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Economical, dependable, comfortable.

Bought the car used. Gas mileage averages 35-38 mpg. The gas tank size is approximately 12-13 gallons. Color is silver exterior and black interior, no leather. All black interior does make it hot inside vehicle in the summer and on really sunny days. Interior design is attractive with power chargers for front and rear passengers. Heating and air conditioning is fantastic. Mid winter and below zero temps and I still have to turn the heat temperature down. Air conditioning does a great job in summer, but does drain the 4 cylinder engine power significantly, particularly on acceleration. Running on cruise control with air on can cause enough mph fluctuation to cause cruise control to kick off when climbing inclines.. Digital performance readouts are very helpful, very comprehensive in the variety of information it tracks, but without being a distraction. There is more information tracking than I need, but things like low tire pressure, oil change reminders, low fuel, mpg, distance per gallon are very helpful. Although a compact, is comfortable on long trips. Fold down back seats allows for some larger cargo items and capacity. Child car seats installed pretty easily.

- Brenda B

Small silver car with transparent windows. Seats are comfortable.

I have loved my experience driving a Chevy Cruze. It drives very smoothly and it is very good on gas mileage. It is easy to drive and has many helpful features, such as, the temperature outside the vehicle and inside the vehicle. Additionally, my car lets me know exactly how fast I am going and exactly how many miles of gas I have left so I never run out of gas. As far as issues, the fan in my car broke so for a while I did not have air conditioning or heat. My transmission also had a leak. I do wish that the speaker in my car was a little bit louder, but it definitely gets the job done. I have had my car for a few years and I have put hundreds of thousands of miles on it and yet it still drives like it is brand new. The trunk is pretty big and can be accessed from inside the vehicle. However, unfortunately you cannot pop the trunk without turning off the car and taking the keys out of the car completely. That is something that can be very frustrating at times.

- Jen Y

Chevy Cruze: the built in features are really convenient to everyday living.

I have had my car for two years. I lost my first car which SUV. When I was looking for a new car, I initially wanted another SUV. The salesman suggested that I take the car for a test drive. I like the fact the car has a remote control and you can start the car prior to getting in. The car has OnStar and Sirius (which is an additional cost) but I love it. I can have on star map out my directions. I listen to various types of music (do not have to switch radio stations) on a long trip. I receive a monthly update regarding the mechanical status of my car. I like this feature at a glance I know my tire pressure and if I need to have my oil changed. My car seat can be heated when necessary, great when it is cold. Mileage is good also. The trunk space is large and deep for luggage and groceries. The remote will also open the trunk prior to reach it. Great feature when your arms or full or the weather is implement.

- Elizabeth J

Great for single people or those with one child

I have had a few problems with the transmission. Had to replace head gaskets twice and some hoses. When the car has an issue it goes into 'limp mode.' It will slowly go to 5 miles per hour and then you can not drive faster than 5 miles per hour until the problem is fixed. I do love the gas mileage and the way it rides. It was great for our family when there was just my spouse, son (age 7 now), dog and myself. Now we have added twins to our family and there is just not enough room in the backseat for all of the car seats. The trunk has been a lifesaver though, our stroller and pack-n-play fit in there along with about 5 bags of groceries. Most SUVs do not fit our stroller. If I did not have children I would purchase another one.

- Sarah D

2013 Chevy Cruze - A great starter sedan.

One of the best features of the car is that it has a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. It gets great gas mileage but also has the power to accelerate at decent speeds. It is quite comfortable, with the only issue being a slightly small back seat. There is plenty of cargo space in the trunk. It has hands-free capabilities, which work well for an early version. (You do have to program in each phone number and name you wish to use). The only real issue I have is that the early Cruzes (this is a 2013) have the problem to periodically lose power at the media console. I lose the radio, phone, clock, temperature and environmental controls. Typically, turning the car off and on will fix this.

- Tate R

My 2013 Chevy Cruze is very fast when it is running properly.

I bought this car used and what I thought was for a great deal. There were only 30,000 miles on the car and was in high hopes. The car drives smoothly, has heated leather seats and is very comfortable, even for long rides. Its is definitely a reliable vehicle because I drove it from NH to SC within the first three months of owning the vehicle. I didn't start running into problems with it until around 130,000 miles. My alternator needed to be replaced, as well as a throttle body and spark plugs. I really do love this car though. The only other issue I have run into is that I may need a new catalytic converter soon. But I would still highly recommend a Chevy Cruze to friends and family.

- Alyssa M

Love my Cruze and its versatility.

My 4 door Chevy Cruze is a compact car with a midsize feel. The feeling when driving is sporty. I have a manual transmission and the gas mileage is great. I also enjoy being able to fold down one or both of my back seats to haul longer items and yard waste when necessary. The trunk is roomy and deep too. I enjoy the ease with which I can reach everything while driving. The controls are well thought out with many controls on the steering wheel. It has been very dependable which means a lot to me. I've become a Chevy fan now and plan to purchase another when the time's come. Only improvement needed: being able to open trunk from inside the vehicle. Can only open with the key fob.

- Gay J

Looks like a car cruises like a jet!

The only problem I have had with my car so far is that it hesitated and lunges when I try to accelerate too quickly or accelerate while going uphill. When it does this I get warnings that my stabilitrak needs attention and my traction control as well. This has occurred several times and on dry surfaces. My Cruze handles very well on curves. I have found my car to be reliable and gets great gas mileage (approximately 480 miles to a tank-15 gal). I have found the Cruze to be extremely comfortable and spacious. My favorite features are the sun roof, seat warmers, remote start, and the touch screen. I feel like I am a pilot not a driver! I have found Chevys to be the best!

- Katherine P

Great sized vehicle with ample storage.

The biggest issue I have with this car is the blind spot next to the driver's side of the windshield. I am very cautious when driving and look multiple times, but I'll be honest and say I've cut it close a few times because of the way the vehicle is made. I do love the gas mileage with the vehicle, and the color is like a burnt orange/red so it's not like I have a very common car- it's nice having something a little different. Another issue I have is the check engine light randomly goes on and off, along with the tire pressure light as well. When I take it to a shop to get it looked at, nothing pops up on the computer so I think there's some glitch I'm not sure.

- Tina K

Great purchase, just a couple minor kinks.

The size and style of the car is perfect for someone who likes a comfortable interior without a large vehicle. Great and easy to navigate dash. Comfortable seats, smooth ride and good steering. It has steering wheel controls which are important for me with little ones in the car. I do not like that the USB input for mobile phones, iPods, etc. is shotty and does not work half the time. While I've grown to be cognizant of it, the low frame of the vehicle does make driving on certain surfaces difficult with clearance. Overall, it's a good car and I've been pleased. It's lasted through a lot of long drives for me and I feel very safe in it.

- Lauren W

All about my Chevy Cruze.

I have a red Chevy Cruze that is fully loaded. My Cruze has power everything as well as a sunroof. The seats are leather and heated. It has Cruze, Bluetooth, GPS, and remote start. I love the remote start feature because I do not have to sit in a cold car waiting for it to warm up in the winter or cool off in summer. All my friends love my car too. They love to ride in it because it has a really smooth ride. I have had some small issues with it like I needed to replace some sensors in it and there is an oil gasket leak that will be fixed shortly. Other than that I have had no problems with it. I have had the car for 8 months.

- Judy M

Great compact car for commuting

I haven't had any melt or minor problems with my vehicle. I do enjoy driving it so I would say that the performance is good, although in the summer months with the ac fully on it doesn't get up to speed as quickly as I would prefer sometimes. So far it has been pretty reliable as long as I have kept up the maintenance on it. I think it is somewhat on the small side for a car. I have no problem fitting in it and I feel the space is adequate but I've had complaints from passengers that my car is small. The car doesn't have many exceptional features but just mainly the basics and that works just fine for me.

- Angela N

XM radio, power windows, smooth quiet ride, great for traveling on a budget.

I really like the Chevrolet Cruze. It gets great gas mileage, its a comfortable ride, plenty of room for a couple. If you have small children (which I do not), I would not suggest the Chevrolet Cruze, back seat riders will not have much leg room and car seats for infants do not fit well, especially if the front seat driver/passenger is tall. It is economical, and it does get about 28-36 miles to the gallon of gasoline. I have not had any trouble with the Cruze. It is a great car and has a big trunk as well. If you travel and are looking for something that gets great gas mileage this is the car for you.

- Misty S

The good, the turbo, the UGLY.

My Chevy Cruze looks really nice. I have a touch screen, leather and heated seats, sunroof. I really enjoy it aesthetically. However, structurally, it's a mess. I've had to do so much work to the car. Currently, it is in the shop for a replacement turbocharger. I had no idea what a turbocharger was before it started to give me problems. I've also had engine problems. I have a power only driver seat, which stopped working and I had to get that fixed because there was no option to move the seat manually. I am trying to hold on, but it has more problems than I expected for a 2013 vehicle.

- Dominique S

Dependable and fuel efficient

Car is comfortable to drive does decent on gas. Sometimes there is a lack of throttle response. If you can find the sweet spots with the shift points it'll respond better. Bought mine new off the lot and at 89k miles now. I've replaced battery, tires, and the purge valve ($40 clip in part), the arm on the intake manifold pops off every couple months I just pop it back on (check engine light will come on). I've driven this car across country multiple times. Mine is paid off now and even after I buy something else I am keeping it. All in all decent car as long as you change the oil regularly.

- Alexis B

Satisfied Chevy customer! My vehicle is cozy and efficient!

I purchased my car from CarMax so it was previously owned but in great condition. I have had this car for 4 years and have had few problems. I currently have an issue with the oil leaking on my exhaust that causes a smell. Best features would be the push start and push locks. The trunk button located on the back of the car no longer works so I just use the button on my key. Very reliable, compact car. Complaints from passengers is that the backseat is pretty snug. It has seat warmers in front seats that are great in the winter; along with automatic start! All around I love my Chevy Cruze.

- Beth N

A great buy for young adults.

One codes is too sensitive and pops on the check engine light. Has to deal with air filter and fuel performance. However the performance of the car is still amazing even when that code reads. Usually a false alarm. Can take sharp turns nicely, comfortable to take road trips. Cloths seats can become discolored but giving it a detailed clean will help. Small car if you are tall, however it makes up for in the spacious trunk and fold down back seats. Mirrors cover a nice area around the car. Overall the car is great for teenagers and young adults. Reliable and easy maintenance.

- Carrie B

It's a sporty version of a 4 door car. Runs nice, and has a lot of power.

This vehicle has a lot of power for the type of vehicle it is due to the turbo. It has decent mileage and gets me to where I need to go. It's a nice design if you just have front passengers. There isn't much room in the back seat. The trunk is very spacious though. I have had to do a lot of work on the car due to warranty and recalls problems. With the turbo it is also likely to have problems with other parts of the car but mine it in great shape. For the most part I love my car. It looks nice with the newer body style and has a nice speaker/radio system in it

- Jess W

Bluetooth and it is okay nothing special. Nobody wants to steal it.

The Cruze for it is price in 2013 was very good. It's has Bluetooth and the basic toys. It is a small car not go for guys it is low to the ground. It is not bad in the snow as long as you drive it slow and not like a crazy person. But as the car now hit the 50, 000. Miles it started to have weird problems. One day the heat didn't work and then it did. There was another problem where all the lights came on the dash and it was running really rough my hubby had to go and line and found out there were many Cruze owners having the same problem at the same miles.

- Eva S

The best, most reliable vehicle for my busy lifestyle.

I really love my 2013 Cruze. It is a great car. I haven't had any problems other than having to replace my battery last month. The seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of room for all passengers to sit comfortably. The trunk has a lot of room and can be extended by putting the back seats down. I have had two cars so far in my life and this is by far the most reliable. The only complaint I have about my car is it does not have cruise control but it is a small issue that wouldn't affect me getting another Cruze in the future.

- Lyndsey C

Chevy Cruze for the win!!

My car was purchased brand new in 2012 (year model is 2013). I have driven it everyday since and it has really been a great car! I currently have 170, 000+ miles and only a few things have been wrong with the vehicle! This is my primary transportation so I am thankful it has been a good car. The only problems I have had was my water pump went out at 30, 000 miles (but it was covered under warranty) and I have had a valve cover leak and that was replaced! And my window regulator went out. Other than a few minor issues it has held up!

- Amber J

It gets super good gas mileage.

I was gifted my vehicle by my father and honestly I love it. I think Chevy is a reliable company and I've always bought my cars from there. The car handles great, has an awesome sound system, and the best part is it does really well on gas. At the time of purchase I was commuting to and from work 45 minutes (both ways) so the gas saving was super important. The only issue I have with it is that when the ac is on the vehicle doesn't accelerate as quickly as usual. It drags so if I need to go quickly I shut the air off for a minute.

- Karen V

Comfy, roomy and good gas mileage.

I love the versatility of the Chevy Cruze. I can lay down the back seats, a single seat or a double seat, or both to accommodate a large trip to Costco or Home Depot. The gas mileage helps a lot with my long drives, it's about 30 mpg. I can remote start the car, which really helps in the winter when the temps drop and there is snow on the ground. The driver's seat is comfy, with many ways to adjust it and the steering wheel to make the car fit you. It's big enough to fit everything in it and small enough to handle well.

- Kimberly D

Perfect car for someone who wants easy to use and simple technology.

I absolutely love this car! It drives really nice, it is easy to see through the windshield, and it has very helpful features like easily telling me my battery level, tire pressure, and my mpg and how many miles I have left on my tank of gas. It also has a nice connection to Bluetooth and connects to my music so I can see what's playing on the screen. The only thing I wish this car has that it does not is cruise control, I go on road trips a lot and that is a helpful feature I had on a different car that is not on this car.

- Bianca B

Good vehicle with good gas mileage.

I have enjoyed my car. It is reliable, comfortable, and has had no real issues so far. The stick shift is smooth, the clutch feels great, and the ride is very smooth. It gets great gas mileage. The car is equipped with bluetooth calling, which is really nice to have (especially on a manual transmission). I wish that the car would also play my music through the bluetooth, that would make it really nice. I also with there had been a cruise control option. If those to things were added, I would give this car 5 out of 5 stars.

- Timothy L

Overall the Chevy Cruze is a very nice car. It drives smoothly and works well.

My family owns two Chevrolet cruises. I drive the one that is a year older and is not as nice of a model. Overall I love my car, but I prefer the nicer model of the Cruze. I haven't had many problems with my car. If it gets very cold in the winter (around 0 degrees Fahrenheit) my car does not always start on the first try and last winter I broke my windshield wipers because they kept freezing to the windshield. These are the only problems I have had with this car. It is easy to drive and I believe it is a quality vehicle.

- Cassidy B

The smoothness of the gas and brakes make the Chevy Cruze a very reliable car.

The Chevy Cruze is one of the most reliable cars I've stepped foot into. The plush seats add lots of comfort, especially if you're looking to be in the car for a long period of time. I also currently don't have any issues regarding the car, and I've had it for months. The air conditioning is fast acting, which is needed based on the weather currently. The car's performance is very well too. It speeds up very quickly and the brakes work well and easy whether you need to stop suddenly or you still have a ways to go.


Cruise control and gas mileage.

I like my Chevy Cruze but there are several things I would have liked a little different. First of all, it mine does not have cruise control! It is called a Cruze with no cruise control. . . I was pretty disappointed about that. It does not get as good of gas mileage and was advertised by the dealer I bought from. I was told 25 to 35 mpg. But I only get 26 mpg even on highway miles. I guess they weren't lying but they told me it was one of the best small cars as far as gas mileage but I find that to be false.

- Alexis D

Very well built and reliable car

I have had very minor problems with my car. Things that are to be expected with cars like flat tires but also a few little things like broken sensors. However, I have not found that any of the issues were hard or expensive to fix. The performance of the car is pretty good. I would like if the engine had a bit more acceleration but it is sufficient. The reliability is excellent and it is fairly comfortable. There are no major features that blow me away but the tire and oil gauges are excellent and very useful.

- William K

Love my little Cruze, would buy this car again!

Wrong pistons were in the car, so my engine had to be taken apart & fixed. This caused the car to smoke, but it was under warranty, so at no cost to me. The radiator hose has needed to be replaced $190 each time. Slow to accelerate at first, but I have a turbo engine so it picks up quickly after the first few gears. I have 80, 000 miles on it now and I love all of the features that come with the ltz trim (enhanced speakers, on star capable, leather seats, front heated seats, touch screen display, etc.. ).

- Kathryn P

Not a good purchase if you cannot afford repairs.

The car gets great gas mileage and I am happy with the features. I installed an aftermarket apple carplay radio and a backup cam. However mine has been in for service numerous times. I would be out thousands of dollars if I didn't have a warranty. I am only at 58k, I have had all required maintenance done and they've replaced 2 water pumps, water outlet, wheel speed sensor, master cylinder, brake booster, engine oil actuator seals, engine oil cooler, oil pan gasket, transmission axle seal.

- Jeffrey D

The best car I've ever owned�comfortable and spacious!

I love my Chevy Equinox. It is the first SUV I have ever owned, and was nervous about how easy it would be to operate. It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive and I feel very safe driving it. My favorite features are the automatic adjustments for the seat, the amount of space available in the trunk (our big dog loves to ride back there!) and the 'eco' feature that allows the engine to temporarily turn off while sitting at lights while still keeping the car running!

- Abbey S

Chevrolet Cruze-quality made and economical purchase.

Our Chevrolet Cruze is a comfortable, economical & good looking car. We get excellent gas mileage and have had no major repairs since purchasing. I only rated a 4 instead of a 5 because we also own a Toyota Camry. I am 4'11' and find myself more comfortable when driving the Camry, due to the design and available adjustments on the driver's seat. Otherwise, for the money, the two are equally comparable, with the purchase price of the Cruze being more economical.

- Kelly E

Small and uncomfortable. Like the small size, do not like the uncomfortable seats.

Problems are lights come on for service when in fact none is needed. The front seats are not very comfortable. There is not much lower back support so it makes it very uncomfortable to take a long trip, longer than 50 miles. To set a minimum number of letters on a question that can be answered in just a couple of sentences is very frustrating and I do not see how it could be useful to have people write words just to get to a certain number. Needs to be changed!

- Beverly A

Is a great compact first car

The Chevy Cruze is a good first time car owners choice! It is very good on gas and is more of a compact car so it's great for a couple people. The interior is nice with all the controls being able to find. A couple things wrong with this car would be troubles people have trying to figure out how to work the seats. A huge problem for me is how small the backseat is, I enjoy taking road trips with many people and it's hard to fit everyone plus our luggage.

- Michael P

To much upkeep for such a small car and also too costly!

Well I bought it used but only had 50,000 miles on it and have driven it for a little over a year, I have put as of today 30,000 miles on it myself and have added all new tires a thermostat housing and my nephew also put a new alternator and other things so its cost in maintenance has been like $1,500. 00 just this past year alone. So now every so often I have to jump start it mostly first thing in the morning so not to happy with this vehicle, really!

- Jeffrey R

It is a very economical car if you just want something to get you to and from work without all the hassle.

It's a dependable little car. It zooms when it gets to a certain point. A lot of the features are pretty basic. It doesn't use a lot of gas. It has satellite radio and onstar with a cd player. The information screen is a simple one-color LCD screen. It has a very simple almost blocky look. Remote lock and alarm. The problems are that very little leg room in the back seat. It's not very stylish. Its good if you want a simple, economic, reliable car.

- Jose C

Love/hate. I love everything about it except the money I have put into it.

I bought my Chevy Cruze in need of a vehicle asap. It was previously owned, with in the one year of having it I have put in $2000 worth of repairs. . The car had 90k miles when I bought it with one previous owner, with all vehicle repair and modification history. This vehicle shouldn't be having this many problems. But, now that they are taking care of, and my car is running smoothly, I can say I love my car. In the beginning I hated it. .

- Ashley F

When I turn it back on, it doesn't do the shaky thing, but most times will still give me trouble with the loss of power thing. It happens almost every time and 10 minutes into the drive. Lately, it started to happen right away

For the past few months my 2011 Chevy Cruze has been causing me a boatload of trouble. Now, it's doing this thing where it randomly starts to lose power while I'm driving. It rpms go all the way to zero and when press on the gas it literally feels like I'm braking. Sometimes, if I press on the gas I'm able to get it to go but most times it slows completely down, starts misfiring like crazy and the car shakes and I end up turning it off.

- briam c

Not what I expected but a smooth riding car

Within the first week of buying the car it started having electrical issues. Ending up being the side sensors and would blow the radio screen fuse instantly but the sound would still work but you couldn't see anything. They paperwork all said that it would get about 40 miles per gallon but all I drive is highway miles and I'm lucky to get 30 miles per gallon when I use a can of seafoam other wise it only gets about 28 miles per gallon

- James P

This vehicle could have many upgrades but I got what I paid for.

Found several faults after I bought it. No cruise control. Trunk is too small - hard to get anything too big in there. Too much space between central console and the side of the seat.. Lots of trash builds up! I wish the seat was higher. Body of the car seems close to the highway (really low). I like the color - kind of a champagne color.. There are a million of us out there! Rear bumper seems to get easily scratched and dented.

- Lisa L

The gas mileage is awesome.

There are problems with the battery. I have had to replace it twice in less than two years. I think that it is the cable that runs to the battery. Looked online and there are multiple people complaining about the same thing. Performance is pretty average. It gets good gas mileage though. I am 5 '10 and the space for me is good but cannot really have people sit in the back of the car if there are people in the front it is too small.

- Tiffany P

Do not buy a Chevy cruze with a six speed manual.

Do not but any model of Chevrolet cruze that has a six speed manual transmission. The fluid that they use in it is to thin and not enough in the transmission to keep all of the internal parts lubricated correctly. These transmissions create a lot of heat and the oil is just too thin to help with cooling. You will have problems after awhile if you drive the car for long periods of time everyday. Just look on the Chevy cruze forms.

- Juan B

Great miles per gallon gas saver.

Had a water pump problem and within 60000 miles it starts to idle. Has great miles per gallon and it has many safety features like the airbags everywhere. We had to level the antifreeze liquid every now and then to compensate the water pump leak that it had. The negative ground cable on the battery needs to be tighten or replaced to remove the light that turns on for power steering. Battery replaced after 50000 miles.

- Humberto G

My vehicle is good because it is small enough just for me.

At times when I am trying to speed up in the car, it pushes back. That is the only problem I have with my car. It is quite small for a family of four or more, but this is a great car if you are single, or do not have a big family. It would fit 4 people comfortably, but there is not a lot of leg space if you are a plus-sized person having to sit in the back or front of the car. Other than that, it is overall a great car.

- Vanessa C

The Chevy cruze has been a good car for our traveling needs.

We bought our Chevy cruze because it was marked one of the safest cars made at the time. The silver color was a plus. It gets great gas mileage! The black seats show dirt easily which is a bad thing. For a mid size car it has a lot of room in it. The back seats let down for extra long storage in the trunk. One other downside is that it does not have a way to open the trunk from the inside of the car without the key fob.

- Gina F

My Cruze has Cruze for years.

I have had my Cruze for 5 1/2 years and I have only had to have regular maintenance so far no major issues. This car is great on the road and on gas. Maintenance and repairs are affordable and the car drives really good. This vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth device and anti lock brakes. Although it is a compact vehicle it is pretty comfy and the trunk is a very nice size. Overall I will rate this car a 4 out of 5.

- Morgan K

Poor acceleration, large blind spots, comfortable, decent sized trunk.

The 2013 Chevy Cruze Lt has many blind spots and very poor acceleration. Although, I will say it has great handling, fast and effective air conditioning, is quite spacious and for a car its size, and has user friendly electrical features such as a backup camera, steering wheel radio controls, and Bluetooth. Another issue I've experienced is the trunk will only open by repeatedly pressing the button on the key fob.

- Tim W


Mechanically its amazing! Super gas efficient which is main reason we went with the Cruze. Highways are much better. The car has almost 90k miles and really haven't had to fix much but basics. It's not the best for a big family though as it isn't very spacious in the back seat. Was great when our twins were small but not so much now. Motor still runs very strong and steering seems to be almost as good now in 2019

- Alyssa E

Affordable and accommodating

The Chevy Cruze 2013 is a very decent vehicle. I have had this car for two years and I have never had any issues. The radio and sound system is great. The interior is comfortable and adjustable. The Cruze is more spacious than it appears and I could stow quite a lot of things when needed. It is also a very affordable model. I would overall recommend this model for people who want a good car without spending a lot.

- Noelle K

There is little to no room in the back seat of the car. It has a decent trunk size to pack your stuff but I would not recommend taking this car on a long drive with more than 2 passengers because it is a tight fit. Also the button to lift the trunk is pretty difficult to find if you aren't familiar with the car. 9/10 times I have to get out of the driver's seat to help someone who is trying to get into my trunk

I have had many problems with the LTX turbo feature of this car. It would start driving really weird and the check engine light kept coming on. Also it is a little too small for my liking, there is hardly any room in the backseat for passengers to ride. I do like the front seat set up though, it is very comfortable and spacious with heated seats and electric adjustments. It also has a very good, strong AC system.

- Kate G

Good gas mileage in exchange for a hearty vehicle

My cruze has really soft, comfortable cloth seating and the steering wheel has comfortable leather on it. I am fairly happy with the gas mileage. However, I spend way too much money on repairs. There are constant leaks, repairs, smells, and random electrical issues that make me a bit scared of what is to come.I fear that a repair will come up that is too expensive and I will have to just start riding my bike.

- Betsy K

Its roomy, nice looking, fuel efficient, sporty, functional, and fast.

The car drives like a dream. I have never had any problems with it other than a flat tire. I maintain regular maintenance on the vehicle and drive mostly highway miles. It is fuel efficient and is roomy. The trunk space is excellent, I keep my fishing tackle and miscellaneous other things in there. It's really nice looking as well as performs well. I would never even dream about selling this car it's my baby.

- Daniel R

Was great, until it stopped starting for a currently unknown reason!

I used to love my car, until about a month ago when it wouldn't start. Prior to that, it was reliable and good to drive. Now, it's been at two different dealerships and no one can figure out what's wrong with it. I still owe so am stuck until someone can figure out the problem. In researching the problem before taking it in, turns out others have had similar problems and this is a known Chevy Cruze defect.

- Jennifer R

The vehicle is incredible and a wonderful vehicle for first time owners.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I have no problems at all with it currently. The car is very comfortable with adjustable seats. The steering wheel is adjustable to move higher/lower and farther/closer to the dashboard to help make it comfortable for any driver. The radio has really good sound. The handling of the car is incredible; the slightest adjustment in the wheel will immediately adjust your driving.

- Kris H

Chevy Cruze 2013 the good and the bad

My car runs great and it's very spacious inside even though it's considered a small car. The only problem I had was in 2017 the engine had to be rebuilt because the pistons were misfiring but it was still under warranty so I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket and Chevy gave me a brand new Malibu as a loaner car for a month while my Cruze was being fixed. I haven't had any problems since then.

- Sonya L

Comfy, safe car with some radio problems.

This car is very comfortable and performs really well. It is a sturdy car that I feel safe in. There have been a couple problems with the oil, that unfortunately were not covered by the warranty. There is also a problem with the dashboard screen, it will freeze and it does not allow you to change the radio at all. You cannot change the station, the source, the volume, nor can you turn it off.

- Ashley G

Fun, not so fast Chevrolet.

Transmission seems to be the weak point on the automatic and standard transmission (I have a 6 speed with overdrive) and it feels a tad sluggish out of the gate. Lack of room in the backseat with taller driver and passenger. Trunk is spacious. Clean look overall, but the lack of matching color on the windows and grille is not fun. Gold bowtie is off-putting and ugly as sin wheels/hubcaps.

- John A

It is really comfortable and spacious.

I adore my Cruze. It gets great gas mileage and it is really easy to navigate. I drive it around to get groceries and stuff like that mostly, but it also makes the 4 hour commute to and from college for holidays and breaks without a hitch. It is also safe, a woman ran a red light in front of me and I walked away without a scratch and it was sturdy enough not to even be totaled after.

- Cat S

2013 Cruze Best Vehicle I've Owned!

Nothing but water pump, thermostat and tires. It has 116,000 miles on it and the brakes are inspected regularly and they are fine! It has OnStar, Sirius XM Radio, automatic, air conditioning, power door locks, power windows, stability control, traction control. It is a 4 door with a 1.8 Liter 4 cylinder 16 valve engine imported from Germany where they are put into the Opal.

- Matthew S

Extremely reliable when it is brand new up until about 100, 000 miles.

My Cruze has been extremely reliable. It has about 120, 000 miles on it now. Once it hit 90, 000 miles, the camshaft head cover had to be replaced along with a couple oxygen sensors. It was once again reliable until about 115, 000 miles then the turbo went bad. I ordered a new one and it took 3-4 weeks for a new one to come on. I have yet to get the new on installed at the moment.

- Mike B

I love my Chevrolet Cruze

I love my Chevrolet Cruze! I have had it for just over 5 years now, and I don't even think about myself in any other car. Being a small person, the size of the Cruze is one of the many features that interested me. The gas mileage is great! I have had minimal problems with my car, mostly normal wear. I recently traveled 1400 miles in a move across the country, and my car did great!

- Megan L

It is an ok car. If I had gotten it brand new, it would be in better condition.

Drives well, however, seems to have electrical problems because the stabilitrak comes on by itself. Since it doesn't turn the engine off, it is still drivable but it is annoying. It is good on gas, and the brakes work well. The color is gold. The car has 4 doors, with a trunk in the back. The car supposedly has a Wi-Fi hotspot which I have tried to connect to without any success.

- Thomas D

I was surprised by how much love my Cruze.

I find this to be a very reliable vehicle it gets great gas mileage it has a sporty look which I love and the headlights are really bright which us great for nighttime driving. I was impressed with the radio and ability of the stereo itself. The manual shift option is also nice to have. It's a little touchy on the steering but overall I have been very satisfied with my Cruze.

- Alicia L

My Cruze rides smooth and gets great gas mileage.

So far no problems. I love my Cruze. It is the perfect size for me and the seats are very comfortable. The seats can be adjusted in many ways allowing maximum comfort. The hands-free phone is a feature I couldn't live without. Syncing my personal cell to the car was easy peasy. The car rides very smooth, even at higher speeds. For a smaller car, the trunk size is spacious.

- Joanne T

I love my Cruze - that's it in a nutshell

the Cruze does everything I need from being safe for my kids to getting from point a to point b safely and quickly; turning is simple but quick; the instructions are easy to understand when the Cruze indicates a problem; my children love bouncing around inside and have told me how comfortable the back seat is inside the Cruze; in the end, the Cruze is a dream come true

- laura C

Great looking, eco friendly small car.

I love the look, comfort, rides smooth and the digital dash. I've recently had engine issues and repairs that will cost me $1500 I'm not too happy about. 4 spark plugs and a coil block needs to be replaced as well as transmission lines that are corroded and leaking that need to be replaced. Also, the turbocharger is starting to fail and will need to be replaced next.

- Patrick R

The Chevy Cruze the little car.

Hi I drive a 2013 Chevy Cruze and have had it for about 4 years it has had a few problems I had to change timing belt already and change over flow tank and have had new brakes put on and it has had air conditioning problems it hasn't been to bad but I wouldn't buy one again it's nice interior nice radio set up it has calling features in the radio and steering wheel.

- Angela H

Overall good value, good gas mileage and not expensive to fix.

I like the gas mileage that the Cruze gets, the overall size of the car and the dash features. I wish the interior offered a little bit more room to carry 4-5 adults comfortably, meaning more room for the back seat. And the only complaint I. Have is about the paint. I have a silver vehicle that the paint like to rub off when getting things in or out of the trunk.

- David K

Great gas mileage if needing to go long distances.

My car gets great gas mileage. Average is about 28 miles/gallon. It does pretty decent on gravel roads. The car is roomy and comfortable. It has hands free calling. It has a cruise control. The radio comes with an option of XM radio and also includes and aux/sub port. The trunk is not the spacious. However, you can fold the seats down in the bank for more room.

- Michaela K

Great on gas and a very reliable car.

The performance is great, reliability is awesome! The comfort is nice very comfortable and features are great. I love my car! It's great on gas and I've have not had to take to shop for nothing but regular upkeep like oil changes. I travel a lot and it is a great car to take on trip gas wise and also comfort wise. I would recommend this type if car to anyone.

- Casey W

My Chevy is a lovely shade of autumn red.

I love this car! The color is a nice autumn red with black interior. It has all the features I need and is comfortable. Have taken it on a few road trips and it runs great. I did notice that the air conditioner seems to drag on the engine a little. But that issue could be singular to mine. Overall though, it hasn't affected the ride. Would buy another gladly.

- Tina D

Chevy Cruze is like driving an affordable little dream!

We purchased a Chevy Cruze lets last year and it is our most favorite car we've ever owned! It was very affordable (five years old and $200 payments), and the lets feels like driving a sports' car. It is the smoothest drive and the turbo is amazing! The reason we bought it was we had rented one for a trip and were so impressed with the drive and trunk space.

- Lindsay R

A nice start off car for a first time driver works great.

This car is a great car for anyone looking to get there first car I've had no problems with it it's good on gas and the mileage is excellent the car performs great and it's good on going long distances. I would recommend this car the radio gives great sound and the up keep is very easy on the car I would problem get another car just like this in the future.

- Jason A

It's a great car which is long lasting and great for beginners or advanced users.

This car comes in cool colors to choose from which is nice, but the selling point is in its features. It has great gas mileage and also never breaks down. It also has satellite radio which I love and also power windows and doors. This has been a great car that I've had for 5 years. The only negative thing about this car is it does not have cruise control.

- Derrick D

First time driver�s only.

It is a nice compact car to drive back and forth to work. I do not really think it gets much gas mileage but that is my opinion. It not equip to handle a large family and being that it is compact it does not have much legroom for passengers. Overall, it is a good car for a beginner driver like teenagers or young adults who just got their driver's license.

- Andrea A

Trustworthy Vehicle for the Price

I really like the size of my car and the color I chose which is silver. I get decent gas mileage and the drive is pretty good except it jerks a little when it's at a stand still. I haven't had any problems where I have had to take it to a shop and I have had this car for almost 5 years now. Overall it's a very nice car and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Courtney P

Chevy Cruze is slow, small and lacks tech in cars of the same year.

It has slow pick-up, especially in hot fl weather, I find the seats to be uncomfortable during long trips. I wish the Bluetooth software worked without having to plug a Charger into the USB port. Speaking of which, only apple phones with the Bluetooth software. Very small and would not suit taller people. Began having mechanical issues around 90k miles.

- Cheyenne M

Chevy Cruze Features and Performance

My car is really comfy to drive. It has a great simple screen that will show you what song is playing and is easy to use. The controls are easy to use and navigate as well and it's easy to plug your phone in to play your music. The controls show you a lot of helpful information. I've had some electrical problems with it but otherwise, nothing too crazy.

- Michelle A

Air conditioning and heat work great and get to the desired temperature quickly.

Very reliable car, had no issues in the past 5 years owning the cruse. Features Bluetooth, xm radio, cruise control, automatic lights, USB port, and a great sound system. It is not a car built for speed, it takes a while to accelerate. I find myself flooring it when getting on the freeway. Overall, great little car and I am very happy with my purchase.

- Rachel R

I love the gas mileage and reliability!

There are absolutely no problems at all. I love my Cruze and was so excited that it was my first big purchase. It's been so reliable and nice to have during bad weather or long car trips. I have always wanted a new car and now that I have my Chevy Cruze I know why people like them so much. It is great on gas and is the best little car I could ask for!

- Alexis W

The heated seats and the sunroof makes the Cruze a very comfortable vehicle.

There has been a few recalls on my Cruze but other than that it has been a great vehicle. The leather seats and touch screen radio makes the car feel modern. I love the heated seats in the winter and the sunroof in the summer. The Cruze gets about 31 miles per gallon which is very good for a car that size. The Cruze is overall a very reliable vehicle.

- Kayla T

Silver Chevrolet Cruze with black & gray interior.

My car is very reliable. I have not had any issues thus far. It is very comfortable and rides nicely. It is a pretty basic car, so the only cool feature is hands-free calling through Bluetooth. I will say my only complain is it is not a very attractive-looking car. When I am in the market for a new vehicle, I will pick a more luxurious-looking one.

- Brooke S

Chevy Cruze: cruising in the comfiest car.

I love my car! We have had it for a few years now and have had little problems with it. My one complaint would be how slow the air conditioning or heat take to turn on. My car is very comfortable on the inside as well, making it perfect for long car rides. The heated seats are a definite bonus. I wish there were also heated seats in the back seats.

- Jenny M

Overall I love it. Great mileage and good sound system.

I love my car but sometimes I feel like it almost skips a gear. It takes. Awhile to get going which is not a big deal but in a big city you have to shoot the gap sometimes. I love the gas mileage although it would be nice if it told me how many miles I have after I hit 40. It tells me up until then which is when I need to know the most, personally.

- Patrice J

2013 Chevy Cruze like it do not love all of it.

The car is so nice however struggles maintaining speed when going uphill. When you are trying to speed up after being stopped (i.e. At a stop light) it lags and takes a few seconds to speed back up. As for the air conditioning it gets cold/hot fairly quickly but does not always reach into the back seat so not everyone in your car may feel the air.

- Kaitlyn C

2013 Chevy Cruze; Reliable and Comfortable 10/10 recommend

The water pump has been a HUGE problem. We've replaced it several times, but my dad being a partial mechanic thinks he's figured out the problem, so we haven't had any problems since. Mine isn't very fancy, but it's still nice nonetheless. The back is pretty spacious and it's very reliable. I've traveled a lot in it and don't have any complaints!

- Natalie B

2013 Chevy Cruze ls, great car for a great price.

I have had this car for 2 years. Only maintenance is one $20 censor that just snaps in, regular oil changes and fluid filling. 36 miles to the gallon on highway and drives very well. Very comfortable ride with plenty of legroom for a medium sized sedan. Huge trunk as well. Also does very well in the snow. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Mitchell D

2013 Chevy Cruze, a nice sized safe family car.

My Cruze has never once had any issues. It drives great and does very well with gas mileage. It's a very nice family car and can fit 3 car seats in the back and hold lots of groceries in the back. It comes with a charging station in the back seat and also up front it has a USB port which is nice plus XM radio. On highways it runs very smooth.

- Frances Z

I love my car, especially the gas mileage!

I LOVE my car. It is very reliable and I get great gas mileage. So far, I haven't had any problems maintenance wise. The only issue I have with it is it's very small, when I first got it I had one child, now I have two so it's very hard to get around in with both of them. I would definitely recommend this car for someone with one or no children l

- Taylor D

Chevy Cruze 2013 model, newer is not always better.

I absolutely love my Cruze. I have actually tried driving the newer models but love my 2013. I have only had two problems with it but they were covered by warranty. It is very comfortable and I have taken it cross country with no issues and regularly take it on long weekend trips. It is very reliable and I have never had any big issues with it.

- Kelsey D

Chevrolet Cruze, the best first car I still have.

This car is the best I've ever had, this is my first car and it's been with me for 3 years now, it's extremely reliable and I hardly use any gas when I do drive around in it. The sound system is pretty good for the age of the car. I haven't had any problems since I've bought this car unless it's the usual maintenance and buying worn out parts.

- Lee C

Chevy Cruze 2013, starter car

I've had my 2013 Chevy Cruze for 4 years and I've loved it. It's comfortable in the front and back, lots of space to maneuver for being a sedan. Great gas mileage. My only issue with this car is the thermometer keeps going out, which I've replaced multiple times already. Other than the one issue I can't complain. It's been a great starter car.

- Michael B

The 2013 Chevrolet Cruze ltz.

I have had my car for over 5 years, we live in Houston, and were here for the flood of 2016. My car flooded and needed to have everything rewired, and it worked perfectly. It ran smooth for the next two years, when it reached over 100k miles, I had to have some service done but thanks to warranties and insurance, I hardly came out of pocket.

- Kathleen M

2013 Chevy Cruze: super reliable and great for everyday use.

I have bought this car off of a 3 year lease. Have owned it 3 years myself and have drove it over 50000 miles so far. Is a reliable vehicle and I have only had to put it in the shop for a battery replacement once. It rides smoothly and looks pretty nice too. I would recommend this car. Is very good on gas as well. Perfect for everyday use.

- Anna H

Great idea, not the best execution.

I love the style of my car overall, but it seems like it's always something breaking on it. I have had to replace several things and I have only had the car 2 years. It also has a weird smell when you have on the air/heat, regardless of how many times I change the filter. I love the backup camera, the speakers, and the seat warmer though.

- Akira W

My vehicle is a 2013 Chevy Cruze. It is good to get me from point a to point b.

No cruise control, kind of small for me. It does not do as well on gas like I thought. Maintenance issues all the time. The windows make loud noises when you roll them down. My engine light is always on. There are censor issues. My radio will shut off for a few minutes and then turn back on. My clock in there never keeps the correct time.

- Lauren H

2013 Cruze ltz with all the fixings.

I love my Cruze. It gets great gas mileage and is the perfect size for my needs. The ltz trim is wonderful as it comes with the most up to date luxuries for this model. Leather interior. Navigation screen. Sirius XM. Ports for charging cables such as USB. Push to start. Backup camera. Fold down seats in the back. Large and spacious trunk.

- A W

Chevy Cruze - built to last

I've had my car for four year now. It's been super reliable. The gas mileage is great, I don't know the exact mpg, but it's better than most. Comfort is average. I like the radio controls on the steering wheels. But for long driving, it can get uncomfortable. Trunk is a decent size. Overall it's a good, solid car that seems built to last.

- Debra M

It is a pretty great car above all the problems and or malfunctions.

My vehicle is okay. It just has a lot of minor problems. Like my oil, I have replaced the valve cover gasket twice and now I need another. But for the part it is really good on gas, has a nice size to it. I love that it is red, it can be drove manual or automatic. Also has leather seats and come with seat heater for driver and passenger.

- James J

The car is a great size and gets really good gas mileage.

Overall, I love my car. It gets really great gas mileage and usually takes around $30. 00 to fill it up. This tank will last me anywhere from 2-3 weeks. The interior is very nice as well. It has cloth seats which I like, and has a place for an AUX cord and phone Charger. The backseat is very roomy and allows 3 people to sit comfortable.

- Kelsey L

Major Financial Disappointment

Engine had been replaced once. Major engine work required another fine. All within 5 years/120000 miles. Engine replaced with 'refurbished engine' at approximately 40000 miles. Score would be much higher if vehicle was reliable. I like mostly everything else about the vehicle. Features are everything I want and need in a smaller sedan.

- Austin B

My vehicle is a Chevy Cruze. She is good on gas. She gets up fast.

My car is great on gas. This a great car for the highway. Two children can sit comfortably in the back seat. I have had problems with the Cadillac converter and purge valve. The Cadillac converter cost me $1000 and purge valve cost $700. I have had my car 3 years and last year I had to buy brand new tires, which cost me about $600.

- Brooke R

Chevy Cruze, the greatest car I have ever owned and very proud of.

There is nothing wrong with my car. . It practically talks to me if something is wrong. . It runs great. . Easy on gas on the highway. . Talk on the phone through the car speaker. . Not the best on icy roads but awesome for the fall summer and spring months. . Not to good on gas in town but that is the same with all vehicles really.

- Dee P

Cruze: a very good vehicle.

The gas gauge on the Cruze stopped working after four years of having it. Then the mirror enclosure on the visor broke off because it was defective. But besides that, it is really good on gas. Mileage is great as well and can fit five people comfortably. The glove compartment is very spacious. The Cruze can fit just about anywhere.

- Andrea A

Reliable and good on gas.

Ticking in the engine after 90,000 miles put on. I have had to replace the purge valve and replace the plastic container that holds fluids. That is was $500 with labor. Idols a little rough with ac running. Other than that it gets really good gas mileage I fill up once a month. I live close to work overall it is a good little car.

- Ashley V

Great long term use car for years to come.

It use to stop while driving at some point but after working with the transmission a bit everything is better. I can drive from san Francisco to san Diego with no problem. The miles is good. It is also a great car to learn to drive in. A great everyday use car for those getting to and from work. Or working with delivery services.

- Chantelle B

It is very gas efficient and roomy.

I have had a lot of mechanical issues. I have changed the battery twice, my internal computer short circuited the car and fired some internal wires. I am still currently dealing with the car shutting off while driving, I've taken it to multiple Chevy dealerships and they found no issues and dont mind charging 200 diagnostic fee.

- maritza C

Great car but a little too small

I've had the car for less than 2 years and have already experienced issues. Within the first few months the battery was dead, the check engine light came on for the air flow Intake system and a shock broke. I love Chevy vehicles but the Cruze is on the smaller side, a little too small if you have multiple people in the car.

- Samantha S

Sunroof, GPS, remote control; starter

My vehicle has a back up mirror. Cruise control. Built in GPS. I don't like the size 18 inch tires, they are expensive. It takes a special blend of Detroit oil. Side mirror turn from switch. Remote control. Bluetooth for cell. Pandora. OnStar and XM radio if you purchase for car. Adjustable seat to go up higher or tilt back.

- Laura M

My First Little Heavy Chevy

It's a good car has a lot of get and go. It's a used car and since getting I've had to make a considerable amount of repairs. I think getting this ca4 as a brand new car would have been better. That could only be due to the owner/seller. I like the features and the spaciousness of the car. I would've liked a different color

- Cheyenne G

2013 Chevrolet Cruze review

The vehicle is really low to the ground so backing out of driveways can sometimes cause the underbelly to scrape. The Bluetooth doesn't always like to connect. And the seats are not the most comfortable either. The space that you get for a sedan this size isn't terrible though. The space in the truck is fairly good as well.

- Alex C

It is a very adorable and reliable car.

I bought vehicle with 28, 000 miles on it and it was in perfect condition. Inside is very nice and comfortable. I have had the car for about 3 years now and it has only had two problems with the clutch and starter which were fixed under the warranty. Other than those two problems it is a very reliable and sleek looking car.

- Joseph K

Great first car for a teenager gas winter and summer best cars around.

This was my first car I absolutely think it is a wonderful first care for a teenager it is great in gas and amazing in rain snow and just everyday driving around. There is not that nanny problems the only thing that I would change is a trunk button and Cruz lol there is not Cruz control in my Cruz crazy but that is okay!

- Kristen M

Chevrolet Cruze lt - user review.

As the car ages, I have noticed the mpg is not as good as it should be. The trunk space is great, cabin is small but manageable. It has a good turning circle and handles well. Overall it is a nice car. There have been a lot of recall notices sent out for that years model, but my car has only been affected by two of them.

- Kerry W

I really like the screen on the dash that lets me use GPS.

Our Chevy Cruze has been very reliable and is a great car. We haven't had any problems and if we ever do the warranty covers it. It's really comfortable and quiet. I love the tinted windows and sound system that came with it. Its spacious and has a big backseat for my son. It also has GPS and a big screen for the radio.

- Riley E

It is awesome and drives great.

I like that it is compact, but still pretty spacious. I also like that it has some of the newer features, like the screen with Bluetooth, navigation, backup cam, sirius radio, & more. I do however wish it was a little newer with a better looking display, more comfortable seats, more cup holder space & & a bigger trunk.

- Alexandra W

If you want a car the is reliable the Cruze is the way to go!

The blind spot does not work anymore. It is going to cost me $1400.00 to fix. My phone does not always synch up. . It always starts in very cold weather. The seats are very comfortable. Drives really nice. I like having a digital speedometer. I use the OnStar in my vehicle and it saved me when I was in a car accident.

- Kathleen G

Chevy Cruze is great but is not without its issues

Accelerates nicely most of the time. Engine has had several problems despite being driven safely. Good stereo system, speakers don't have a lot of bass but are decent. There is a glitch in the radio system that causes it to sometimes restart randomly that is apparently common among this model. Generally performs well.

- Jasmine J

The radio and stereo is excellent. Very nice surround sound and excellent bass.

It has a very nice interior design, and comfortable seats. The heat and air conditioning is excellent and does not take very long to kick on. The trunk is very spacious. The only thing that is not great about the car, is that it does not come with a spare tire. It is great on gas and over all a great car to purchase.

- Taylor S

The best car I have ever owned.

I have had this car for over 5 years now and I have never had a problem, only regular maintenance. It rides great and has been very reliable. Features are easy to work. I have been on several long trips and it has been very comfortable. I would highly recommend this car for anyone looking for comfort and reliability.

- Sharn J

My car is red and shiny. It is not a bad looking car.

My car is reliable. It is quite low to the ground so I feel safe driving in snowy, icy weather. I feel like I get decent mileage, but I do not know much about what that really means so I am not sure. Sometimes it struggles to get going when I have the air conditioning on but other than that it is a pretty good car.

- Isabella A

I love the feature that reads your tire pressure.

Very reliable car! It's a great option for a first time buyer. It's rather spacious, and drives smoothly. It feels great to be in a car where not only you feel safe, but your passengers do as well. Car seats can be easily installed in the back seat using either the traditional seat belt method, or the latch system.

- Stacey T

The Cruze is a great sedan for its size.

This car is amazing. It handles great in a highway. I do not really worry that much when I am in the highway and it is windy. The gas mileage is awesome. I enjoy driving it plus I only take it to the garage for oil change. No other problems. And it think it handles a lot better than some cars in the winter time.

- Pascal M

Great on gas. It needs to be roomier.

My Chevy Cruze is pretty good on gas. 32 miles on the highway. I wish my car was a little more roomier and had more leg room. My vehicle is down because the water hose from the radiator keeps breaking. This is the second time I had to replace it. So my car would always overheat. Other than that my car runs fine.

- Sim F

Chevrolet Cruze 2013 is the most reliable out there.

Fortunately the car is high performance. I have gotten into two accidents both very minor and the car runs in tip top shape. It is great on gas, looks beautiful inside and out. I feel safe in it and it is not very expensive but very reliable. I would definitely recommend this car to all the car buyers out there.

- Katherine W

The notification system. The camera.

I highly recommend buying chevrolet's. They are excellent vehicles. 5 people in my family have had them for years. I love the performance, the style, the reliability and the total package. I love the digitals and electronics. They tell.Me when something is wrong, they let me know what is behind me, next to me.

- April M

Great automobile 2 crappy dealerships.

Gas mileage is great. Gets 30 + per mile avg. This car is quiet to drive as far as road noise. Has a decent warranty to get you thru the first few years. I hand wash and wax. Holds up well to sunlight and road dings. Comes with satellite stereo. Choice of dealer is as important as car. Do not believe t v ads.

- Gregory N

It's a very reliable car and economic it was name in one of the top 10 best cars.

Very economic for daily commute it is great on gas on bad days, that gas is high it will only take $35 to fill up tank. It is also economic on any future repairs and maintenance. It is small body vehicle but very spacey, and trunk is large. I think this is the perfect car for a college student or single moms.

- Abigail G

It gets me from point A to point B. It may not have all of the technological features of new cars but it does its job.

It is cute, comfortable and does it's job. I don't like that the mirrors are manual, it is very inconvenient. It is only around $30 to fill up my gas tank which is pretty nice. I was told when I purchased my car that it has bluetooth features, but that doesn't work. Other than that it's a pretty good car.

- Karlissia C

Great Car for Travelers and Students

Very good car for traveling, I've owned this car for about 4 years. In that time I have had no issues. It gets about 35 - 40 mpg on the highway. Being a taller man, I fit nicely in the seats and it is comfortable for me to drive. Overall I would recommend the vehicle to users looking for a low priced vehicle

- Devin G

Very comfortable, minimal problematic vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle with good gas mileage (28 miles per gallon). One wheel bearing has been replaced. The Cruze is extremely comfortable. Water pump broke twice, both replaced with one from Chevrolet dealership. Little turbo give the engine a nice kick. Overall great first time car or small family vehicle.

- Brooke T

Great, compact car with good gas mileage!

It runs well, gets great gas mileage, rides smooth and is comfortable. It isn't comfortable for bigger or taller people as there isn't much space. It's a cute car and I feel great behind the wheel. I haven't had a lot of problems with it. But it does sometimes roll backwards when stopped at lights on hills.

- Gabi D

It is a good car, it has its issues but the positive outweighs the negative.

Transmission went out in 2017, right after the warranty was out. It has heated seats, a number display for the speedometer, and a space for a USB drive. It has been a great car for me. It is small and that can be uncomfortable for passengers, but I rarely have passengers so it has not been an issue for me.

- Kayla H

I love my Chevy Cruze! Best car I've ever had.

I haven't really had any issues, which obviously means it's very reliable. Haven't had any real things I've had to fix in four years apart from the usual things such as new tires, etc. I have cloth seats and love them. I love the dashboard controls and that it has menu options for viewing different things.

- Mickey N

Great starter car for students

We bought the car with a salvage title and had to redo the transmission and body work due to a previous wreck. Since then, the only problem with this car has been the EVAP sensor and a antifreeze leak. Overall it is a great car and has been very reliable form of transportation for me from work and school.

- Kyle J

Chevy Cruze, good for the right price.

Certain reliability issues with regards to recalls, however the manufacturer took care of them in a timely and professional manners. Bluetooth for calls is nice but it does not offer Bluetooth media for music and podcast. Power is severely reduced when using A/C and the car becomes sluggish to accelerate

- Dennis D

Chevy Cruze the way to Cruze in style.

A valve went out which is normal, and I had to replace a battery. Also I bought a set of tires. This car is one of the smoothest cars I have driven, also it is very reliable. I drive it over 150 miles on the weekends for travel and it has not had any problems with distance. The gas mileage is fantastic.

- Kim M

Cheap, realizable, good gas mileage.

It runs good, transmission is wonky sometimes and anti theft system sometimes acts up. Gets good gas mileage. The car itself has good interior, the coatings on the electrical work under the hood is less than desirable and causes some issues but some cheap electrical tape will fix that for the most part.

- John D

Good vehicle ok sound system.

Handles well at high speeds, does not like speeds under 45 bad gas mileage, turbo booster can go out replacement is not cheap, maintain a regular oil change tire rotation or leads to problems. Works good with mid grade tires, sound system could be better, cant put own radio from store without huge cost.

- Dana C

Chevy Cruze, easy way to drive.

My vehicle has Cruise control, which I have never had before and love. It is a smooth drive and I never have to worry about much while driving, especially when I do not have to Focus on the gas pedal, just paying attention to the road and steering. My car has been good and the engine runs like a champ!

- Brandon M

Reliable compact with good gas mileage and requires little costly maintenance.

Good on gas. Low maintenance over the course of 6 years of ownership. Comfortable to drive. Trunk has adequate space despite being a compact. Vehicle has a quick acceleration and maneuverability makes this a reliable and fun vehicle to drive. Front wheel drive does not handle that well on snow and ice.

- Ronald M

I love driving my Chevy Cruze!

I love my Cruze! Other than being gorgeous, it has great performance, great gas mileage, a smooth ride, and feels like a luxury vehicle. I highly recommend the Chevy Cruze to anyone in the market for a single or small family car. It's safe and great in the snow. The car also has a ton of cool features.

- Leah M

If you drive a lot it is a great vehicle, great gas mileage.

I really love the size of my vehicle. The trunk is surprisingly spacious. I can take a 6 hour road trip and be okay with one tank of gas! For the amount of driving I do it holds up well. After 4 years, I just had to start little repairs (windshield wipers and a new battery) but nothing more than that.

- Christina M

2013 Chevy Cruze Review (Problems)

I haven't had very many problems with this car whatsoever. The only real maintenance that had to be done was the temperature gauge going out, a valve needing to be fixed, and the coolant hose disconnecting from my engine. Over the span of six years, most of these fixes have been relatively affordable.

- Jenna C

Maroon Chevy Cruze 2013: In love

Have had my Cruze for 2 years and bought it as a used car and it still hasn't given me any problems at all!! Nice and roomy to be a smaller car. It does have some blind spots that took some getting used to, but the back up camera helps a ton! There is also many more features that make this a great car

- Katie F

A good economy family car.

Good mid sized car. Have had very few mechanical problems. Mine is very basic as far as extras. Does not have cruise control which is a feature I would like. Good gas mileage. Comfortable ride. Wish that it did have a better radio system. I drive very little so this has been a good car for me.

- Bonnie W

Good gas mileage, compact, good for a small female or old people.

I love the gas mileage, it only takes less than 30 bucks every time to fill it up. I love how small and compact it is because I only use it and I am a small female. I like small cars because I can feel the space I take up a lot better than if I were driving something like a truck. It can go fast too.

- Emily H

The Chevy Cruze, a Meh of Engineering

The seat is comfortable as long as you are not trying to sleep in it. There is not a lot of room for a larger person. The sound system is good for a base system, although the display leaves much to be desired. Gas mileage is good, could even be great, but you have to stay at around the posted limits.

- Kevin F

Chevy Cruze-very easy to maintain!

Honestly love this car. It is spacious for a sedan, great gas mileage, and is easy to maintain because it will tell me when I need oil, air in my tires, etc. I bought mine used 2 years ago, and I have had no major issues. Also very easy to find a mechanic to work on it because it is a more basic car.

- Asia B

Chevy Cruze rocks and rolls!

It is a really nice car! Drives smoothly. Has great mileage and is reliable. It is a little small now that I have a daughter though. Sometimes that makes it tough to fit everything we need in it. Otherwise, it is always working and I have never had a huge issue where I've had to run to a dealership.

- Kate P

Perfect reliable first car

Great value for a reasonable price. Have had very minimal issues (only air conditioning and a slight leak). It is reliable and convenient. It has all the features I need. It is on the smaller side and would be better for a smaller person but the back seat has plenty of room for normal length drives.

- Alexis L

Great little commuter vehicle.

Had a lot of product recall and battery issues have put 3 batteries in it since new. Not a lot of power going up the mountains. I does handle well and good on gas, recently moved to a area that snows so I will see how it does. Being front wheel drive with mud and snow tires hop it will handle well.

- Peggy B

Drives smooth and quiet. Problems with different hoses has been the most issues.

We've had multiple problems with leaking air conditioning, the battery, hoses of all kinds have had problems. But the car drives smoother and quiet. It is fast and has a fast take off. It looks good and sounds good. I get a lot of compliments on it. The items that go wrong are not really expensive.

- Kristina G

Chevy Cruze: surprisingly dependable.

The Cruze gets great gas mileage. Has good amenities and a good radio. It is a little cramped. I have had no problems with it and have over 100,000 miles on it. I would recommend it as a good economy vehicle. It has provided me with a great deal of savings without any substantial repair costs.

- Robert R

Great & affordable! Almost time to upgrade!!

I absolutely love my Chevy Cruze! It never give me any problems! The most I've had to do was routine maintenance which is minor here & there! Also, affordable which is a win for myself since I'm a college student! For graduation, I'm looking to upgrade to a newer model! Love my Chevy family!

- Shannon G

Beautiful Chevy Cruze won't connect my phone calls!

This is a great, reliable car. It gets great mileage for the amount that I drive. The leather interior is beautiful and the crafting is great. The only problem I have is answering phone calls over Bluetooth as it won't connect my phone call to the speaker even if I'm playing music from my phone.

- Katie S

The Cruze is a safe family vehicle which I trust for my family.

This car has great performance and is very comfortable to drive even for short people.. There is OnStar and it also is XM radio ready. I feel it is a safe family vehicle with plenty of room also plenty of trunk space and the seat comes down so there is even more room to put things that are big.

- Jennifer C

Problem free dependable transportation with excellent gas mileage.

I love the outside mirror safety feature that shows if someone is in your blind spot. The Cruze is just the right size. Holds two large and two small suitcases in the trunk. Comfy and roomy on the inside. I have 87000 completely problem free miles and am getting 34 mpg for the life of the car.

- Julia O

2013 Silver Chevy Cruze LT with 4 doors and a sunroof

The brake pads go bad quickly. The tires it came with were not good in the snow. It's got nice black leather seats that heat up. It's got electric controls and a sunroof. Its silver with 4 doors and its automatic. It has a CD player. You can buy OnStar for it if you want and satellite radio.

- Lauren T

I think it's a good reliable comfortable vehicle.

I really like my car. It gets great gas mileage. The features I like the most are the hands free Bluetooth and the leather heated seats. It has been a very reliable vehicle. I've had it for about 2 years. I've had to replace the battery and a few minor parts. It's a very comfortable vehicle.

- Amy J

2013 Chevy Cruze eco Bluetooth capable.

My Cruze is great on gas mileage, like the features(Bluetooth, touch screen) it is a little small not enough leg room for people who sit in the back seat. Truck space is good. Haven't had many major issues yet. However had to change the spark plugs and the converter might need to be changed.

- Ashley R

It is a great ride and very comfortable.

My Chevy Cruze is absolutely amazing. I have a rear back-up camera and it is great. I have used it so much. The only thing I am not a fan of is that there is no button inside the car for the trunk, but that is very minimal. Everything else is great! The trunk is bigger than expected as well.

- Maria B

The car itself is in running condition.

The driving of the vehicle is very easy and smooth. I have had connection issues with the Bluetooth of the car but it is easily fixed with a phone call or a reconnection of the Bluetooth device. I can get pretty good mileage on a full tank of gas and the car is overall worthy of a purchase.

- Alex H

Adjustable seats and bright headlights.

I have to say I haven't had any problems with my car at all it is really reliable and I plan on keeping it for a few years and Chevy is a really good model to drive. As far as the features I like all features in the car and it gets really great gas mileage in town as well as on the highway.

- Patrick S

Good looking car. Great external details. Back up camera very helpful.

Sensor, thermostat, head gasket are just the major repairs needed. Others problems too. The amenities are okay: Siriusxm available, phone access, backup and parking camera, heated seats great during cold weather, key fob access, leather seats, air conditioned, good paint job retains shine,

- Wanda M

Great commuter vehicle with minor fixes

It's very low maintenance. I have done the regular oil changes when it's needed. The car is perfect for long road trips. It also gets good gas mileage. The only problems I have experienced is the AC Compressor going faulty but was able to locate a used one and get it repaired fairly quick.

- Laura S

Chevy Cruze is a reliable cheap car.

Slow pick up for speed on highway. Car is great for the price. Not to much room in back seat. Just a work car for us. The Chevy symbol fell off of the front of the vehicle and I noticed other cars with the same problem.. Overall a reliable vehicle to get to work for the cheap price.

- Larry S

The 2013 Cruze is a comfortable car, but the repairs will add up over time.

This is a very comfortable vehicle for anyone below 6 feet tall. My knee rubs against one of the dials on my dashboard when I sit in my car. I have also had to repair multiple items on it. The mechanic at a Chevrolet dealership told me, "these gaskets go out about every 40, 000 miles. ".

- Josh D

88,000 miles with very minor repairs!

I have never had any issues with my Cruze during the 5 years I have owned it. Currently, the Cruze has approximately 88,000 miles and the only 'major' repairs needed on the vehicle have been new spark plugs, new tires, and a new battery. The MPG is very good and the car is very reliable.

- Katie G

Gas mileage, compact, and safe.

Great gas mileage! I am constantly in my car driving to and from school or grocery store or wherever and I can go almost 2 weeks without having to fill up. I really like the style. Small and compact but plenty of room. Also love the OnStar feature especially when my teenage son takes it.

- Aud P

Reliable Chevy Cruze. I love it!

Love it, but running into issues over 100, 000 miles. Overall it is been reliable. Would purchase new over used. My fault for the dealership giving me a poor deal. Unfortunately, I needed a car. I have recommended this car to many people. Reliable and taken me coast to coast a few times.

- Danielle W


My 2013 Chevy Cruze Eco is a dream come true! From master performance to comfortable bucket seats, this car provides seriously seamless driving capabilities. The mpg rating is off the charts. The 2013 Chevy Cruze Eco is by far one of the best competitors in the eco-friendly sedan world.

- Timothy M

The transmission is starting to fail

In the beginning when I got my car it was good and reliable I change the oil regularly, I drive it everywhere. But 3 years later it's starting to have trouble with the oil then the antifreeze, after that the transmission is starting to act up. And so far it is costing me a lot of money.

- Ana A

Chevy Cruze 2013 review - fair.

The 2013 Chevy Cruze has a lot of electrical problems. However, it will get you from point A to point B. If you are mechanically inclined most of the problems that present themselves are easily repaired. Overall not a terrible vehicle if you do not mind repairs an a semi-regular basis.

- Nathan M

Chevy Cruze review: good and bad.

Not a whole lot of legroom in the driver's seat. The car is very light and small so if there were to be a bad accident I think the car would be crushed. The car is really good on gas. This car might only be good for smaller people since there is not a whole lot of space inside the car.

- Jackie P

Great gas mileage, lots of room, all around great car

Love the car! Steering and drives very smooth! The car does have the hands free option for your phone which is very important especially with the hands free law! Gas mileage is great! The trunk is very spacious! I am 5'6' and do not have a problem with room in the front or back seats.

- Katherine K

It is a 4 door, beige Chevy Cruze. The car gets great mileage and drives well.

The vehicle has needed some additional maintenance for non routine issues. The spark plugs and knock sensors have been replaced and there are occasionally issues with the check engine light. Other than that, it is safe and reliable! It has also proven to be comfortable for long trips.

- Kate G

That it is a nice all-around car. Gas mileage is okay. Comfort is good. Performance is acceptable.

I really like the look of it. It is stylish but not too sporty. It has all of the "necessities" such as rear view camera, bluetooth, heated seats, etc. I really wish it had Android auto built in, as the built in navigation is hit or miss (some addresses and streets are not programed).

- Derek L

Overall Positive and Happy with this purchase

Great car overall. No real issues, there are a few blind spots to get used to. Happy with this purchase. When we purchased we were a family of 4, we are now a family of 5. It is a tight fit, but we make it work. Would not recommend for bigger families, but we are happy with this car.

- Stephen C

The Chevy Cruze is a very convenient and pretty car.

My Chevy Cruze saves gas and has good mileage, its very spacious for you and your passengers, just a good fit in general. It drives smooth and it's a very pretty car it also makes a great small family car. My car is silver with black leather seats and it's just a perfect combination.

- Kathy A

Chevy Cruze Awesome vehicle

I love my Chevy Cruze it has been the best car ever. It has a lot of room inside your not cramped in it. It has been a very good running vehicle no major problems mechanic wise. I would definitely recommend the Cruz. It has all the latest technology it just an awesome car all around

- Heather S

The Chevy Cruze I own has a great interior with heated seats.

This car has great gas mileage as well as a great interior. Comfort wise, it is a dream come true with heated seats, and hands-free Bluetooth Audio. I have had some minor issues with its performance secondary to the miles already on it, but it thankfully has never broken down on me.

- Jesus L

My favorite feature of the car is the aux piece

The car rides smooth as ever it feels just like the newer models. I haven't seen any Cruze with a sunroof so I figure those would be better! The features are good you can charge your phone and play the aux at the same time. The car is very good on gas as well the trunk is spacious.

- Amber S

smoothest driving car I have driven.

The only problem with the Cruze is the back seat does not have a lot of space to make large back seat passengers comfortable. Other than that, the car runs so smooth and has never broke down or had any mechanical issues. The features are so nice and updated and make for a safe car!

- Mckenna B

2013 white Chevy Cruze review.

The only issue I have had with my vehicle is that it did not have cruise control when I got it so we had to have that installed. It is a good reliable car that gets me where I need to go and it is great on gas mileage. There are not many features but it has everything that I need.

- Mckenna C

The car is so spacious that you can fit lots of things.

Ever since my parents bought the car, the car came with plenty of small problems. After having the car for 6 months the car didn't want to turn on, one of the parts of the engine was broken. The car itself is nice but the touch screen will sometimes glitch but so far it's good.

- Diana B

You will love the Chevy Cruze.

I have had no problems with this car at all. The performance, reliability, comfort and features are excellent!! If I ever need to replace this car, I will more than likely buy the same style, Chevy Cruze. This is a perfectly, safe, solid car. I love the way it rides and performs.

- Sharon J

2013 Chevrolet Cruze lt rs.

I love my car! It has backup camera, AM/FM/XM radio and hands free audio capabilities. The only problem I have ever had with it is the camshaft sensor. It went out after about 2 months of owning the vehicle but I have had it for 3 years now and haven't had an issue with it since.

- Allen H

It is reliable and I have never had any issues under the hood.

I love my car! Compared to my first car everything about it seemed so high tech and luxurious. Heated seats, touch screen, leather interior, and drives smoothly. My only complaints were from it being used: a small dent in the side and a little paint chipped off that I had to fix.

- Amanda C

2013 Chevy Cruze Review..

The 2013 Chevy Cruze has the following: Problems: Coolant leakage, and sometimes the engine makes a ticking noise. Performance: Very reliable car, and does really well with gas. Comfort: a tad too small but works well because usually it is just me and another person in the car.

- Cecilia B

Compact car with a lot to offer!

Smooth ride, good on gas, but too small I need more room. It does feel safe though the fact that it is a smaller car does not make it feel like you are driving in a go cart. It's a pretty color too! I love the sunroof and the back is actually pretty spacious for kids and dogs.

- Ashley H

Turbo & Water pump Issues

I purchased an extended warranty which was helpful. The water pump went out, the turbo exploded. I bought the car brand new in 2013. Sometimes while idling the car jerks slightly especially if the AC is on. Car has basic features. It does have remote start which is nice.

- John T

My vehicle is a small, four door sedan. It�s great on gas mileage and traveling.

I have had my car for the last three years and it's been amazing! It's very good on gas, I am getting up to 32 MPG. The back seat area is sorta small, so when traveling with friends it definitely makes it hard to squeeze in. Other than that, I haven't had any problems with it!

- Tiffany M

I enjoy driving my Chevy Cruze

I enjoy driving my Chevy Cruze. It drives well and has enough pick up and room for all my needs. Gas mileage is good and it doesn't take much to fill up my tank. I also like the way the car looks. I haven't had many problems with the car and I generally am pretty tough on cars

- Dave P

It's an amazing vehicle, thank you Chevrolet!

I enjoy the fact that my car has a back up camera and it's safe. It's in great condition and has been a great car since I bought it! I hope to have it for a long time. Its has a lot of amazing features. Just wish it had a trunk release button. It has a lot of interior space!

- Yolanda S

Chevy Cruze the best way to cruise

there isn't any major problems but I had to change the timing belt. Change a few tires there were spark plug problems and a problem with my battery but that could have just been those particular companies problems on the other hand it's great on gas and fits four comfortably

- Devin B

Nice vehicle with good gas mileage, but small.

It is smaller than I would like. The back seats do not have very much leg room. Gas mileage is good since it is a small car and has a fairly small engine. Runs great and there have been no big issues. It got hailed on and seemed to dent easier than other vehicles around it.

- Evan B

Benefits and non-benefits of Chevy cruze.

There is no Bluetooth for the radio. You only can buy a station for the type of music you like. But other than that the vehicle is an all around great car. There’s cruise controls, on the phone Bluetooth, hook your phone up to the radio and the speed number in dashboard.

- Nicole J

Spacious and safe. Dependable car!

I have not had any major issues. Had to have a part replaced last year that had to do with the intake. It cost about $100. I use a synthetic blend oil. It has a lot of airbags and good safety reviews. The trunk is pretty spacious. The sound system is nice for a stock item.

- Rebecca M

My car is amazing buy one for yourself

It's a beautiful car great gas mileage, love the interior love how roomy it is everyone wants a ride and to know more about my beautiful Amazing car! You can't do wrong with a Chevy and the Cruz is the best they make has some real guts I love flooring it onto the freeway

- Jamie Y

very comfortable to drive

Great midsize sedan. Good gas mileage. It does struggle a bit when you have the aircon on. You can hear and feel the engine working a lot harder. Also I have a noise which the mechanic has told me is normal piston noise but I've never heard it from any of my other cars.

- Naomi J

Chevy Cruze: good family sedan.

This has been a very reliable car. Other than routine maintenance for oil, brakes and tires, it has not had any issues. The gas mileage is very good. Seating is comfortable for 4 adults. Driving it is very smooth and easy. We would buy another one again in a heartbeat.

- Valerie L

I love my Chevy Cruze but wish it had a little more room

Car gets great gas mileage. Car had to have another motor put in at around 110,000 miles. Very sleek looking car. It is a bit small on the inside if you have 3 children in the backseat. Nice sized trunk, very roomy. Touch screen radio is nice. A/C and heat works great.

- Ashley B

Problematic car syndrome!

It constantly gives me problems. I just got it fixed and now it needs to be fixed again. Burns gas fast. It cost me over $1100 to get the car fixed the first time. Now the car needs a new muffler. Tires do not last long at all on the car either. It is always a problem.

- Jade R

a little bit about my vehicle

really good vehicle, runs smooth. Speeds are high. No major issues. Very reliable. Good comfort. Has Bluetooth features. Air conditioning is good. Seats are cotton and feel great. No major issues . it's good on gas only takes about $30 to feel up and the gas last long

- Brittany Y

Shiny coated grey Chevy Cruze.

When I bought my car used, I had to replace my turbo in the engine. I have had to change the air compressor and three tires. It is a great gas saver and has 121, 000 miles on it. I would definitely recommend getting this car if you are searching for a great gas saver.

- Brittany H

Very reliable, we've had no issues with the car as long as it is kept up with regular maintenance.

I love that it is compact and easy to park in the city. It is also very good on gas mileage which I love. Only dislikes is the back seat is small for passengers. We also drive for long distances to see friends and family so it's not the best car to drive through snow.

- Megan B

Chevy Cruze is a star of a car.

Car has 5 star crash rating, USB plug ins, CD capabilities, comfortable seats, big trunk, and spacious back seat, has phone link up and hands free calling. Sleek, shiny model, front looks fancy. Easy to use radio and can set presets, can be paired with Sirius as well.

- Kristen P

My blue, smooth Chevy experience.

My 2013 Chevy Cruze is reliable, safe, and drives well. I enjoy my vehicle very much. I also like all the specs that come with it including the sound system, radio, remote start, cruise control, etc. The turbo engine is awesome. It gets great highway mileage and gas.

- Jennifer H

Blue and smooth: my Chevy Cruze.

A very smooth driving and reliable vehicle. I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze lets. It has all the bells and whistles. Great up to date radio, remote start, cruise control, seat warmers, etc. Nice leather seats that adjust to multiple comfort points. I really enjoy this car.

- Jennifer H

2013 Chevy Cruze review goods and bads.

Good car but issues with the turbo around 60, 000 miles. It drives great and looks good as well. Love the inside and all the features it came with. I would recommend this car to anyone. Also there have been a few recalls. Love it besides that. I have the sport model.

- Noah F

Reliable yet affordable Cruze.

The car is extremely reliable with very few issues. Seats are comfortable. Gets very good gas mileage city and highway. It rides very smooth and all the bells and whistles are amazing and a huge plus. Trunk space is very deep and accommodating to most everyday items.

- David H

A reliable, gas efficient, trustworthy car.

Has around 150 thousand miles on it and still working wonderful, it is very gas efficient, and a great first car for anyone or even a great second car. It is a very spacious car and very reliable, I feel very safe driving me and the people I love around in this car.

- Devin M

2013 Chevy Cruze, better off buying a different brand

Good visuals/blind spots aren't bad. I love that the system shows exact PSI for each tire. Sound system is powerful. Problems with electric components such as battery having to be jump started about every 4 months, lights flickering, and dash signals not displaying.

- Andrea G

Superior gas mileage Cruze.

I love my car so very much. It gets amazing gas mileage and gets me reliably from point A to point B. I am a college student so I spend a lot of time driving back and forth from school so having a car that has great gas mileage and superior comfort is a total plus.

- Meghan S

Just love the way the seats are snuggled to your body and a very smooth ride.

My Chevy Cruze is the best car I have ever owned in my life. It's great on gas and mileage. I would tell any body to buy a car like mine. I will never buy another car unless its a Chevy Cruze. Enjoy I hope you like your new Chevy Cruze as much as I do. Love my car.

- Lisa A

Great compact gas efficient car!

My car is perfect for my because I'm short .. it's like a little go cart, fast cute and compact! It's really good on gas, easy up keep and very safe. It's American made so the parts and repairs are fairly reasonable.. 9/10 would recommend! It's a 2013 Chevy Cruze!!

- Tye C

The car is relatively small but has good trunk space. I love Cruise control

The Radio screen freezes occasionally. It is Hard to see to the left when driving. Very low to ground so if you go over bumps to fast it is bad. It's hard to see when backing up if you don't have the backup camera. I like the gas mileage and smoothness of the drive

- Gina D

It is horrible and there should be pest control inside of it.

My vehicle is not that great and I think that I need to update and cars sometimes don't have what you want so you have to get the right car that would fix you up or make you happy the car the I have is raggedy and needs to go but I cannot afford to get another car.

- Destiny B

Smooth while driving and reliability

Very reliable car. It really hasn't given me any problems at all, besides regular maintenance. Drives smooth. A couple of times I had trouble with the trunk door, it wouldn't close, but we just had to change the parts. It works fine. Cosmetic work is not a problem.

- Sonia L

It is eco friendly and that�s one of the main things I love about it.

It's been a really good car for me and my family and also love how I only have to fill up every 1 1/2- 2 weeks. Drives great, haven't had any problems with it since I have purchased the vehicle. Would recommend to anyone really. It's a manual, and it drives great.

- Shelby L

I've had it for 6 years and still love it

The Cruze is an attractive less expensive car. I've loved it since 2013 and it is now paid off. I have 80000 miles on it and still never had any mechanical problems with it. It's not too small either. The only thing I wish I had is a sunroof and a Bluetooth stereo

- Kaitlyn E

I really only have one complaint and it's more of a nuisance.

The only problem I have had is that it burns through coolant very fast. I have to refill it twice between oil changes. There really isn't any other complaints I have. I love my car and plan to drive it until the wheels fall off. Chevy has always made quality cars

- Hanna S

For Basic, decent comfort, chose the Cruze

Very basic model, not much luxury. Would've loved to have a better sound system. It has some small issues which causes it to not have very much power sometimes but otherwise good car, has decent space in cabin area, it's good on gas mileage and fairly comfortable

- Christian V

Eh she�s alright and will for now

It's okay constantly needing to be worked on. The power steering goes out along with it leaking oils. The air conditioner does not consistently blow cold air. If the car gets hot it starts to smell like gas or burning nastiness. Battery cables wore out to easily.

- Danielle L

Good and bad of Chevy Cruze.

I love my cruse. It has a lot of legroom, it is very sturdy, very reliable, a lot of trunk space. The only complaint I have is that to make hands free calling you have to have onstar and onstar minutes. I think you should be able to connect your phone and use it.

- Jennifer B

Chevy Cruze, the reliable family car.

It gets good gas mileage, comfortable inside, roomy truck, and it is very reliable, especially on trips. I haven't had any major problems with the vehicle since I purchased it new. The only flaw is the braking system is not very good and has always been lacking.

- L C

A silver Chevrolet Cruze - it looks like every other car out there!

The Chevy Cruze is a terrific first car, or any time car. It gets great gas mileage, it's comfortable, and it's fun! Mine did have a coolant leak, which is apparently common, and the engine 'skips' sometimes - other than that, I've had no issues! Get this car!

- Caroline T

The Cruze is a comfortable, roomy, smooth riding little vehicle and I love it.

I have a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze that I travel in most of the time. I have had no problems with my car so far. It is a very dependable and economical vehicle. It is roomy and very comfortable. I have another vehicle but I just enjoy driving that little gas saver.

- Meeks M

Fun little 2013 Chevy Cruze

I love my car it is pretty fast little car. It has a slab stick so you can drive in auto or manual. The gas mileage is good. It cost me about 35 to fill it up. The only problem I have really had is with the water pump I have replaced mine twice within 3 years.

- Brittany A

A Girl & Her Cute Chevy Cruze

I absolutely love my chevy cruze! It's reasonably priced, gets great gas mileage but still has a ton of horsepower! It comfortably fits 5 people, has all the USB and charger ports a girl could want, and the trunk is way more spacious than it first appears.

- nicole s

I have a white four door Chevy Cruze.

My Cruze has great gas mileage and runs smooth. It is reliable and is also economical. My Cruze has both a CD player and Bluetooth. My Cruze is four door and has plenty of space. My back seat has the ability to fold down and there is plenty of trunk space.

- Andrea F

Cruze is an amazing made by Chevy.

My Cruze is fuel efficient, it has sensors on everything so it lets you know when something is wrong or need to be serviced. The Cruze has room in it although it looks small. It has Bluetooth calling so its hands free to talk on the phone. CD and XM radio.

- Cat C

Chevy Cruze is a small affordable vehicle.

The vehicle is excellent on gas, it gets great gas mileage. It is also small, so it is easy to get into smaller parking areas and parking spots. But it lacks power and size. The back seat is not very roomy, this would be my biggest complaint about the car.

- Ben S

Chevy cruze 2013 review great car.

My vehicle has no problems so far just a little cheap. If you push on the car on the outside it vehicle bends in. Performance is great on the car. The reliability is great no problems at all. The car is very comfortable. And the features is all electronic.

- Samantha J

I love my car, it is the best.

Great gas mileage, very few issues, drives like a drive, only have had to change oil, and put tires on it, have had no issues at all, love my car, do not know if I will ever trade it in and if I do there is a good chance I will get a newer model, like it.

- Niki C

Amazing car for people on the go! Gas mileage is amazing and very inexpensive!

No problems! Is great on gas, tells you when you are getting low, shows how many miles you have left before empty, radio is modern but not complicated. Also tells you when your oil will need changed, had amazing breaks and is very easy to drive/operate. Z

- Tia S

Small and fun to drive car

Have had several major repairs. Sensors have gone out multiple times. Check engine list comes on periodically. Runs ok. Has problems accelerating when running the air conditioning. Love the way the car looks. It is comfortable and interior nice quality.

- Patricia M

The Chevy Cruze is a mid size car that is both safe and efficient.

All in all my Cruze is very reliable. I have had a few minor things that went wrong due to wear and tear everything else that happened was due to my own fault. At 80, 000 miles the engine is still running strong and there is no slip in the transmission.

- Garrett B

Goods and bads of a 2013 Chevy Cruze rs.

Transmission slips, catalytic converters go bad easy, o2 sensor messes up easy. Rally sports are awesome and go fast. Tire stem valves mess up easy. Gas gauge starts messing up after a while. Smooth driving and has great brakes and a great turn radius.

- Michelle C

It tells you the mile per gallon being used while driving.

It's a decent car for longer trips. The gas mileage is great. It has decent room for 2-4 people but not ideal for more than one car seat. It runs great, and is tech friendly for those types people. Overall good call for a single person or small family.

- Rebecca O

Awesome. Economic. Modern.

Very economic, power steering is very soft, interior design is very modern, easy to clean. Exterior is quite sharp keeping modernity. Very big trunk capacity. Electronics it is no good, since is made in china. Brakes works well. Nice wheel ring design.

- Enrique B

Very comfortable for long car rides

The car drives smooth, the seats are buckets seats and are very comfortable, a lot of trunk space, reliable car, simplistic and good connection with music, gas for the car is cheap, I love the automatic seat adjustments, not to technology for the radio

- Madison P

It's great on gas. And the seats are comfortable.

I love it the only thing mine doesn't have that I wish it did was cruise control, a sun room and headed seats. But it drives great. I've only had it a few months so not sure how it handles in the winter time but looking forward to seeing how it does.

- Jessica W

Reliable and good gas mileage.

What I like about my car is that it's reliable. The gas mileage is good, steering is good, but sometimes there's a little engine noise if I hit the gas a little hard. I have pride in my car because it's the first one I picked and paid for by myself.

- Nancy c

It is very good on gas and has a good safety rating.

The thing I like most about my vehicle is it is reliability. It also has an advantage of not being overly expensive to fix, I. The event it does need work. I do not like that I bought a stock vehicle. I wish that I had considered more of the luxury.

- Ashley H

The car has been taken care of regular maintenance.

I like the gas mileage. I also like that we have not had that many repairs if any and that is major repairs. I do not like the size small inside. I have to small children that needs car seats and there is only enough room for them in the back seat.

- Don R

Car is paid for and with lots of miles still runs well.

I do not have any real complaints--past, of course, the fact that a great number of people have had rather terrifying issues with this particular year of this model, myself included. But those were fixed for no charge, so I have no real complaints.

- Alyssa F

Easy driving reliable car.

I really like my Cruze. Easy to drive, accelerates great and keeps up with bigger cars. Drives great in all weather including deep snow. If it needs a repair it is fairly inexpensive to fix. Comfortable for daily driving but not major road trips.

- Cheryl B

It is a good car for a starter car given it's reliability and price.

The car is good for my wife because it sits lower down. For me, it is difficult to drive because I am taller and there are a lot of blind spots. The dealership has been great to help us out with any issues. It is relatively fuel efficient, too!

- Joe W

It is a straight forward commuter car.

The 2013 Chevy Cruze is generally reliable. The a/c vents are pointed a the steering wheel, which can be problematic on a hot day. The back seat is limited space. If I were to have children, I think I would have to upgrade to a bigger vehicle.

- Kira W

The gas mileage is excellent.

I love the gas mileage and general usability of the car. The navigation/menu options are easy to use and operate. The vehicle itself is reliable. I would like the backseat area to have a little more room, but it serves its purpose well enough.

- Morgan M

Some interesting facts about the Chevy Cruze.

No cruise control is available in this model. So when driving long distance it is really annoying. The speed is slow to pick up unless you speed up drastically and the pedal is on the floor. Another thing is the annoying computer glitches.

- Sugar F

It is reliable and comfortable to drive.

I like the vehicle because it is small and gets me from one location to the other. However, I dislike how my car does not have cruise control. Also. The front end is very low and scrapes. But I do like how the shape and body of the car is.

- Jessica T

2013 Chevy Cruze rest package - fully loaded except for the sunroof.

The car rides very smoothly and has very little issues. Once in awhile will jump between gears and jerk slightly when idling but the mechanics have assured me it was nothing serious. It is very comfortable and spacious for a small car.

- Lynsey D

My vehicle is a 2013 Chevy Cruze, with fun features like Bluetooth connection.

I really love my Chevy Cruze. It is an extremely reliable vehicle with great gas mileage. It is the perfect size to fit my needs, and I love all of the extra features that it comes with, like hands-free calling and OnStar navigation.

- Hannah A

It does have good features and gets really good gas mileage. It is just small, so it is a no go if you are tall

I like the shape and color of the car, but it was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. As a short person I didn't realize how small it was, but as soon as a tall person rides with me, they are cramped and uncomfortable.

- Audrey S

Not all vehicles of this model include some of the features, but many can be installed and included later down the road.

My vehicle is reliable, with some minor performance issues in the past. These problems were easily fixed. The seating is comfortable with moderate leg room in the back. The car has a decent trunk space for the size of the vehicle.

- Bailee S

Cruising is easy, when you have the Chevy Cruze.

I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze Lt. Bought it brand new from the dealership. Haven't had any issues with it. Preventative maintenance comes with any vehicle. Rides extremely smooth and very spectacular with it's gas mileage efficiency.

- Michael W

it is very gas efficient, I can go almost two weeks without filling up!

I really like that my car is made in America. I hate that the company that made it does not honor the money that they promise when it comes to recalls. I will never buy a Chevy again - the brand lies about their workmanship.

- sarah w

That Chevy has hidden a lot of things.

I dislike that Chevy has so many recalls and it breaks down. I dislike that they do not have a maintenance schedule sent to your email. I dislike that the car does not have good paint and body work done from the beginning.

- Jennifer A

The car is very reliable.

Small size makes it hard for me to adjust steering column for comfort while driving. Wish engine was stronger, I believe it is a v4 and makes merging on highway rough. Good gas mileage is great for traveling to the city.

- Jeffrey S

Gas mileage, comfortable, reliable, affordable.

I really do love my Cruze. It is reliable, comfortable, and great on gas mileage. The only downfall is that it is a little small. My husband and I are starting a family and it is difficult to fit with more than one child.

- Kelsey I

Good gas mileage no matter how it is driven so that is good

It is sporty and gets good gas mileage. Problems at first with a couple of recalls but good the last couple of years. It is low to the ground so it is getting difficult for my husband to get down into the car though.

- Michelle W

This is car gets very good gas mileage

The car was cheap and gets very good gas mileage. However after I hit 60,000 miles and my warranty expired it seems like everything started going wrong. My clutch went out, climate control is broke, the heat broke ect.

- Ali L

That Chevy has always been a reliable car company, and this car is nothing short of that.

This car has been everything I had hoped for and more. I wanted a reasonably priced car that performed above its pricing grade and this has been it. Very comfortable to drive and has never let me down with performance.

- Jeramy Z

It has great gas mileage!

My vehicle is a nice, small compact car; perfect for a young single girl like me. Only down side of the car is I have a medium/large sized dog and he has trouble getting comfortable in the car when we take road trips.

- Rebecca T

I love my dependable Chevy Cruze.

This has been a very reliable car without and issues. I love how it looks like a compact car but has a lot of room inside and is very comfortable. The backup camera is a great feature and very helpful for new drivers.

- Stacey L

A cruise is extremely economical on fuel.

Like, great gas mileage and automatic start.. Hate, to small.. Complaints- I do not like the way the heating/ac vents are. Extremely hard to adjust the direction of airflow. Also, there is no inside trunk release..

- Kimberly T

Gas mileage versus space!

My car is great on gas mileage! I also like that it has ports to charge my phone on the go. The only downfall of my vehicle is its size. The back seat is really cramped for passengers, and the trunk is too small.

- Amy R

With the changing technology that my little older model car remains current.

I like it is small and is an older car but still has a lot of features that the newer cars have and the OnStar that comes with Chevrolet makes me feel safe when I am out driving like someone will be there for me.

- Veronica R

It gets excellent gas mileage.

The only problem I have is it's too light weight in the snow. My driveway is very steep and when I first got the vehicle I couldn't make it up. I put snow tires on in the winter and now I can get up my driveway.

- Kim B

Comfortable and smooth drive. Fuel efficient if well maintained.

Performs well but currently experiencing minor problems after 3 years of everyday driving. Not as much accelerating power when ac is in use and glove box cover panel has completely fallen off after light impact.

- Damian J

Great compact traveling car.

Compact vehicle with great gas mileage. Low maintenance. Most maintenance can be done at home. Stereo system is great and allows for satellite radio. Overall great economical car as first time car or traveling.

- Annette G

Good car, bad battery wires

Reliable car, great gas mileage. The only issue I have had is with the battery. It seems as if the wiring is a bit faulty because the battery does not last more than 2 years. Other than this, the car is great.

- Mary C

It gets great gas mileage and it rides very well. It also has good safety features.

I love that my car gets great gas mileage. I drive a lot so it is very helpful that my car gets good gas mileage. I don't like that I always have problems with my car. My car has been in the shop quite a bit.

- Brittney L

There is no button to open the trunk inside the cab, it's either on the key fob or under the trunk itself.

It is pretty low maintenance. I like that it has Bluetooth so I can listen to whatever I want. It has good gas mileage so I only have to fill up 2-2.5 times per month. I only wish it was a little bit bigger.

- Erin T

Chevy Cruze is everything you expect and more.

My Cruze has been an excellent vehicle. It is extremely reliable and has never had any mechanical issues. It is a great little car to get around town in. It performs as expected and has pretty good mpg.

- Jacob I

The most important thing they should know is how easy it is to drive and how advanced it is while also being simple

I really like the size of it and how easy it is to drive. I have never had complaints with a chevy vehicle. I've been driving a chevy for over 6 years now. It has always seemed like the best fit for me.

- Quincy W

I love the leather seats, back up camera, and bluetooth technology.

I had to replace the engine last year, but other than that it's been great. The engine replacement was because of it overheating. I have the LTZ edition and I love the features and comfort of it

- josh J

The gas mileage is great. I can go 400+ miles on one tank of gas.

My car is a perfect size for a young single girl. Only downside is when I purchase large products like shelves or anything else big I have to have a friend or family member lend me a car for it.

- Rebecca N

It is 10 years old so the computer system is not what it used to be.

I like that Chevrolets have been dependable cars in my past experience and I've never had a problem with it in comparison to my last car which was a jeep and had too many issues to keep up with.

- Kimberly C

Very specious and environmental friendly.

I like the interior, but it is small for a family. I like how it runs on gas, I do not like how sometimes it seems it is going to over heat. I do not like all the problems and money spent on it.

- Alicia T

That the engine burns oil and it requires at least one quart of oil per week.

Engine burns oil which is common in some of these GM motors from what i've found out. Wasn't well made and too much of it is made out of materials that are easily damaged. Never buying another.

- Kristen O

2013 cruze not so good of a car

overall it's a okay vehicle if I had to go back I would not have got it. my car is only 5 years old and it's already cause a lot of issues. it's been in the shop 3 times over different things.

- jessica d

The most important thing about the care is it's reliability in how it drives and in the amount of gas needed per month.

The size of the vehicle is great for a small family, with or without children. It is also really great on gas mileage. The Chevy Cruze is a very reliable car and fits anyone very comfortably.

- Jenna F

For the price the positive greatly outweighs any negative.

I appreciate the good mileage. and the quickness of the car. I would like it better if it was a little higher, I am 6' and 250 lbs I am not as able to get up and down like when I was younger.

- Richard L

It has all the best amenities and gets good gas mileage!

I like that it has a sunroof and that it is a pretty blue color. I've had more maintenance issues than I thought I would, seeing as it's only five years old. It has an excellent sound system.

- Atalie K

Great, reliable car that is easy to maintain and quite affordable.

I really like my car. It gets great gas mileage which is it's biggest benefit. It is also pretty affordable. It has quite a few technology features. I wish it were slightly larger/roomier.

- Taylor T

This car has a good starting price, but watch out for issues

The styling is not bad for a lower priced car. I liked the purchase price. I dislike that I keep having mechanical issues with it and I think it is difficult to see out the back sometimes

- Mark D

It drives smooth, gets good fuel economy and it has a decent amount of room.

I like that my car gets good fuel economy. I also like that is doesn't cost an arm and leg to fuel up. One thing I dislike is some things have fallen off and they feel very cheaply made.

- Shaquel C

Good car but not a lot of legroom in the back

Good mileage, smooth drive, big trunk and comfortable seats. I have the basic model but it has some cool features. You can check your tire pressure at anytime and your average gas mileage

- Elisabeth L

There are many more functions than it first looks like when getting into the car.

I enjoy how comfortable it is. Also the Bluetooth and hands-free calling. I dislike how many steps it takes to do a certain function though. It is been a very reliable car though so far.

- Kor S

It drives really smooth, is easy to use and navigate, and has up to date technology

I like how easy it is to drive and navigate. I do wish it had a rear view camera though. One thing I don't like is that there is not a button to open the trunk from inside the vehicle.

- Tara N

It is easy to drive and is very comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

I like the gas mileage with it. I love the updated interior, with a touch screen. I love that it has a usb port in it. I have had problems with my trunk leaking, so my car stinks now.

- Allie K

The car is very small, very easy to park but not a whole lot of space inside.

The car is great for someone that is short and small, there is not a whole lot of space in the front or back of the vehicle. There are some problems with the engine and front brakes.

- Jacqueline P

Good look but has too many problems after putting on some miles.

I like the look and style of the vehicle. Fuel efficiency is great. I started to have problems around 100,000 miles. Check engine light came on and car makes strange ticking noise.

- Fidel C

DO NOT GET PUSH START it eats tires it gets good gas mileage

my car has always been kept up well and continues to get me where i need to go. i HATE the fact that it is push start. my car has been reliable but i am ready for something else.

- jacqueline h

The car is very reliable. I drive in both rainy and snowy weather and the traction is amazing

I have had the vehicle for about 2 years and I have not run into any problems with it. My gas tank lasts me about 2 weeks and I feel safe with the vehicle during certain weather.

- Kaitlyn M