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A safe, roomy car; deep trunk.

It gets so-so gas mileage; 24 mph on the freeway. It has plenty of legroom; it has plenty of head room once you are in the car but have to stoop to get in it because of the slope. The side mirrors move whenever the door is opened and have to be readjusted which is dangerous. It has heated seats and air conditioning. The electronic gadgetry is hard to figure out but comes with a manual. It looks boxy but rides smooth. The seating is roomy. The trunk is not wide but it is deep. Over all, a good car.

- Carolyn E

One hell of a comfortable ride.

Honestly I have had no problems with this car only complaint would be gas mileage. It has served as a everyday workhorse 80 miles a day plus. A very smooth and comfortable ride and as long as you take care of her she takes care of you very reliable car. Fully loaded for comfort and ease of ride, but still has enough power under the hood to get up and go.

- Christopher R

It's almost as beautiful as I am. It's great on gas and drives wonderfully. It's a great car.

I like that it is a luxury vehicle and its smooth design. I like the large video screen and all my options like heated and cooled seats, hologram. I dislike that my passengers don't have control over their ac being on and off when mine is on, that it is getting older and needs maintenance and how expensive the tires are.

- Jennifer A

About my candy apple red Cadillac.

You cannot go wrong with getting a Cadillac. It is one of the best decisions I ever made so take my word for it when I say you will not be disappointed. If you want to ride in luxury then Cadillac is the way to go. The seat warmers up to the best ac it definitely will not let you down.

- Mari J

It is a Cadillac. Does have a lot of potential to fix it is just costly.

It leaks coolant, the engine light is on, it starts really hard after putting fuel in, the dual climate control hardly works, and it is costly to maintain. Not only does it need tires the paint is also fading. It has numerous dents and scratches. And it is still not paid for.

- Robert B

My Cadillac has been so dependable and I would be so sad to be unable to keep it.

My Cadillac is a very stylish vehicle. It has been a very dependable vehicle from day one. I am glad it was parked at the dealer lot in a spot that was right where I spotted it when we returned from a ride in another Cadillac.

- Beverly M

Very reliable and still stylish for the year.

I have had this car for six and a half years and have never had a major problem with it. A sensor went out in the engine, which cost 750 to fix but other then that, the vehicle has been very reliable.

- Nate S

A v8 isn't for everyone only meant for the best like me

Reliable engine never encountered a major problem , just didn't like that it had air ride suspension that system is a 99.9% meant to fail had the removed to gas suspension instead

- Jonathan O

My car gets me safely where I need to go and I can rely on its capability. A nice, safe luxury vehicle.

I love the quietness of the drive. The car rides smoothly and effortlessly. I don't like how much gas it takes, though.

- R W

It also have heated seats to warm buns doing cold winter days

Cadillac had exhilarating power it also is great on mileage it huges the road well and it takes bumps on the road well

- Patricia G

Very reliable vehicle more reliable than my mercedes

Lost mpg from 100k miles to 127k miles 10 mpg loss it is very reliable though I have only had to do routine maint.

- Derek G

The car is easy to handle in all road conditions.

Like the comfort and the way the vehicle handles and I dislike the gas mileage and the maintenance costs.

- Gloria Q

It's a comfortable ride with a great look and interior.

My Cadillac is an awesome car that I love. It's a great comfortable ride and has been very dependable.

- Sherrie K

That the ride is so comfortable

Dislike that the center of gravity is so low like it for the feel of the ride

- Brent B

It's made in 1995 and it in great shape

It's still the best. and i would buy another

- stanley l