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Fun to drive and use all the features.

Van drives well and comfortably. I love the automatic door openers and closures. In the rain you can have the door open and ready when you have an armful of groceries. You can just hop right in with them and be out of the rain! Do not like overhead storage bins. They are constantly opening depending on whether it is hot or cold inside or outside. Folding the seats down and up is very handy too.

- Cath S

It is big and the best feature is the sliding door. I do wish we could have dual sliding doors and that the handles were made of metal because we've had 2 handles snap off in the cold weather

I like that it is big enough to carry my whole family. I like the sliding door and the split back seat where we can leave half of the seat in. I wish each spot had a LATCH and tether system for car seats and I also wish wish wish we could have doors, especially sliding doors on both side of the big van

- Wendy B

Bakery new van with heated seats 6 doors stereo radio.

There are no problems with my van the performances good with a 350 vortec engine very big in a room is big and blue with six doors 4 l 60 e transmission big rims and tires how are the functions of seats power window air conditioning unit radio speakers.

- Willie D

It is made for working hard and it will work hard but there are blind areas.

Like the height it gives when driving, and the frontal vision clearance. Wish it was passenger van and not cargo. Feel there are too many blind areas in the cargo van. A rear view camera would help. Would also like better gas mileage.

- De F

The Chevrolet Express van is reliable. I recommend it for large families.

We bought our Chevy Express van when it was 3 years old from a rental company. We wanted to have enough room for our large family. We are able to travel in comfort. We haven't had any major problems with it.

- Lacy v

The exterior paint is beginning to bubble and break off.

I like my van. It was purchased when I was exhibiting my woodturning in fine arts shows and needed the storage/packing room for stock and display. Now I want to trade in for car getting better gas mileage.

- Lloyd H

It's very reliable and I feel very safe driving it because of its size.

It's very large so I feel safe in it. It's powerful enough to pull our 36 foot travel trailer. It seats up to 12 people. It has a rubber floor which is far easier to keep clean then a carpeted one.

- Kim P

Listen and feel for 'skip' in engine when running, of Nissan vehicles.

Big enough to carry my tools and can carry more people. Can tow a trailer with it.. Would like it to be 4x4. Cannot carry a full sheet of plywood in it unless I pull all of the seats..

- Donald K

It's a good, all round long lasting vehicle, good on gas

I like the size of my vehicle. It is easy to park, good on gas and the hatchback makes it easy to bring home groceries, etc.

- Ellen G