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A vehicle history report is the primary product offered by We have designed our site to offer you a full vehicle history report related to any VIN number.

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Check Accident Records

One of the main reasons to do a vehicle history search on is to find out if a used vehicle has ever been in a major accident.

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Check Accident Records

Whenever information about a given car, truck, van or motorcycle is provided to a state Department of Motor Vehicles, it is recorded and becomes a matter of public record.

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The latest automotive and vehicle history news.

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Free Vin Decoder

Use our Vin Decoder To check the history of any vehicle.

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Our vehicle history reports are comprehensive and may contain:

  • Full Vehicle History Full Vehicle History
  • Free VIN Number Check Free VIN Number Check
  • Free VIN Number Lookup Free VIN Number Lookup
  • Free VIN Number Decoder Free VIN Number Decoder
  • Maintenance Schedules Maintenance Schedules
  • Free VIN Number Search Free VIN Number Search
  • Service Records Service Records
  • Airbags Deployed Airbags Deployed

We are the Free Carfax Alternative; we offer:

  • Free VIN Number Lookup – Enter your VIN number to lookup any Vehicle
  • Free VIN Number Search – Enter your VIN number to search any Vehicle
  • Free VIN Decoder – Enter your VIN number to decode

Free Vehicle History

Here at, we are your source for free vehicle history checks. We make it easy for you to discover the complete history of any used car before you buy it for free. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you'll have peace of mind before you buy a used car, truck or motorcycle. Why worry about getting ripped off when buying a used car when it's so easy to get a free vehicle history check? Do it today!

Free VIN Number Check

Performing a free VIN check with is easy. All you need to do is type the VIN number into our search system, and we'll start doing your free VIN check right away. With a free VIN check you'll know if there are any red flags that would make you think twice about buying a used car. A free VIN check will also help protect you from buying a stolen vehicle. Don't leave your next used car purchase to day. Do a free VIN check now!

Free VIN Number Decoder

Doing a VIN decoder report on your own can be really challenging. Since the latest VIN system was put into place in 1981, there have been thousands of different codes used. It could take you hours to decode a VIN on your own. Not only will we decode your VIN for you for free, but we'll also provide you with information you'd never find on your own. Our free VIN decode service gives you the complete history of the used car you are looking up, and helps protect you from buying a lemon. Let us decode your VIN for free now!

Free VIN Number Lookup offers one of the best free VIN lookup services you'll find anywhere. Our system quickly and easily uses the VIN of the vehicle you are thinking of buying and does a complete vehicle history lookup for you. When you use our free VIN lookup service, you'll learn the history of the vehicle you are thinking of buying. This makes you an informed consumer in the used car market. Doing a free VIN lookup is easy – and we advise people to always do so before they sign on the dotted line.

Free CARFAX Alternative is the Free CARFAX alternative. Unlike CARFAX, we don't charge you for your vehicle history reports - so you can learn what you need to know before you buy a used car without draining your wallet. So if you are buying a used car and want to try the Free CARFAX alternative, is here for you.

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