I have encountered is some electrical components going out. Volvo is quick to resolve issue. Otherwise, great performance and drive. Very safe vehicle.

- Danielle Y

It is a dream to drive and the service from Volvo is fantastic.

I love the safety features as well as the attention to detail. The space available let?s me take my entire extended family or a haul a tremendous amount of items.

- Dave L

Volvo is fantastic when it comes to safety.

It is an elegant vehicle that is very comfortable and offers the latest in technology and comforts making it one of the best cars on the road today.

- Peter v

It drives very smoothly for such a large car. Although bulky it handles well

I love how spacious it is and how seating works. I also love the adjusted seats based off keyless entry. I don't love how bulky it feels to drive.

- Aubrey K




It is one of the smoothest riding mid level car I have ridden in.

Love the ride and the fit. It is comfortable. Do not like the audio system. The touch screen is difficult. Cannot use easily while driving.

- Pamela L

It is super safe, equipped with lots air bags. We didn't even think twice when were choosing our Volvo

No problems, very safe and spacious. Love it!!! Very convenient when driving, huge trunk. Safe on the road. Very good for our family of 3

- Marie P

This car is one of the safest cars on the planet.

I love the safety features. I really like the screen monitor. Remote start and capability to control from my app via my cell phone.

- Kiki W

This is a great family car.

This car is amazing. Reliable and comfortable. Great gas mileage. Smooth ride. Lots of cargo space and room to move.

- Summer Y

Eco mode saves a lot of gas, and the adaptive cruise control is very reliable.

No complaints, it is the comfiest car I have ever had. I feel safe in the car. Love the adaptive cruise control.

- Laura M

Great acceleration when passing cars.

This vehicle is very soft and comfortable. It is also very safe. I also like it because it has very good mileage.

- Zack J

Drives well and good blind spot control

Very sharp looking vehicle but too much technology too much to go wrong

- Monica T

Large screen to view. GPS system is first class, cameras help with back up

Safety features the cruise control, seats are very comfortable.

- Steve F