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Going from a Honda Accord to a BMW x6.

This is my first BMW and first SUV. It took me a while to upgrade as I am typically more practical and dare I say frugal. Because of this, I opted for the x35i vs the x50. I really wanted an x6m, but I couldn't justify spending that much. So I settled on the x35i with an m sport package. I love the exaggerated vroom and no one expects a woman to be behind the wheel! Needless to say, I get a lot of compliments. I haven't experienced any problems to date. Well, my windshield cracked, but that has nothing to do with the workmanship of the car. That is scheduled to be fixed tomorrow actually. Be prepared for your maintenance to go up considerably. Especially if you are switching from a more moderately priced brand, do plan for it. For example, using super vs regular resulted in my gas expense doubling. One thing I do wish I had is a remote starter. Because I live in the northeast, jumping into a warm car is a luxury worth paying for. So to find out this is not even an option for my car was disheartening. Thankfully the heated steering wheel and seats warm me up relatively quickly. The ride is comfortable and the lumbar support is so nice. I feel very secure and sitting up high gives me a sight advantage that I really like (coming from a sedan). Trunk space is definitely impacted by the coupe roof line. I was fine with the reduced cargo space in favor of a sexier esthetic. It is all about your preference. You can always fold down the rear seats to get more room for larger items. I was able to fit 2 bar stools with room for a few grocery bags. In summary, it is been worth the spend. I am still under the maintenance program so I haven't experienced any big ticket out of pocket costs. Just save up and you'll be fine. It just comes with the territory.

- Annika C

Introducing the new Peugeot instinct concept, a car fully aware of its.

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- Kevin Z

The reason why I love my BMW x6.

This coupelike sporty SUV is a derivative of the previous x5, which is a good place to start. Unlike its sibling, the x6's styling severely hampers rear visibility, cabin access, and cargo room. More than just a different body, though, the x6 is sportier than the x5, with tauter handling and a stiffer ride. Most versions are powered by a 3.0-liter, turbocharged six-cylinder engine, which returned 21 mpg overall in the previous-generation x5 we tested.. The interior is luxurious and well-crafted, and the seats are supportive for long trips. The infotainment system takes time to master but ultimately proves to be logical.

- Dominique G

The 2019 BMW x6 is the more vivacious but this good.

The 2019 bmw x6 is a stylish, fun-to-drive SUV, but it is not as good for moving people and cargo as many other luxury midsize SUVs. This is a good vehicle, but in a segment jam-packed with high-quality SUVs, the x6's few flaws are enough to kick it into the bottom half of our class rankings. Don't just take our word for it. Check out comments from some of the reviews that drive our rankings and analysis.

- Nicholas B

Sleek, sporty and comfort all in one car.

No problems with the vehicle. The car is sleek and sporty looking. It has an incredible driving train that can be set to different preferences. The comfort setting is just what you would hope for in a comfort setting. The sports setting is responsive and zippy making driving a pleasure.

- Tamara K

BMW - x6 takes you further than your imagination, drive one today!

Its alright for now. It is somewhat economical and comfortable. Good for hauling my road bike and other gear. Great sound system. The long drives up and down the coast, seem a pleasure. The compact size makes it easy to fit into tight parking spaces and its horsepower is awesome.

- Abe C

BMW really make good car and the service is also available globally.

I love BMW x6. Because I can take it anywhere plus the power ratio is very good. And the maintenance is not too much. And it is really comfortable to drive and long drive. I usually take it for off-roading and never feels like I am stuck in some kind of situation.

- Jhon P

BMW X6, is one of the most interesting cars ever.

It has great way for performance. actually, i'm so satisfied with it's quality and design. It makes me feel luxurious.

- George S

Quality of parts and safety. Also I want to make sure that the car will meet my expectations

I love it, it is a little big for parking. Otherwise perfect

- Michael L