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14 years old and still great

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid IMA AT Hybrid

The Honda Accord is very nice. Minimal issues. Drives very smooth. My car is now fourteen years old and still drives very nice. I have only had a belt issue with it. Great on gas mileage. Normally takes about twenty to thirty dollars to fill it up. Mine has a leather interior. Over time you do need to take car of the leather material. Great car overall.

- Kirsten W

Honda Accord Hybrid is great

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid DX

I really enjoy my car. While it is outdated due to its 2005 release, it's very comfortable with a lot of nice features. My family eventually purchased a new Honda Accord for themselves a few years ago when they realized how much I loved mine. The only issue we have encountered has been with the hybrid battery.

- Kylie P

The front hood is always slightly open.

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid DX

The car drives well but breaks down a lot and there a lot of noises. The good comes up constantly and the door hinges aren't working well. The gas smells and the door constantly opens as I am driving making it harder for me to drive as well. The trunk also is hard to open at times.

- Asa B

The best car to have if you love creativity.

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid IMA AT Hybrid

This car is very unique and if you are into a unique car then this one is definitely for you. I really love the mileage this car has and the fact I've had this wonderful amazing car for a long time and this car still works with no problems at all. The absolute best car to have.

- Kylie C

Accord Hybrid, you will have it for years and a lot of miles.

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid IMA AT with NAVI Hybrid

Car has been very reliable and gives good performance. However, the gas mileage is not as good as was advertised at the dealership. Maintenance has been good, I did have to replace the hybrid battery which was very expensive. Overall, I am happy with the car.

- Larry R