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My vehicle is dependable it rarely breaks down and it gets me and the others I have with me from place to place safely

I own a 15 passenger White van I like it because it's big enough for me to get the people I drive around in comfortably and it gets me where I need to go dependably. I also enjoy that there's enough room for everybody to sit comfortably and it has air conditioning the only thing I don't like about it is that it does not have and up-to-date stereo system with Bluetooth and the mileage is pretty high on the engine and the interior is outdated as well as the exterior

- Lee R

Chevy express large family review.

My van is pretty roomy. It has lots of space in the back, even after we put a double stroller in the back. The flooring is very durable and easy to care for. The paint is all flaking off, and you can tell exactly which vans are Chevy because they all do. I also think our air cooling/heating could be improved. The imitation leather on every arm rest is torn up.

- Jessica C

Strong vehicle with great steering and transmission. Had to replace tires on twice with 200,000. miles.

Came with a defective paint job. Had to have it repainted in the same color. Great vehicle for towing over 9,000 lbs. Great for large families on the go with great gas mileage. Seats can also be removed as needed when traveling or shipping large items such as a sofa or desk. Multi-use vehicle for the price.

- Ali R

Great work van for small businesses.

It is a great van, no major repairs serviced regular. Good riding vehicle. Comfortable. Fair mileage per gallon. Works well for my needs. Only repairs were new tires and cruise control switch. Great work van with plenty of cargo space. Highly recommend it for someone looking for a good work van.

- Mike P

Cargo van bought for its open space.

overall very dependable, but having issues with temp sensors local dealer fix it for a short time then codes come back. 155k on van started about 100k. They have replaced lots of parts. Not most comfortable as mine is bare bone cargo version, 2 seats no cruise control.

- Brad B

It isn't sporty or impressive, but I can fit all my luggage, our dirt bikes, and my twin teenagers in it and still have room left over.

I like that it is big enough for everything we do. It's really quite basic, but I like simplicity. The vinyl seats and rubber floors are super easy to clean.

- Christy S

The Chevy Express 12 passenger van is a spacious, easy to clean vehicle for a large family

Our vehicle is roomy and fits four car seats easily. We have plenty of cargo space. The floor and seats are easy to clean.

- Lisa L

Very comfortable ride and cargo area is large. Fairly good on gas.

Great work van. No mechanical issues. Smooth riding. Only have done regular maintenance and new tires.

- Mike P