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Good gas mileage for small families

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE Hybrid

This is a really great car. We have had this car for about seven months now, and so far reliability has been stellar - never had to take it to the mechanic except for oil changes. Performance is dependent upon your driving habits, but this is to be expected from any hybrid car. It gets great gas mileage in-town, even better gas mileage on long interstate trips, but if you're on and off the interstate a lot, mileage drops due to frequent acceleration (requiring the engine and not just battery). Front seats are comfortable for all but the tallest people - my husband, being 6'11', has trouble. If the dashboard didn't sort of fold over to enclose the leg area as much, he would be more comfortable. (His knees bump the dash, more so in the passenger seat.) Back seats are comfortable for children, but lack lumbar support for adults, and are thus uncomfortable for long trips. We love the back-up camera, and the Bluetooth connectivity with our phones is very handy. Even though the battery and other hybrid drive components make the trunk smaller than a non-hybrid car, the trunk is still pretty spacious. All in all, the gas mileage increase for this car more than makes up for the small negatives of this car for our family.

- Hilary W

Ford Fusion has great gas mileage and comfort features, a great choice.

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid S

Love the gas mileage and comfort. It rides smoothly, and has great navigational feature. The heated seats are just a bonus on this great family car. The wonderful dual thermostat control is another feature that helps keep everyone comfortable no matter how short or long the drive will be. I have taken multiple drives with the family out of state and across the great state of Texas, and have enjoyed the comfort and amazing gas mileage of our Ford Fusion.

- Susan B

So Many Features to Choose From

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium Hybrid

This car has so many features that help make my day-to-day life so much easier. From the seating which can cool or heat the seat as I need to the voice activated commands, it all helps to make my driving go a lot smoother and without hassle. The sound system is a particularly good feature, which helps since I often like to listen to music or podcasts, and the sync up with my Pixel phone is near flawless.

- Mary D

My Ford Fusion Hybrid Review

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE Hybrid

It gets an average of about 44 miles to the gallon. The engine cuts off while the car is stopped or in stop and go traffic to save on gas because it runs on a battery. The driver charges the battery every time they press on the brake. The 2013 model has touch screen navigation and Ford sync that allows the driver to go hands free when calling or reading text messages.

- Jess N

I love the Ford fusion hybrid, I get 44 miles to the gallon.

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE Hybrid

The only issue with this car would be the Bluetooth connection doesn't always hook up properly. When I turn my Bluetooth on and turn my radio on I have to manually turn in my phone through the radio. Even at that if it doesn't work I plug the phone into the car and it doesn't always turn on so I just listen to the radio. It just a little annoying but what do u do.

- Kara A

Great mileage but noisy

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid S Hybrid

We had a 2018 Fusion Hybrid as a rental car. Great mileage and reasonably comfortable and driveable, altho nowhere near as nice as my 2014 Buick Lacrosse. But, wow what a noisy drivetrain! Engine is quite noisy when accelerating but the whining noise, especially when slowing down to a stop, is quite annoying. Not sure of the source.

- Tom Sharples

Family friendly and cost friendly

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE Hybrid

The trunk space is lacking. But other than that the rest of the car is comfortable in space. It has a convent key fob. The back seat has enough room for two car seats that does not require the front seats to move. The fuel economy is fabulous I fill up once a week and I commute 2; hours a day. My current MPG is 47

- Rebecca D

The Ford Fusion hybrid is amazing

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid S

The car is great! It is smooth riding and has never broke down a single time since I got it last year. I have so far not exactly experienced a single problem with the car. The comfort level of the seats on a scale of 1-10 is 100!! The sleek figure on the car along with its red color makes it totally hot!!

- Adrian H

The hybrid feature gets me around 45 miles per gallon.

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE Hybrid

I love my vehicle as it is a hybrid. Because it is a hybrid means it gets excellent gas mileage. This makes it a dependable car. It rides smoothly which is important because I have an hour commute to work every day. Despite being a hybrid I still have excellent trunk space which I was worried about.

- Tony C