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I take the bad because it like the good!

The truck did not come equipped with a with a sideboard which makes it hard to get into and out of. There is a dragging upon acceleration which was the problem from day one. The rise is a smooth ride for it being the kind of truck it is. I really like how easy it is to haul cargo in the back of the truck a and I love the light that is in the bed of the truck.

- Brenda H

Chevrolet Silverado truck.

Corvette motor; leather interior, sunroof, wood grain trim, black in color, top of the line truck, runs good, motor has been made to outrun cars, big tires, big mirrors, awesome radio, but uses a lot of gas, short bed with silver toolbox, lots of room in truck as a four door.

- Lara B

I really like my chevrolet silverado is unique, I would not change it

I have a silverado SUV, the problem is that I give way and only makes a noise as if it had no force, I changed the battery and the gear, just switched on only once and when you turn it off to restart it did not want pull alone asia a noise as if the machine was very heavy

- Andrew F

Silverado 3500. Flex fuel

Only problem im having right now is using gas quickly. Love it overall though. Best features are the hands on wheel volume and radio turner. It has great traction control, seats can be tight in the back on the legs. Goes fast and hauls alot well in the bed

- Nat H

I would consider purchasing another Silverado. It is well worth the money.

My Silverado has been a great truck and I have had to make few repairs. The only thing I don't like is that the front doors must be open before the back doors can open.

- John A

It's awesome and big%. I can see all the stupid stuff poor drivers do.

It handles the snow. It fits my family. It is reliable. The color is awesome and I get compliments. It has plugs for the kids devices. I feel safe I look cool.

- Jon J

safety is the main focus of chevy

love the unique looks and interior style. The ride is smooth but available ruggedness when needed and I feel safe anytime I am driving

- Jere Y

It has leather seats and cool ac

I love my vehicle it is so comfortable and has the best ac. I have never had any problems with my vehicle

- Amy F

All cars should offer safety more than anything else.

I lover the space inside. It fits my family with no problem. It's dependable

- Brandi F

the lovely with the cars it's the most important whit select the car

my car its very amazing i love because it's fantastic machine

- miguel r

It's a very nice and reliable vehicle, may be too big for some.

it's so strong. It's reliable. It's a Black Beast.

- lory t