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Decoding VIN Numbers For An Infiniti

Ever since 1981 every Infiniti, like other car makes, has had to have a 17-digit VIN number stamped on it that can be decoded to provide you with basic information about the make, model engine and vehicle history.

At, our search engine is designed to automate the decoding process when you decide you are thinking about buying a used Infiniti. You can try to decode the VIN on your own, but that can take a lot of work and is almost like trying to be a CIA code master!

If that sounds interesting to you, we would be happy to provide you with a free downloadable decoding guide if you give us your email address. Most people don't have to go that far, however.

Your primary concern should be getting a sense if the VIN number given to you seams reasonable for an Infiniti. While there are some exceptions to the rule, you should be able to tell by looking at the first three digits of the VIN and seeing if they are one of these combinations:

  • JNK
  • JNR
  • 5N3

Not every Infiniti will have those combinations, but 90 percent of them will. If a given car doesn't, you should look deeper into its history.

History Of Infiniti

In the 1980s, Nissan decided they wanted to produce a line of high-end Japanese luxury cars to the world market. But they knew that with their reputation as a maker of practical vehicles, they could not market them under their own name.

They saw that Honda had solved this problem by creating the Acura division, so Nissan made their own new company – and in 1989, the first Infinity was born.

They struggled to gain a foothold in the market during the 1990s, but then in 2002 merged the division with Renault and finally began making models that took the American public by storm.

While it has never been quite as popular as other Japanese luxury brands, Infiniti does have a strong loyal following and has become very popular in the Chinese market.

An Infiniti Vehicle History Search

A used Infiniti can be one of the best bargains in the used luxury car market. But before you buy one, you need to make sure there are not any hidden problems. You can accomplish this by entering the VIN number into our search bar and allowing to look up the information for you.

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