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Service Schedule Information In Your Vehicle Report

Included in the vehicle reports is the service schedule recommended by the automaker. The available information will vary depending on make, model and year.

Why is Service Schedule Information Important?

As most will agree, proper and timely maintenance is a key factor in the life of a vehicle. Adhering to the service schedule suggested by the automaker can help maximize the value of the vehicle in the long-term. The service schedule also reveals how much maintenance is required to keep the vehicle in top condition. Since maintenance adds to the overall cost of ownership, a service schedule helps evaluate its true value and the level of ease of maintenance.

How Do I Interpret Service Schedule Information?

The service schedule lists routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, to more significant repairs and replacements related to the engine and other automotive systems and parts. To enable the car owner to properly maintain their vehicle, this information is presented in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. Comparisons between the service schedule of one vehicle to another is also helpful in determining the appropriate choice.

Is a Service Schedule Mandatory?

The service schedule is a recommendation by the automaker in how and when to properly maintain the vehicle. It is not mandatory, except in certain circumstances, such as leasing contracts and service warranties. These circumstances often require the close adherence to the service schedule depending on the contract or warranty.

Should a Service Schedule Affect My Buying Decision?

The service schedule can significantly add to the overall cost and ease of ownership. Since all vehicles require service in varying degrees, the service schedule is often overlooked in deference to the driver’s other requirements. However, while it may not strongly affect the final buying decision, future owners should become aware of the service and maintenance the vehicle will need in its lifetime.

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