Free Toyota VIN Decoder

What is a VIN?

The VIN is located in a number of places on a car, but most commonly on the dashboard (you can see it through the windshield) and the drivers side door jamb sticker. On some vehicles the VIN is also placed on the engine, hood, and other parts. The VIN may also appear on car titles, insurance policies, service records and police reports for the vehicle.

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Where Do I Find The VIN Location For The Toyota I Am Considering Buying?

If you need to find the VIN location on a Toyota so you can use our free Toyota VIN decoder, it's not particularly difficult. The VIN locations on a Toyota can be found:

  • On the dashboard
  • Inside the driver's side door
  • On the engine block

You can also look at the paperwork, including registration and title, for the VIN if you can't search for the location in person.

Can I Use Your VIN Decoder To Look Up The Production Date Of A Toyota By VIN?

Yes you can! Finding the Toyota production date by VIN is as simple as typing it into our free VIN decoder. Not only will our free Toyota VIN decoder provide you with the production date by VIN, but you will also learn other information – including:

  • Who owns the Toyota
  • How many accidents it has been in
  • What the latest odometer reading was
  • If there are title problems
  • If the police consider it a stolen car

You can look up the Toyota production date by VIN for nearly all makes and models including a Toyota Avalon, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius, Toyota Mirai and more.

Will A Toyota VIN Lookup Tell Me The Car's Features?

In general, a Toyota VIN lookup should tell you most of a Toyota's features. However, it will only list the features that were included when that Prius or Camry was manufactured. If any other features have been added since then, information will not be available in the VIN lookup provided by our free VIN decoder.

Do You Have A Japanese Toyota VIN Decoder?

No, we do not. Japanese Toyotas are not required to use the modern American VIN system. Therefore, we can't offer a Japanese Toyota VIN decoder. Quite simply, the government can only regulate the VIN numbers of cars made to be sold in America. Cars made to be sold in Japan do not use our system, so we do not offer a Japanese VIN decoder.

Can I Use Your Toyota VIN Decoder In Europe?

No. For the same reasons that we cannot offer a Japanese VIN decoder, we can't offer a VIN decoder in Europe. The system is simply different. Our Toyota VIN decoder is designed to be used by people buying a used car in North America.

How Do I Lookup Toyota Vehicle Options By VIN? I'm Looking At A Toyota Prius.

This depends on what kind of Toyota vehicle options you are trying to lookup by VIN. If the options were installed on your Toyota Prius when the car was manufactured, it will come up in the report provided to you when you use our Toyota VIN decoder. If, however, they were installed by the dealership or a private party, then you cannot lookup those Toyota vehicle options by VIN. This is because the VIN number is placed there by the manufacturer, and not by a dealer or any other third party. So doing a lookup of Toyota vehicle options by VIN is limited to what the factory has installed.

Is There Anything I Should Look For In The VIN Number Of The Toyota Avalon I'm Thinking About Buying Before I Use Your Toyota VIN Decoder?

Mostly, you want to make sure you have been provided with a real VIN number and not a counterfeit one before you use our Toyota VIN decoder. First, make sure it is a combination of 17 numbers and letters. Once you've done that, look at the second digit; it should be a “T” or an “N.” If possible, you also want to look at the paperwork for the Toyota Avalon and make sure the VIN on the car matches the VIN in the paperwork.

What Are My Options When It Comes To Using A VIN Decoder For A Toyota Corolla?

For a Toyota Corolla or any other type of Toyota, you need to find the VIN decoder system that works best for you. Many companies offer VIN decoders for a Toyota Corolla. Our VIN decoder for a Toyota Corolla is free. Other companies charge money if you want to use their VIN decoder for your Toyota Corolla. The choice is yours!

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