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What is a VIN?

The VIN is located in a number of places on a car, but most commonly on the dashboard (you can see it through the windshield) and the drivers side door jamb sticker. On some vehicles the VIN is also placed on the engine, hood, and other parts. The VIN may also appear on car titles, insurance policies, service records and police reports for the vehicle.

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Using A VIN Decoder For A Honda

Whether you are looking for a Civic, Accord, Crosstour, CR-7 or Fit, you want to get information about a used Honda before you buy it. That means you want to use a free VIN decoder. VIN decoders help you get valuable information about the Honda itself. For example, once you've run a Civic you are thinking of buying through a VIN decoder, you'll know if it's been the subject of a recall.

No matter what model of Honda you are thinking of buying, our VIN decoder can let you know if that Accord or Civic is right for you.

How Would I Use A VIN Decoder If I'm Looking At Buying A Honda Crosstour?

You would use it the same way you would on a CR-7 or Fit. Just take the 17-digit code and plug it into our free VIN decoder search system, and you'll find a wealth of information – from the original color to the make and model, and even the history of that particular Crosstour. Other information can you find out is:

  • When it was made.
  • If it is really a Crosstour, or actually a CR-7 that has been through a chop shop.
  • If it is a stolen Honda.
  • How well it has been maintained.
  • If there are any particular problems with this specific Crosstour.

What Is The VIN Number Location For A Honda Civic?

If you are looking for the VIN number location for a Civic, you'd look the same place you would for an Accord or another other type of Honda you wanted to run through a free VIN decoder. It should be:

  • On the dashboard
  • Inside the driver's side door
  • On the engine block itself

How Do I Know I've Located The VIN Number To Run Through The Free VIN Decoder?

A lot of different codes and are stamped on Hondas, and it can be confusing at first to make sure you are looking at the right number to use with the free VIN decoder. If you are looking at any Honda model, make sure there is a 17-digit sequence of letters and numbers.

The first three letters and number – whether it is a CR-7 or a standard Accord – should be “JH4” or “2HN.” If those are not there, then you are looking at the wrong set of letters and numbers for the free VIN decoder system.

Can I Use The VIN Decoder System On A Honda Motorcycle?

Yes, you can! The modern VIN number system used for decoders applies to motorcycles just as much as it does to a Civic. It should be stamped on the right side of the steering head. To make sure you are looking at the right set of numbers to use with the VIN decoder system, look at the third character in the sequence. It should be a “2,” an “A,” or a “1.” If not, you may be looking at the wrong set of letters and numbers.

What About Using A VIN Decoder On A Pre-1980 Honda Motorcycle?

This will be a problem. The modern VIN decoder system was created in 1981 and uses a combination of 17 numbers and letters. There was a trial VIN decoder system used before then, but it only contained 11 letters and numbers and was not standardized. For this reason, the modern VIN decoder system will not be able to look up the information for you.

Is It Possible To Use A VIN Decoder On The Engine Serial Number Of A Honda?

Honda has used a wide variety of engine types over the years, and each individual engine is stamped with its own serial number. To make sure it is an actual original Honda engine, look at the block itself. There should be a four- or five-letter code, then a dash, and then a seven-digit sequence. You cannot type the engine serial number into any free VIN decoder, because they do not use a standardized system. You'll have to go to a dealership and have them contact Honda directly if you need information based on the engine serial number.

Can I Use A Free VIN Decoder To Do A Vehicle History Look Up On The CR-7 I'm Thinking Of Buying?

Absolutely. Simply type in the 17-digit VIN number of the CR-7 you are thinking about purchasing, and enter it into our free VIN decoder – we will automatically perform a vehicle history lookup for you.

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