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Efficiency in the Audi sedan.

The car itself is very efficient, and a great sedan. The doors are well functional, and the dashboard settings are customizable. The interior is highly spacious and easy to place items in, especially for my family. The car’s color is gorgeous, and the car is relatively low maintenance and allows more freedom for me as an owner.

- Jane Y

I love when the top is down and cruising the town.

I just don't like how it drives now. The way the breaks are is really silly to me and it doesn't drive safe at all. The interior is like slowly falling apart as well its crazy. I think the oil needs to be changed and I would like new wheels. I would like to get a new color car something like pink.

- Jordan T

I would definitely highlight the elegance of the A8 model, it has a structural design that would make any person turn to look.

What I like about the audi a8 is the elegance of the design, besides being very beautiful on the inside and there is no need to leave aside its performance, which meets the expectations of any person

- Noah B

Reliable, safe, and you and your kids with love it.

I love this car Its far, reliable, safe, and cute. The inside has everything you need, backup camera, touch screen, can call on mobile radio, the top lights up.

- Amber F

It is worth every penny it costs.

My vehicle is very reliable, and has performed exceptionally well since I purchased it 2 years ago and is showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

- Derrick H

Awesome Car but be very careful

There are no problems. The car is sleek, but very expensive for maintenance, so be very careful with the car. Other than that, the car is amazing

- Kaleab A

The car is black, comfortable and unique

It is very good. I feel well. The car is unique and different than others. My family is happy with the car because we will travel next month.

- Jason S

great car smooth running no issues

this car is the smoothest and best running car I have had, no issues by by no more things to say about this great car other than I will

- ricky a

Audi makes an excellent car and provides great value for the money!

I love the power of my vehicle. The streamlined design and modernized feel of my car. The drive is always smooth and comfortable

- bob e

That it is really worth the money, well worth it.

It is a fantastic reliable car that looks great. It makes me look great. It runs like a dream. It is a very comfortable drive.

- mark M

You get your money's worth.

Not much problems, just an occasional sound of brakes, or when driving off-road it's a bit lauder. All in all a good car.

- Nemanja N

My friend, my lover, my lover knows my car, my license plate

The interior of the car is beautiful, the exterior is beautiful, audi service is good, and it's comfortable to drive


How safe it is. And how inexpensive.

Everything is nice about the vehicle. I wish it would be more easy to clean. And that all I know bout that.

- Kyle L