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Decoding VIN Numbers For A Lexus

Here at, helping people decode VIN numbers for a Lexus or other used vehicle is what we do. You can simply enter the 17-digit VIN into our search bar, and we'll do it for you.

We do this because decoding a Lexus VIN can help you decide if a given Lexus is the right pre-owned car for you. We'd even be happy to send you a decoding guide to download if you provide us with your email-address.

But you can take the first step yourself, and make sure that the VIN number you have been given actually corresponds to a Lexus and has not been fabricated. There is a two-step VIN decoding process for a Lexus:

  • Step One: Look at the second digit.
  • Step Two: If the digit is a T, the VIN number is probably real.

That said, the letter “T” can also stand for “Toyota” - so we strongly recommend that you let us do the decoding for you by performing a vehicle history search with

History Of Lexus

Lexus has an interesting history as a car company. Back in 1983, Toyota decided they wanted to build the best car in the world. But they didn't have experience marketing high-end vehicles, so they started a secret project called “Flagship One” to figure out how to do so.

They came to the decision to create a new brand that would not be associated with Toyota's history. And so in 1989, the first high-end luxury car made by Toyota was released under the name Lexus.

Lexus became a fast success and over the years has moved on from sedans to also grab a foothold in the luxury SUV market. One of their achievements was creating the “Certified Pre-Owned Program,” which guaranteed that used Lexuses sold by dealerships met certain quality standards.

This has helped it achieve one of the highest customer loyalty rates in the entire industry, even though it is only the 17th best selling car maker in America.

Buying A Used Lexus

Even though Lexus has a great reputation in the used car market, there are still some bad deals out there. To make sure you don't get ripped off when buying a Lexus, get a full vehicle history report from

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