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The Chrysler Cirrus seems to gain more problems the more it is driven...

My specific Chrysler Cirrus has had many problems throughout the short time frame I have owned it. I purchased it with some strut issues and it continues to have them. The A/C needs to be recharged often and the overall quality of the car is bad. I have a smoking/burning issue as well. Meaning that every time I drive for at least five minutes then my car hood smokes and smells like something is burning. I have even taken it to professionals to see what is leaking and no one has found a solution. The last thing I would like to add is that I also have fluids leak from underneath my car and we have not been able to figure out how...

- Jessica R

This car has so much bass in it.

If you're looking for the unsung hero of mixed-weather driving, look no further than the all-wheel-drive sedan. Part of the appeal of SUVs has always been the feeling of safety they impart, especially when conditions get dicey. But AWD sedans can provide the same year-round security without compromising on handling, ride comfort or fuel economy. In fact, in some AWD sedans, the extra traction provides a boost to handling, making them even more engaging and enjoyable on your favorite roads.

- Joe k

It has great gas mileage!

My Chrysler cirrus lxi is very good on gas mileage. It takes $35 to fill it up from empty! It is a very reliable car. One problem I have with it is the leather seats. In extreme weather they are very uncomfortable. If it is hot outside, the whole car will feel like it is on fire. Another problem with my car is that the air conditioner has to be blasting to even make a dent in the heat. But honestly, it makes a great starter car. Great gas mileage and plenty of space!

- Aria L

Doesn't Do Well With Water

The major problem with my car is that when it rains, the water leaks and it will cause the car to not start. If I hit a puddle and it splashes up, the car will turn off and it will take about 3 attempts to turn it back on. In the morning I have to stand there with a hair dryer just to dry it to turn it on. Brakes, and rotors seem to need to be replaced a lot more often than other cars. Besides those two things, the car is still running and has many miles.

- Taylor G

It is called a Chrysler cirrus lxi, so we call it Lexi.

My Chrysler cirrus is a very good car. It has amazing gas mileage and it would be a great starter car for a kid going to college or someone who just received their license. One problem I have with it, is that the air conditioner takes forever to cool down. Another, is that my model has leather seats and they are very uncomfortable. All in all, it's a good little car. It will definitely get you from point A to point B.

- Aria S

The best car of all time, seriously the best.

My vehicle is great, I have never had any problems. There are no problems with my car. My car operated really well. I love my car. It is great. Nothing about it is wrong. You would like my car too. It is great. The best car of all time. Serious, it's a great car. Have I told you about my car because you will like the car because it is the best.

- Michael R

The boring mobile: inside the life

boring drive, doesn't steer well and the brakes feel weird on the vehicle I wish I could say more but I just don't know what to say. I'm waiting to get a new car soon hopefully because this one does not do the job well. I had the car for a little while now and just don't like the handling services it provides

- William C

My review on my 2000 Chrysler Cirrus.

Don't have any problems or complaints about my car, Very satisfied with comfort and reliability! Runs great!My car is a 2000 Cirrus leather seats air conditioner still works very comfortable can't find anything to complain about oh and huge trunk for storage! Great!

- Mary S

My car has a mind of its own.

My car runs pretty well from place to place but it likes to die on its own. I have replaced the battery, alternator, and did a oil change. Also my ac does not work. Everything else works fine has new brakes and does break down on me without starting back up.

- Amber R

The most important thing people should know is that it is a reliable car.

My Chrysler Cirrus has definitely been a good car. It gets me to where I need to go, however I would prefer a more stylish looking car. This car is old so it does not have much and it has had quite a few problems, but it works.

- Alyssa G

That it's a good running car.

I like the way my car drives. It is a nice smooth ride and everything is powered even the seats. The only problem I have had so far is a little rust on the undercarriage.

- Andrew G

By far the best vehicle I have ever owned

Great car, reliable, safe, all leather interior,power seats & windows, All around nice car. Would recommend to anyone looking for a nice dependable vehicle

- Justin E

Holding up pretty well. Gets good gas mileage and drives well. Of course the fun color makes it a treat to drive hahw

It's several years old and has held up very well. At the moment it has problems with the back locks not unlocking and the alarm has occasional issues.

- Joquena L

that it is a smooth ride and has a quiet engines it is also good on gas.

I like my car it is a smooth ride. I can not even hear my car running it is so quiet. I love the car because it has an adjustable driver seat..

- Scarlett P

It is very comfortable and the seats are nice.

Maybe the gas coverage can be better, even though its study for me. It's also very comfortable and I often drive very far distance with it.

- Martin H

4 door automatic locks and keyless entry

Reliable used vehicle older model no problems with it . I drop over a snowbank and knocked the muffler loose, got it fixed

- Candace W

They do not last more than a few years without electrical malfunction

The Chrysler Cirrus is a very low riding car. The shocks and wheel base are to short and stiff for my preference.

- Heather W

Good car. Not bad with gas,

Not bad has couple of thing I don't like it but overall It's good. Has some good features, not bad with gas.

- Mode E

not great, not bad just everything that I need

It gets me from point a to point b. Pretty comfortable and durable and reliable but not very good looking.

- Ryan M

Low maintenance, dependable engine, comfortable ride

Dependable engine. Easy to navigate. Comfortable seating.

- Dot D