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You must be careful when setting the automatic stop feature. If you apply the brakes then you need to reset the automatic stop feature. If you forget.........?

I do not find the passenger seat very comfortable. It is too small and crowded. I do not like the automatic stopping feature. My husband sets it for one car length, which I consider much too close. If a car is on your left side, an alert appears in the left rear view mirror, but not always. If I look over my left shoulder to see if anything is there, the car is built such that you cannot see.

- Nancy S

The most important thing, only because this was not known to me when I purchased, is that the rear seats do not fold down. This is not something that is an issue all the time and might not be a problem to some people, but I do find it odd that it isn't even an option, therefore very much limiting what you can carry/transport in the car as far as length.

I really like my car and have been very happy with it since day one. It is very comfortable and stylish, with a nice look on both the inside and outside. The interior is comfortable and roomy, with plenty of space for passengers. The trunk is quite large, which is also a nice feature. The upgrades are high quality and I feel like I am driving a very luxurious car.

- Kurt W

Our favorite luxury car is the genesis.

My genesis is a luxurious vehicle. It performs well never has problems and always turns heads. It had a very comfortable ride and also has many incredible interior features. I love the sound system and the navigation system. It is really a terrific car. We've owned Cadillacs, lincolns and just before this a Chrysler 300 and this is by far our favorite.

- Kay T

My genesis, the good and the bad!!

I love my Hyundai genesis. The only thing I do not like is it is terrible in the winter. It gets no traction and it will not go up hills. I love that it is a luxury car. My car is white with beautiful trim. I bought my car used so it had some miles. I also got into an accident and the bumper is off. Also the passenger door is bent a bit.

- Virginia R

She drives well, definitely a good car. No huge complaints.

I have an 04 oldsmobile alero. I got her about 2 years ago from a personal sale. She is a really great car, have had any no real big issues with her nothing out of routine maintenance. She drives good study, takes off well, good on gas. The only downside is she does not do well in the snow.

- Courtney S

You want to buy a great car with the best ride and good mileage try the genesis.

Genesis is great have had no problems with it and would buy another one if I had to. This is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. The ride of this car is excellent and the gas mileage I get is great also. Where I bought my car they service is very well and fast also,

- Pamela C

Comfortable, beautiful and fast.

The best thing about my car it is the fact that it is super fast, you can speed up so quickly. It is fancy, modern, economic and I just loved it. He's comfort like no other car that I have drove it before in my life. The only problem it is really expensive to keep it.

- Jane W

Love how it is a unique vehicle

My vehicle is pretty good . I'm satisfied with it, love how it looks on the interior and exterior as well . It's somewhat reliable on gas, not too much and it's performance is great. Haven't had any problems with it since I've gotten it and would totally recommend it

- ana C

I like that it has seat heaters.

The high quality leather seats are very nice--comfortable and stylish. The overall car is larger than most sedans, so the back seats are large and spacious, adding to the comfort. It could ride a little more smoothly, but overall, it is a great car to have.

- Eileen C

It will not break down on you at all.

It runs really well. I have customized heated seats. It gets me to point A to point B so I cannot complain. It is a temporary car that is about it. I am looking to upgrade eventually to a luxury car like a range rover or a challenger.

- Michael N

It is a luxury car for a lot less money.

I like the look of the exterior and interior. I like that I do not see a lot of other people driving the same car as I do. I dislike that the computer will sometimes malfunction and set off the sensors for no reason.

- De B

The quality for the price can't be beat. It's comparable to, and in many areas outperforms, the nice German cars that cost significantly more money.

It's an amazing car, the quality relative to the price can't be beat. It has plenty of power, looks great, and has all the amenities you could want. There's not really anything that I dislike about it.

- Joe R

The car is very easy to drive.

I like the speed. I like the style. I do not like the size. It is small and compact which is not useful for multiple people riding in the car. But the style is nice and it is overall a good car.

- May J

It has amazing safety technology

The car has the most comfortable seats of any sedan that I drove. Also it handles wonderfully and gets good mileage for the size of the engine that it has. Presently I have no complaints

- Steve W

Make sure that you maintain maintenance on the car.

It is super comfortable. I really like going on rides around town just to get out of the house. The best part about all of it though is that I have massage seating.

- Robert C

I has a great look, and performs great as with It's look.

I like the navigator it helps me find my way. I also like the cell phone speaker phone through the radio. Only thing I don't like about it is bad gas mileage

- James H

The car is very good on gas, handles the highway well.

I love my car it's a very safe car has many safety features as well as a Navigation system . The music system is good in this car too, nice speakers.

- william B

The care is safe for the winter , thanks to the four-wheel- drive .

I love the interior of the car. The four-wheel-drive comes in handy in the winter. It's very fashionable and elegant, great when going to school.

- Zion A

The gas mileage is of this car is great.

This car is absolutely amazing. My sister bought it as her first car and she has had it for already 3 years and has had no trouble thus far.

- Natasha D

It has nice safety figures.

I love my car it drives smoothly. It's good on gas. I don't like that the navigation systems isn't always correct, it takes you in circles.

- William J

Luxury car but is not yet valued extremely high so it won't hurt to try now before price increases

Very quiet when driving. The design looks different from the previous Hyundai Genesis, do not feel the difference in terms of performance.

- Sean L

That it's mine. Actually I don't care what others think I pay for it driving it.

Nothing to dislike, I love the comfort and style along with all the extras like the interior design. The sound system navigation system.

- Linda S

It looks great and gets good gas mileage also it's dependable

I like the cam that allows me to see behind me. I also find the GPS very useful, and I love how my car takes off and gains speed fast

- Janes H

It is a solid, high performance vehicle. It handles the road well

The ease of driving. The automatic stop brakes which senses when you are too close to a vehicle. The automatic windshield wipers

- Marilyn E

The engine and how many can seat in your car.

I have no problems with my vehicle it runs perfect. I love how my sound system is loud and I am trying to make it faster.

- Kebby W

It is sporty and upscale in its styling.

Love the ride. Love the comfort. Love the accessories. Have always loved Hyundai and this is my favorite model so far.

- Vicki E

That it is a very nice car in and out you won't regret getting one

It's a really nice ride it drives straight and handles very well it also has very good gas mileage I would recommend

- Chris M

The most important thing others should know is that it has done so well in safety reviews

My vehicle has great safety features. It has a comfortable ride. I feel very comfortable driving it.

- Marcia C

It runs fast, is comfortable and gets you from place to place safely.

it moves from place to place. i like the different features. it is comfortable. no complaints.

- Josh D

I do not care for the layout of the car's interior, or the amount of seating I wish there were more options when purchasing the cars

that there is not enough seating if you want a family car I do not suggest this

- Anna a

Watch your dollars go right into the gas tank. But enjoy the luxury

Maintenance is too expensive for this car. Other than that it handles great

- Stephen M

great safety features for lane changes, blind spot detection

Great safety features, quality construction, smooth ride, great styling.

- Denise Q

Nice car as soon as I get all the bugs worked out of it. Quality isn't as good as expected. Paint doesn't quite match all over car. Looks like it was repaired after an accident but I bought it new.

Tons of features. Four wheels, doors, seats, steering wheel, and more.

- Lawrence a

The many safety features are very important. Also the car handles very well and has great pick up.

Very pretty car, Easy to drive. Safety features make me feel safe.

- Lois P

the price of my car and the brand of the car

i like the price of the vehicle and i don't like the color

- Ryan L