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What is a VIN?

The VIN is located in a number of places on a car, but most commonly on the dashboard (you can see it through the windshield) and the drivers side door jamb sticker. On some vehicles the VIN is also placed on the engine, hood, and other parts. The VIN may also appear on car titles, insurance policies, service records and police reports for the vehicle.

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Decoding VIN Numbers For A Mitsubishi

Before you purchase a used Mitsubishi, you may want to go through the process of decoding the VIN number for the vehicle. This is done by using the information contained in the 17-digit number, which acts like a fingerprint for the vehicle.

Your best bet is probably to let the search engine do this for you by entering the number on our site. That's because the VIN number decoding process is incredibly complex. Of course, you may want to do some of the decoding yourself, in which case we'd be happy to provide you with a decoding guide if you give us your email address.

Our suggestion, however, is simply to learn the basic codes that will let you know if you have been given a real Mitsubishi VIN number. While this system won't apply to every Mitsubishi VIN, it will work for most. First, look at the second digit and see if it is one of these three letters:

  • A
  • M
  • Z

If not, look at the first three digits and see if it is one of these two combinations:

  • KMH
  • KPH

If not, you need to confirm the VIN number by doing a vehicle history search.

History Of Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi started its life in the 1800s as a shipping and ship building company. However, in 1917 the company decided to use its iron mill to see if they could make cars. That year, they introduced the Model A – the first mass-produced car in Japan.

The company had an on-again, off-again history in Japan, but finally began to score in 1969 when they introduced the Gallant, which became popular both in America and at home. (This was delayed until 1971 in the US, when the company got a permit to sell cars there after creating a partnership with Chrysler.)

Still, while they were building and selling cars in America throughout the '70s, they did not actually start marketing under their own brand name until 1982. They were well received in, and in 1991 had a model named “Best Import Of The Year.”

Now Mitsubishi is considered a leader in the development of electric car engines, and is expected to retain a large section of that market.

Finding Out More About A Mitsubishi Vehicle would love to help you make sure you don't get ripped off on a used Mitsubishi. To get a vehicle history report on any used Mitsubishi, type the VIN number into our search bar for decoding.

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