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Great looking convertible! Just watch out for potholes!

Bought the cascada because it is a convertible. It was a replacement for my 2007 Saab 93, which was totaled. The cascade looked like a good replacement since Saab convertibles are no longer available. It is not a Saab, but it is a good little car. Lots of pep, good looks, reliability, etc. Only thing I do not like is the low profile tires that come with it. We hit a pothole and it bent the rim, costing around $800 to replace the rim and tire. Now we are more careful about things that normal tires can handle.

- Brenda A

Love my Buick cascada convertible!

I have had the car for two years with no issues. I love the convertible top which is so easy to use. It has a European look to it and I do not see very many on the road, which I also like. The one thing I do not like is that the navigation screen is not flush with the dash. It sets back in which makes it harder to get to. It handles very well. My husband wishes it had a bigger engine but for me it is fine.

- Vicky S

Luxury look, affordable price!

Great performance; aerodynamic lines; easy handling; comfortable; luxury car look for great price point! One feature that is not available is the side mirror notification when cars are approaching in other lanes. As a safety feature, I am surprised that this is not included.

- Jay S

When top is down compliments are frequent

Visibility is a bit limited. Not as solid feeling as I am used to but it was affordable. When the top is down it is a whole lot of fun. I get compliments on it frequently. Gas tank is small. Voice command system has never worked properly. Overall, I enjoy driving my car.

- Lori D

Did that dog just open the top

Cup holders too small can't hold two of same size. So passenger either has no drink or must hold. Position of control for top too accessible for passengers like children and dogs so when traveling they can open or close. My model year was not available with remote start

- Mary R

The pleasure of driving our cascada.

The convertible cascada is a great ride in the summer time with the top down. On those hot summer days it feels fantastic with the wind blowing over you. It is a peppy car and very stylish with it is sleek look. Handles well in winter snow with it is front wheel drive.

- Kevin S

Sporty little convertible!

Love the cascada. She's a sporty little car with a convertible top. Has good get up and go and rides great. Took it in a 1500 mile trip and comfortable the whole trip. Would recommend to anyone!

- Barbara P

The gas mileage is not as good as I thought it would be.

I like love that my car is sporty yet stylish. It is a convertible so more wind noise than expected. For a newer model car I would think it would be a little quieter.

- Jennifer H

The Cascada is a really great car to drive.

I love my car, I love to drive it in the summer with the roof off. My car is really fun to drive. I get a lot of attention and compliments.

- Christene H

Luxury at an affordable price point.

Great performance; handles well on highway at high speeds; beautiful aerodynamic lines; very comfortable ride; luxury category car.

- Judith S

If you want to be cool...get a convertible. It makes heads turn...

This is a convertible that does everything right! The only thing I do not like is that that there is not enough room in the trunk.

- Linda A

It has every accessory you could possibly get in a vehicle.

It is fully loaded. Two door care that feels big on the inside. Luxury car feel at mid range car price. No dislikes or complaints.

- Kaye C

the tires are great for bad weather.

It's a great car. Safe and good speed. Great family car and easy to fix. Reliable and gets me to and from where I need to go.

- Shawn B

The gas mileage is great.

It is amazing it has heated seats and the chair allows me to move it up. I like how you cannot hear other cars outside of it.

- Theresa D

Convertible sports car very rarely seen on the road

My car is a two door black convertible. It rides very smooth and is comfortable. No problems to report

- Erika K

It's not that important to me personally. As long as it runs and gets me from "a to b", I m happy. My kids love the car. THAT makes me happy !

Pleasant ride always; great gas mileage, family loves it, (top down)no complaints.

- John L