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Decoding VIN Numbers For A Volvo

When it comes to learning information about a used Volvo or other vehicle, decoding the VIN number is essential. Every vehicle has a unique 17-character VIN that both describes the vehicle in general, and allows you to learn a basic history of the particular vehicle.

Decoding the VIN number for a Volvo is much different than for most other vehicle makes. They have used various complex systems over the years. In general, your best bet if you have the VIN is not to try to decode it yourself; let our automated database help you.

We can send you a guide that will help you decode the VIN for a Volvo if you provide us with your email address. But we do warn you in advance that this can be a very complex process.

That being said, you can take a look at the first three numbers in the VIN to figure out if it is likely to be a legitimate one for a Volvo. These are the first three letters of most models of Volvos:

  • YV1
  • YV2
  • YV3
  • YV4
  • 4V1
  • 4V2
  • 4V3
  • 4V4
  • 4V5
  • 4V6
  • 4VL
  • 4VM
  • 4VZ
  • MHA

History Of Volvo

In America, Volvo is mostly known for selling large, extremely safe sedans. However, their core business has always been creating buses, trucks and construction equipment for the international market.

In fact, their most well known brand isn't a car at all – it's the Mack Truck. One of the few international automakers based in Sweden, it is not actually owned by Swedish people. It was sold to the Ford Motor Company in 2000. Then in 2010, as part of their restructuring following the Detroit auto crisis, Ford sold Volvo to the Geely Automotive group from China.

Volvo Vehicle History Search

For generations, parents have bought a used Volvo as their teenager's first car because it is incredibly safe. That said, you should make sure that a given used Volvo has not been in a serious accident in the past. To do so, simply enter the VIN number into our search bar and

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