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It is a very cool car random.

It's a good vehicle, it takes me to where I want to go which is why I like my car. It drives me to class every day, it takes me to lunch and then back home. I also do field trips with my friends we go to the beach, and travel abroad to new places. Writing random stuff.

- A G

Great vehicle. I love my new purchase. It is dependable.

Enduring vehicle. No problems. I love to travel on vacation. Smooth ride. I can bring my whole family and several friends with me. Really spacy. I know I can depend on my car. I have not had to pay any outside expenses since purchasing my new vehicle.

- Kayla L

To remember to bring the keys with me.

The car was really fast. I like how it could take the turns at a high speed. The color of the car really make the car stand out. I can wait to driving next year model. I would like to buy one someday.

- Mario A

It very fast one of the fastest that I have because it is very expensive.

It is a very luxurious car you have to have a lot of money to be able to afford a car like this but you could rent this car for one day for 900 dollars.

- Samuel W

the style points of the vehicle has gained me a lot of positive feedback and attention. Who can argue with that.

I just bought the car. I do not feel this is enough time to witness any issue. The car runs very smoothly and has effective transmission. Plus

- Jake D

and stuff

So basically I like to stall about cars because I like cars

- Sexy K

Very expensive car but overall I'm satisfied. It's definitely an interesting investment for fun. A lot of people look at you

This car is really expensive and you may need to gas often

- Jason C