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Safest car I've ever owned!!

I recently bought this car prior to a long road trip because I wanted something more reliable than what I was driving previously. I drove multiple SUVs and nothing else even compared. I treat patients with neck and back pain all day, so I pay close attention to things like supportive seats and head/neck position. One of the first things I appreciated about this car when I test drove it, other than looks, was that the headrest did not push your head forward into an abnormal forward head position. So, this physical therapist gives Volvo 2 thumbs up for seat design. I feel very safe in this car. When I set the cruise control, the car not only keeps me in my lane, but it will also slow down automatically with the flow of traffic. The autopilot feature blows my mind. Every time I drive my car I feel like I discover something new that I didn't realize was even a feature. I don't recommend for anyone to even test drive this car if you are not wanting to leave the dealership with a new vehicle.

- Kayla H

Beautiful interior with excellent sound system.

The sound system is amazing. The comfort of the seats is outstanding. There are features that can make the seats very comfortable. The biggest issue I have is with the computer. The computer has shut down spontaneously a few times now. The computer will freeze. Also, the computer is hard to navigate while you are driving. The interior is very aesthetically pleasing. The car drives very smoothly, and has excellent safety features. however, sometimes the automatic breaks which prevent you from getting into an accident can react when they do not need to and that can be startling.

- Alexa S

Safest luxury car. That provides safety, security and a peace of mind.

My Volvo xc90 is the best and I feel safe driving as it warns with many safety alerts. Which includes blind spot warning, speed limit warning, when you are too close to a car. Parking assist makes your life much easier. I totally recommend this vehicle. I has 6 month old twins, it is a great safe family car with lots of room for storage and passengers. Comfy seats and auto air control. I could go on and on about how great this Volvo is but lastly, I will add it the great drive assist is amazing. The car could practically drive itself.

- Geneva M

Volvo xc90 is first class.

Roomy, smooth driving, technology and safety features are top notch - specifically back up camera, parking assist, and motion sensors. Bluetooth and compatibility with iPhone is another plus, including voice reading of text messages while driving. We upgraded to bowers & Wilkins Sonja system which is phenomenal. Lots of cargo space and 3rd row has plenty of room. A great family car with loads of space that does not drive like a truck. We have owned several Volvo's but the xc90 is definitely the best.

- Jennifer K

Volvo, not just for soccer moms. Living the dream in Oregon.

The performance of the Volvo surpasses my highest expectation. It rides so smooth, fast and with a great turning radius. The black leather interior is so comfortable and the trim finishes are very classy. I do not like the ignition but find the technology of the screen on the dash easy to use and extremely functional. There is plenty of space for the kids and bags. I enjoy the very large moon/sun roof.

- Bernice E

of the best and attractive

It is large and familiar Inside, a spasome cabin, has the best natural materials, is combined with a technology that is intuitive to use. In motion, engines that are powerful, quiet and efficient allow fluid progress. This luxurious and minimalist aesthetic is the essence of modern Scandinavian design. This is my idea of ​​luxury.

- marcus m

The safety features are fantastic. It practically drives itself.

I love the convenience and safety-features on my Volvo. Why does not every car company offer a middle row with a built-in booster seat option? Genius, and so fabulous for my family. I also love that I can open the hatch with my foot, and my car senses the key and opens automatically for me. Just the best car I have ever had!

- Melissa J

I love my Volvo xc90 because it alarms every time I am too close to any vehicle.

I love my Volvo. It is very safe to drive. I love how it alarms you if you are too close to any vehicle. It is very easy to drive and comfortable I love how it has a camera that allows you to see your vehicle. It also helps you to park by itself. I am very happy with my car and highly recommend for a family it's very safe.

- Cristina M

The pros and cons of owning a Volvo xc90 2018

it is a beautiful and luxurious car with a lot of speed but sometimes it can be unreliable because of all the updates it needs. This car is amazing for road trips and is very comfortable. It has been in the shop many time since we bought it because it would have random malfunctions.

- Monica S

Keep your family safe while looking luxurious doing it!

Safe car for my children and very roomy with a third row which is ideal for car pooling with other parents. Besides it being safe and appealing size it also looks very luxurious and has all the amenities that most consumers would want out of a luxury car.

- Carla C

Great car, minimal issues.

Great reliability, love the safety features, have had no issues with engine. Sunroof had to be replaced as well as steering wheel - both covered under warranty. Great in the snow. I hate how seats are stained by jeans, but love the amber interior color.

- Bradley M

I love the adaptive cruise control and the heads up display.

I love my Volvo XC90. This is the 5th Volvo we have owned. They are great vehicles. I will say that Volvo North America isn't as great as Volvo Europe, as far as customer service goes, though.

- Jessica H

This a car of great elegance and style and I would recommend for the long hall.

It is a very smart car that makes me feel safe while driving. The on call app facilitates using the navigation system. It is very fuel efficient compared to other SUVs. It is stylish as well.

- Jason G

fast, modern and spacious

It is a very comfortable vehicle, perfect for those who have children and like to travel a weekend to get out of the routine. also the performance is incredible I recommend it

- john a

It has a ton of features that are very advanced, like it drives itself, and yet it doesn't cost as much as most suvs that have way less features like the Audi Q5.

I love how big it is. This suv replaced my suv that was hit by a deer and I am happy that this suv sits up high and I feel very safe. I love the safety record of Volvos.

- Toni S

I like that it feels like luxury.

Smooth, reliable. Love the lane guidance system. Love making calls hands free. Nice sound system. Like parking assist guides and lines, rear view guide for backing up.

- Wally D

We buy Volvo because of their reputation for safety-first.

Safety appears to be the number one priority followed by comfortability. There are some hiccups with software updates, but seem to be remedied with Volvo service reps.

- Heather R

The Volvo XC90 is a sleek stylish family midsize suv.

I absolutely love everything about my Volvo XC90. Comfort luxury and fun to drive. Very nice look in outside and beautiful interior with lots of extras.

- Ali G

It has an drive-assist option which will help drive the car for you.

Our car has had a few issues with the hybrid engine. We have had to take the car back to the dealership 5 times within the last 8 months.

- Ava R

It is reliable and safe when involved in an accident

Does not have "bumper" alert when the front of the car gets too close to barriers. Does not have installed garage door opener

- Susan B

It has amazing safety features to make it a great family car.

Three row SUV with strong technology package. Love the app for GPS and Apple CarPlay. AWD and good handling. Comfortable.

- Melissa A

It runs great and has low mileage.

I love everything! The touch screen. It drives itself. This vehicle is amazing! Fits all my children and family in it.

- Natalie W

It has top safety features.

No complaints. The interior is simple and sleek, it has auto pilot, adaptive cruise control, and top safety features.

- Jennifer S

Reliable, safe, economical, stylish, comfortable -

Great gas mileage , good insurance rates due to safety factors and history of the brand. I would by this car again

- Todd V

Comfort and the fact it has lumbar control on passenger side

Rides smooth, easy to drive, takes turns well, classy

- Stacy M