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I call it afterworld because after all of ours break ups I will miss him(car).

I really love my vehicle because it is hybrid. I can use the commands such as volume, switch stations from the back seat. It also has the option to control the max speed of the vehicle I normally leave it on 150 km/hr. So every time you/somebody else goes over it I get to know it because it shows up on the car panel. On top of that, the car has this anti drift option that help me and my family all the time.

- Jesus C

Behind the grille bars, allowing cooling air to reach the engine when needed.

Love the advanced automotive technology allows the 7 series to automatically adjust to driving preferences, road conditions, and even navigation – so it handles perfectly under any conditions. Automatically regulate the airstream for maximum performance and efficiency. Ingenious flaps swing open and closed behind the grille bars, allowing cooling air to reach the engine when needed.

- Frank L

A magnificent performance car... Speed reaches to 0-60 in just 7 sec.

My car is absolutely magnificent..It is BMW 7 series bought in 2016... Its performance is magnificent. No problem at all. I only took my car to servicing center twice in 2 years..But I have to change its tires regularly for safety. And it is so much comfortable to drive.

- james L

Gas is a necessity for this model.

Some problems I encounter when driving this model is that it needs gas constantly. So I need to leave as early as possible for work or school constantly because I never know when my car is going to need gas or how much money I am going to have on me.

- Erin Q

The comfort of driving a vehicle of this category, is out of series, with class, unique style

I like the comfort, the advanced technology that it has, the complete visibility it has and the sample space of the suitcase. I do not like how delicate the hydraulic system of the vehicle is.

- Derek B

BMW are status symbols. They look nice, and are in style for 2 years.

Two hundred and fifty five horsepower. However, when you need to replace a part, you will hate it. You will have to replace a part, too. Beamers are made with cheap parts.

- Andre G

Not a good ride at all please do not buy it you will not like it.

To many issues with sensors on the car things break all the time cost is too high to repair on it also not a smooth ride in city limits only on highway.

- Umar I

It is stylish, beautifully designed and amazing

I love my bmw, the car is classic style, great performance and is technically advanced. It drives like a cloud. The car is absolutely beautiful

- Jim T

My 750li is a fast precision car.

My 750li is extremely roomy, with great leg room in both the front and back seats. Very comfortable drive with fast pick up to move.

- Denise T

It's safe to drive and is very stylish

I have no complaints I love my BMW it is nice drive great and is safe it has all the features I need in a car

- Brian B

lovely car overall nothing to dislike

i love my car there is nothing to dislike about it at all it has leather seats and everything is great

- carl O

That it is a very safe and expensive car. They should not mess with it.

It is a nice luxury sedan that I have always wanted. I have a nice car that everyone likes it so well

- jamey E

Safety features on this car are amazing.

The styling is unique. The quality is superior. The powerful engine. It is very roomy and elegant.

- Gregory L

It runs great and It looks great. Great overall design

It runs great. It has good mileage. The design of the car is great. I don't dislike anything.

- Miranda S

It does take up a lot of gas.So please be prepared for that its an luxury car so maintenance is expensive

no complaints i love it. it drives lovely and i always wanted a bmw so i bought it

- zeb s

it's worth the money due to the quality of workmanship

it's a great vehicle; top of the line; smooth ride; no complaints

- Sharon L

I think that this car brand has good speed and credibility

This has low performance and is too expensive and unconformably

- Brian B

It's a lemon and it has given me nothing but problems

Expensive to service, expensive insurance

- Cathy K