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Commonly Asked Questions About This Vehicle

What Is The Replacement Cost Of An Engine For A 2012 BMW 750 Li X Drive? 19-Aug-2017
When Would You Have To Change Timing Belt? What Is The Cost 19-Aug-2017
Need A Valve Replaced As It Stays Open , But It Requires Head Being Removed Any Idea On Price Of This? 19-Aug-2017
Hello I Just Purchased A Z3 2000 2.3 ,possibly 2.8 Per Vin Check @local Shop. 94k, Original Mi.," Oil Filter Housing Gasket "is Recommended To Be "upgraded"and Changed. Well, Day 2 Of Owning, Oil Light Is Present With Severity Indicator In Red Zone. 19-Aug-2017
Cost Of Repairing Passenger Side Door Lock Of BMW 2010 Series 3 19-Aug-2017
I Have Replace Bmw E53 3.0d Used Abs But The Light Is Still On. 19-Aug-2017
What Are The Major Problem For Engine How I Could Protect The Car 19-Aug-2017
Losing Cooling Fluid 13-May-2017
Can Bad Brake Booster Cause The Caliper To Stick Or Lock By Itself? 13-May-2017
I Need A Manual On How To Change/replace The Injectors Of The BMW 550i GT, 2010 Model. 13-May-2017
Hi,my Car Engine Oil Indicated Show Orange Colour And What Meaning For The Orange Colour? 14-May-2017
What Does Air Filters Control 14-May-2017
How Do You Remove Air Filter 14-May-2017
The Oil Pump Is Not Pumping Oil Very Good 14-May-2017
Does The Timing Belt/chain Need Replacing After 80000 Miles 15-May-2017
Inactive Oil Light On Bmw 1 Series E87 18i 09 Reg 16-May-2017
How To Replace Evap Purge Valve 16-May-2017
My Window Made A Cracking Noise When I Was Rolling It Up, After The Cracking Sound Inside The Door Window Went Down And It Doesnt Roll Up Anymore 16-May-2017
Battery Water 17-May-2017
I Have A PO171 Code On My 2010 128 And Have Low Fuel Pressure Of 2 To 2.25 BAR And Engine Runs Rough On Start. We Have Replaced The Fuel Pump And MAF Sensor Several Times And Have Same Issue. BMW Dealer Said R/I Fuel Pump Hose Has Loose Connection And Loosing Pressure There. They Told Us To Install Connector Repair Kit #16-11-7-301-984 And Replace MAF Sensor. After Completing This We Have Same Problem . The Only Thing Not Replaced Is The Intank Fuel Pressure Regulator. Is This Covered By 10 Year/ 100 K Miles Extended Waranty 17-May-2017
How Long Does It Take To Replace Power Steering Pump 17-May-2017
Pls What Is The Appropriate Size For The Drive Belt Of An E46 316i 2003 Model 17-May-2017
How Much Does It Cost For New Power-steering Line For Bmw 745 I 2002 17-May-2017
Dimensions Of O-rings For Brake Vacuum Pump Bmw E46 N42 316ti.Please Answer Me. 17-May-2017
What Are Symptoms Of Needing New Alternator? 18-May-2017
Car Smells Like Burnt Oil When I Start It 18-May-2017
T131Rbgates Timing Belt Review 18-May-2017
Injector Rail Pressure 19-May-2017
Fuel Pump Problems 19-May-2017
Water Pump Problems 20-May-2017
In Ignition Switch, What Cabel Is What? 6 Cables, Green, Green/white, Red, Red/white, Black/yellow, Violet. I Do Not Know What Is What Position. 21-May-2017
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Regenerative Braking Quit Working 22-May-2017
Is The Engine Direct Injected? 22-May-2017
Do You Want Any Recall Of High Pressure Fuel Pump? 22-May-2017