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It is fast. You really have to be mindful of your speed.

I absolutely love my BMW x3. It drives wonderfully as I do not have to worry about scraping it up as it is high enough off the ground to take on the potholes on the new Orleans streets. The interior and exterior are both black which tends to get hot during the summer months, but the air conditioning works so well it is not hot for long. One feature I wish I had was the indicator of you are too close to another car to switch lanes. My car has synthetic leather which makes me happy to know zero animals were harmed for my interior and it looks and feels like leather. It is also easy to clean. I would definitely buy my car again.

- Rachel M

Larger storage capacity than anticipated.

I use the start/stop feature to save on gas, but the car stalls and I need to press the brake to 'restart' my car when at a stop on occasion, very unsafe if you need to get away from any given bad situation. Other than that I love my car, I feel super safe in it, I can see all around my vehicle at any given time. The surrounding cameras enable me to see where I am parking and avoid obstacles that are around me. I have the ability to fit large items such as a 75 in TV recently purchased from Costco, so happy to be able to fit it in my car to get it home unexpectedly.

- Amanda M

It handles extremely well.

My car is great in all weather conditions, especially snow. It handles very well. I do wish there was a little more room in the trunk. Also, the coding on a couple of the buttons on the console is peeling and withering. The sound system is great, the gas mileage is decent, and it is very sharp looking. One thing that I really appreciate, it was that they offered a non-leather seat option. Most people want leather, but I actually did not. They offered an option with the look and feel of leather.

- Nicole Q

Very good car. Easy to learn with and is very comfortable for short car rides.

Haven't had many problems with this car. Wouldn't suggest if you travel a lot because there isn't very much room, but for everything else, it's a very comfortable vehicle. Driving is smooth and it's a good car to learn to drive with. I would recommend this car to new drivers (like myself) because it's a smooth, comfortable, good sized car to start with. Plus it's a beautiful car and easy to keep clean and care for.

- Laura A

Safe, comfortable and attractive.

It is safe, comfortable, elegant, everything is automatic, I love the panoramic sunroof, the trunk is very spacious, the side mirror have great visibility, it is very soft to drive. It is a strong car, it goes from 0 to 60 miles if very few seconds, it has safe gas mode, it brakes by itself to prevent a collision, I love the color which is white and the interior is beige perfect for Florida weather.

- Sandra C

Great family vehicle. It is a must buy!

The BMW x3 is a great family car, I never have any issues with this BMW. It is big enough for me and my child, it takes us where we need to with no problems and the drive is so smooth that I actually enjoy driving long distance. I would recommend this car for anyone with a small family and does not need too much trunk space. The BMW x3 also does great on gas and is not at all expensive to fill up.

- Sabrina M

My vehicle has black leather interior with white stitching.

This car is great. Very comfortable and spacious for those who are taller. It drives smooth and is very safe. The one problem I have is the start to push sometimes turns over and I can tell that is wearing the engine down. But overall I would recommend this car for people who need space and are on the go a lot. Great gas mileage and comfortable for driving a lot.

- Alexa W

Driving a BMW truly is an amazing drive experience…sporty yet smooth!

I love the sporty drive of the x3. My vehicle has the adaptive cruise control and I love it, it is great when you are in traffic as well as on the road… you just set your distance and desired speed and the car does the rest! It also has the Harmon carbon stereo system which sounds amazing! The x3 also looks good and is just overall my favorite vehicle!

- RHonda B

BMW X3 2017: the perfect car for any scenario. Edgy yet classic and reliable.

It is very fast and sturdy. It is smooth to drive even if it is sturdy. The interior is classy yet has a edgy touch. It is the perfect size for the city. It is spacious on the inside, however not so big to make you feel overwhelmed by the size. The car does not spend a lot of gasoline. It is also great for any season, given that it is ALL WHEEL DRIVE.

- Brooke H

Awesome car for a family!

I love the car. The seating is very comfortable, the leather seats are a great quality. I love the automatic trunk that opens when you put your foot under the trunk. The trunk is surprisingly large and has a privacy screen that you can close so no one can see in the trunk. Love that the back seat has heated seat as well as the front seats.

- Danielle M

Acceleration is quick and plenty of room.

Gas tank isn't large so it requires multiple fill-ups if driven daily with a commute. The seats are comfortable and it's large enough to hold a sizable family. It accelerates quickly and visibility is great. The mirrors automatically shift when in reverse to accommodate what's around you. There are many ports that are USB compatible.

- Tara S

The compact size gives me the best of both worlds.

It has great room size for big and tall people to ride as passengers. It is compact enough to find parking in the city, spacious enough for camping or ski gear. I would have preferred to have gotten it with the racks on top to tie camp gear. I do worry about maintenance costs, everyone tells me BMWs are a fortune to upkeep.

- Flor T

Too much to talk about but I love my car.

No problems the car is great. The performance is perfect. Tires and speed are Optimal. I do not have anything else to say. BMW is great. No problems. Get a 2018 for the back up camera because before 2018 there is no back up camera. You cannot see your exact speed in the 2017 just around the speed your are going.

- Sara L

Features, comfort, problems of BMW 2017 X3

BMW sells the 2017 X3 with four drivelines, denoted sDrive28i, xDrive28i, xDrive35i and the diesel xDrive28d. The 's' model means rear-wheel-drive, while the 'x' models come with all-wheel-drive. '28' indicates a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and '35' is a 3-liter turbocharged inline six cylinder

- Teresa D

Best BMW I've Driven and My Dream Car.

I love my BMW X3 28i. The technology in the car is amazing and current (CarPlay, BMW sensors, Weather, Internet). It drives very well and I feel very safe. Have had NO mechanical issues. The only issue so far is a nail in the tire, but I have no-flat tires so I can drive on it until I replace the tire.

- Jeff M

It has great handling, acceleration when merging onto the highway.

i love the look of my car and the way it drives. I also like the size of it. It's plenty of room for me and my two kids. I dislike the air vents. It often feels like I can't get them to blow in the right direction. Also, the sun shines right on my chest, making it hot in one area but not in others.

- renee d

My car drives like a car even though it is a big SUV.

My vehicle is a smooth ride, it maybe an SUV but it drives like a car. I love the heated seat option and really love the extra trunk space. The extra leg room also helps with passengers. The only thing I need from my next car is the third row option which hopefully will happen with our next car.

- Vanessa G

great driving experience, the ultimate driving machine

I love the handling that comes with it and I love driving it, especially in the snow. When I bought the car, the dealership gave me a great deal on it I love that I'm able to sit at least 5 people comfortably. I also love the fact that the car does not guzzle gas as much as I initially thought.

- mike S

BMW x3 2017: I love my car

I really like my care because it's not too big, but I can use it for a long period of time before having to fill it up with gas again. One downside is that it only takes the most expensive gas, which gets pricey. One perk is that the cameras for parking are incredibly accurate and helpful.

- Amy T

I haven't had one issue with it.

I like the way my car drives and the safety features it has. I also like how much room I have in my trunk and how much space the entire car has. I also like the way it pairs with my phone with carplay so it is seamless for me to play music and keep up with text messages and phone calls.

- Madison W

It is a state-of-the-art car with the latest automotive technologies.

My vehicle has unparalleled comfort everyone asks me where I buy it is a very good vehicle. It's a premium car, it never failed me and my family loves it. I have no problems. I only receive congratulations because it is a state-of-the-art car with the latest automotive technologies.

- Dave M

Servicing a bmw is not cheap so to just be aware of that.

I overall love the vehicle. This has been my 3rd BMW in a row now and I am thinking I will stay that way. I wish I would have personally gotten the X5 just because it has more room and for my needs it would have been nice but I have no complaints with the X3 or its performance at all!

- devin e

The vehicle great acceleration and handling.

The x3 is a roomy, functional sav that also is fun to drive. It offers plenty of legroom in the rear and ample cargo space. The vehicle controls are easy to use and do not distract you from the road. The x3 is very reliable and comes from a manufacturer with a great reputation.

- Cris H

It's the safest vehicle around, FUN fun fun to drive and provides a smooth ride!

My vehicle is FUN to drive, It's hugs the curves and corners on the road, feels like you're floating along. We have a dog kennel in the back specific to the vehicle for our fur babies- It is very safe vehicle and I like sitting higher than a car. I see the road better

- Kathleen S

Nice but lack of fun for passenger

the car has three different performance and it can switch to eco, normal and sport. It has sunroof. Comfort vehicle. I like the vehicle because it is fast and it comfy inside. More leg room. The passenger area doesn't have gadget, so plain. Only infotainment in front.

- van T

Great handling and a great size. Perfect for my lifestyle.

I like the size of the car; It's much bigger than my old one. I like the quality of the car as it is dependable and comfortable. I don't like that the engine can stall somewhat randomly due to the environmental emission cut off but It's better for the environment.

- Layna H

High tech, comfy, reliable luxury SUV.

I've had no problems with this great car. I do wish the trunk space was a little larger. Should have gone for a x5. The x3 is extremely reliable, gets great gas mileage, is spotty and attractive, and has state of the art safety and entertainment technology.

- Amy S

The backup camera on this car is flawless. It is extremely clear and accurate.

Problem with the moon roof, functionality and mechanics of it, the screen attached to the top of it flew off as well as problems with the glass breaking off while driving on the highway. Otherwise this car is reliable and drives great in the snow, and rain.

- Jackie S

The start and stop feature that happens when you break is hard to get used to, but it does help with saving gas.

My favorite feature on the BMW X3 is that it has heated seats, a back up camera, and automatic windshield wipers. My only problems with the car is that it doesn't have a 2 prong plug for devices, GPS, or the office feature for the iPhone (except messages).

- Vanessa B

This car is my favorite and first choice

This car has hardly any problems. It is extremely comfortable and it has good pick up/ is quick. Car doesn't need to constantly be repaired, it stays in good condition despite driving it so often and so far. Wouldn't choose another car over this one.

- Bradley M

The car performs what you expect it, it is reliable.

The is the first BMW I have driven. Before I prefer Japanese luxury cars. I have owned Lexus, Infiniti and Acura. The overall impression is X3 is reliable, and good performance, handling, acceleration, etc

- David H

The car is big enough to fit boxes and people in the back seat

It's a very reliable car and safe. I love the comfort inside the car. You don't hear any noise and the car is a good size to fit inside your truck and at the same time fighting people in the back seat

- Jeanie C

Smooth and a pleasure to drive with excellent acceleration.

Well designed. Smooth and powerful. Plenty of legroom and excellent road visibility. can hold 8 ft long timbers and fold down seats create spacious storage. Navigation control not up to standard.

- Abraham S

Safe car that's fun to drive.

I love the size of the car. It also gets decent gas mileage, although it does require the expensive mid-grade. It is a smooth ride with tight steering, and I feel very safe driving it.

- Jan B

Luxury meets comfort without breaking the bank.

All of the safety features are great. Line crossover, blind spot, and parking assistance. For a larger SUV, good on gas. Love the heated seats in the front and also the rear

- Danielle R

Safe, sporty, well appointed, great features, all around awesome.

Love it!! It is just big enough, not too small and not too large. Great for my baby. Handles great. Only wish would be for a little more trunk room but it was plenty pre-baby.

- Linda A

Smooth ride, reliable, great performance

Very reliable. The only issue I had was the sensitivity of the passenger air bag sensor. I can't even have my cell phone sitting on the seat without the sensor going off

- Ashley V

It is not as expensive as perceived.

Pros: responsive handling, quick pick up, functionality, dependability, ease of controls, technology. Con: at times too much give before stabilizing in bad weather.

- Chris H

Has good gas mileage. Does good on highway travels.

Love the performance and comfort. Very safe. Do not like interior color. Would like to shift not push buttons. No keys if I lock myself out.

- Dana A

My jeep handles beautifully in the snow.

Wonderful craftsmanship. Beautiful colors and styling. Do not like the Audio system--cranky. Also steering wheel requires manual adjustment.

- Ross M

The one most important thing is that the car is paid off- yeah!.

I love the SUV. It drives smoothly and feels like I am driving a small car. I love the trunk space. The car works great for our family.

- Vanessa G

A very smooth functioning and sophisticated vehicle.

Quirky but satisfying. Robust and sturdy with adequate pick-up even in energy-saving configuration. Good online computer capabilities.

- Ross M

great size for both singles and families

decent size for those who want a SUV to comfortably fit 5 people. lots of options to customize the car allowing for special functions

- Avery M

Four wheel drive is very important to me.

Like the smooth ride, good experience with service, safe car, interactive drive works well. Dislike the shifter, simple dashboard.

- Maria P

Best midsize SUV around

Superior car. This is the second BMW X3 that I own. Great performance, as well as technologically advanced safety features.

- Anya S

That it gets great gas mileage on the road.

I love the way it handles on the road. I love the features. It gets great gas mileage on the road and the ride is smooth.

- Alberta R

It has a twin turbo engine and windshield wipers for my headlights

The performance is superior to any other vehicle I have owned. The interior is very simple and the computer easy to use

- Wendy P

Great car for a great person.

No problems. Great performance. Good looks.very reliable. Super cozy. Awesome features. Efficient and satisfying.

- LaCherry J

even though it looks big on the outside it drives like a smaller car and has amazing handlings

i like that it has a ton of safety features and the drive is really smooth and that it has a ton of foot space

- mike c

It is BMW - oil changes, maintenance, service included.

I love the SUV! I love the auto trunk down button feature. Love it charges a Samsung phone charger built in.

- Susan B

Front seats are uncomfortable for long distance driving.

Size is perfect. Nice accessories. Decent gas mileage. Front seat uncomfortable for long distance driving.

- Wendy F

Fun to Drive Luxury SUV!!!

I've had nose problems with the panoramic roof but it's been replaced. so far, so good. No other problems.

- Maggie T

Very spacious does not drive like a truck.

I like that it is roomy and drives well.? It is bumpy and. Not as comfortable as I would.. Like it to be..

- Nik F

It uses a great deal of gas. There is an additional charge for parking and washing because of its size.

The vehicle has a hard ride. It is too large and thus difficult to park. It has too many blind spots.

- Joan D

style, it is sporty, familiar and beautiful

It is a great car with a lot of performance and it has style, it is sporty, familiar and beautiful..

- Eric H

my car is just comfortable to sit in

i like the size of the vehicle. i don't like the fuel capacity and how expensive it is to maintain

- amy n

It's Dependable and trustworthy and comes from a trusted brand.

The interior is beautiful. Although its compact, it feels rather roomy. No complaints.

- Candace T

It drives great, it has a button that allows you to stop right before contact and won't throw you through a window. It's sturdy but luxurious

I just love my car. It's luxurious, sturdy, big enough, handy and cool looking

- Dani F

great quality. fun to drive. Great customer service

it is too expensive to maintain the car in the long run.

- Tracy L

looks and the way it drives

Good car. Serves purpose for what i need.

- Mike B