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Well made and good on gas.

I have a good car. The car is very well built and it am American made vehicle. Some of the features I appreciate most are the anti locking brakes and the powerful engine. The car is very comfortable for long trips and it's also very good on gas. The car has been one of my favorite vehicles to own. I am also going to be giving this car to my fifteen year old son for his first car because of its safety features and the fact today it was so well made. I would recommend this car for all ages of people. I was also able to purchase the crown Victoria that came with the police interceptor engine which ads a lot of power and more safety.

- Jordan M

Ridiculousness in modern design.

My biggest problem with automobiles in general is that failure is designed into the product. The endless extrapolation of needleless systems and over parting a design with needless parts that make a older car more costly to maintain to the point your frustration forces you to buy an even worse example of "proprietary engineering" that is only warranted for the systems designed to last beyond it is expiration.

- Susan C

Ford crown Victoria, not just for the cops.

Very reliable, easy to repair, parts are less expensive than most, many shops are equipped to work with this vehicle. Power windows, cruise control, power steering, roomy, bench style seating, can live in it if need be, temperature control is spot on, ac cold and heat is hot. Warning lights are accurate and give plenty of time to remedy before bigger issues arise.

- Cookie N

My great Crown Victoria, with only 44, 000 miles on her. Best car I have owned,

It runs great, has really low mileage and is very comfortable. The only complaint I ever had was the air suspension. The shocks were old and rotted in spots, which made the compressor go on all the time, then it went out. They said I should switch to regular shocks, so we did and it is wonderful.

- Nancy R

Perfectly fine. This make or model is used by many police forces.

The car was purchased by my mother year 2000, ford, crown Victoria it ha75, 000 mileage, I now own the car, my mom passed. My mother told me the car will last as long as you take care of any problems which occur and it will run fine. You take care of it and it will take of you.

- Linda G

Great, reliable, and dependable vehicle.

Drives well, air conditioner will freeze you out. It has lasted a long time and is reliable in getting from point A to point B. Ford does a great job in the construction and reliability of their vehicles. It has leather and automatic seats with power windows and a large trunk.

- Kristin H

Good comfortable family car.

It has been a very dependable car. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable to travel in. Replaced the heater core and just now have to replace the manifold and timing chain assembly. Lots of room. Also replaced the rear struts and coils. Haven't had any major issues with it.

- Jeanette M

No comment. It gets me where I need to go.

It has been very reliable. But the handles have broken and sometimes it is hard to close the doors. The brakes squeak and we need new shocks. We have air and a radio. I really don't know what else to say about our car. Except so far it gets me to where I need to go.

- Pat C

Back seat and front seat are very roomy.

Seat belts are inconveniently placed to sleep in car while traveling. It would help if the passenger door in the front had a key lock. Have to get in only through the drivers door. Car starting to rust it would help to have it rust proofed at the factory.

- Cherie V

This car is in it for the long haul.

I have had this car for almost 10 years, and we bought it used. We�ve had to take it in for various fairly minor repairs over the years, and while it does not look the prettiest anymore, it still runs very smooth.

- Grace M

Very reliable crown victoria

Very reliable. Seats were comfortable for a while finally wore out. Would have liked to have a map light and light on passenger mirror. Very dependable, have had no problems. Would highly recommend.

- Rhonda G

Brakes lock up if depressed too hard if your coming in fast. Give yourself a few car lengths for reaction time

Likes: Space, rear wheel drive, low miles, quality of the steel used, full frame. Dislikes: Older technology, has cassette and am/fm only, gas hog

- Charlene B

2000 Crown Victoria My Crown Victoria is alternative fuel. It runs on regular gasoline and also propane. There is a large propane tank in the trunk and a switch under the dash to change the type of fuel you want to use.

My Crown Victoria is a four-door sedan, automatic, with A/C, power windows, power seats. It's a very comfortable and reliable car with lots of power.

- Thomas L

If you want a larger car that supplies all comfort and room you need, this is the car.

It is a car that is easy to dive, smooth and solid. It gets good gas mileage for a V8. It is roomy both in the interior and has a large trunk.

- James E

The car is very reliable an easy to maintain an parts are easy to get

It has a lot of power the handling is very smooth around curves it's very comfortable really reliable and tranny shifts smoothly

- Samuel H

That it use a lot of gas and the AC gets real cold

This car has a very good engine but the upper and lower ball joints give me a lot of problems very clean just a older car.

- Keyon F

it drives good and gets me from point a to b without problems

tires are low but drives good. still needs some work done to it. has a brake leak and some problems with shifter linkage

- Drew M

Comfortable, safe, good luxury, rides and drives great!

Very comfortable. I feel safe when I drive it, not like a small economy car. Visibility is good, runs smooth, no bumps!

- Kathleen O

It's a decent car and gets you from point A to point B.

I like it has a v8 engine in it. I like that it's red and has a nice ride. I dislike how many problems there has been.

- mel N

Great freakin car that i own

My car gets great car mileage and awesome comfort while driving on the highway and streets. I wish i had two of these.

- Sally T

It's very spacious, the seats are very comfortable. I know I will be safe in the case of an accident. It's surprisingly good on gas.

It has a V8 engine. It used to be a police car, we got it from a government auction. It runs very smooth and well.

- Andrea M

The handling is a little loose.

It is an old vehicle and it squeaks a bunch, just needs to be greased, not a bad vehicle for the age and mileage.

- Kristin H

That is not a very fast car and the transmission is next to the wheel.

Is a big model for me so i don't like that. I like that it has good a/c. I like that is a comfortable car.

- Niki R

It might be an older car but it gets us where we need to go.

It has automatic windows and locks. The air conditioning blows called. It has an automatic transmission.

- Lisa M

It has a big powerful engine so you need to watch your speed.

I like the speed and horsepower of engine. I like the superior handling. I like the roomy interior

- Dorothy C

it is expensive. it has a great, smooth, and powerful ride. it is very nice looking.

I dislike the gas mileage. I love the luxury ride. I like the v-8 engine. I like the body style.

- douglas m

This car has served me well, but it has reached a tipping point where the necessary repairs are greater than its worth

Reliable transportation, roomy, old, needs multiple repairs, time to make a move.

- Bruce S

Beautiful vehicle with low miles and cold air conditioning

It has low miles. A smooth ride. Good on gas mileage. Gets me where I'm going.

- jerry m

that it is reliable and runs well

it gets the job done. it has been good and reliable for a long time now.

- pete G

It's well built and a dang good running car

It's a good car and not given any problems, It's just getting old

- suzy B

smooth and comfortable ride. very noisy cooling fan..

I just bought a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis with low miles.

- Dan W

That it has served me well for all the years I've had it.

No complaints here. Why do I have to have 50 characters?

- Alice B