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I am overall happy with my vehicle.

Problems: radio is outdated. No Wifi or Bluetooth connection. Rotors and brakes are constantly going bad. Performance: handles roads well but would not take on bumpy dirt/gravel roads. Reliability: it has always worked when I needed it too! Comfort: interior is large and buttons are easy to understand. Heated seats are great. The leather seats however are not comfortable. Features: heated seats are amazing. Heat goes from 1-5 so you are able to adjust to any level. Battery of my passenger side seat has died so I can no longer adjust that. Sunroof is great. Radio holds 7 CDs. 2 center compartments that hold a lot.

- Brittany B

Amazing reliability, warranty, and extra features. Love my car!

This is the most reliable car I have ever had. The warranty is also the best I have ever had. 100, 000 miles or 10 years! Cannot beat that! I am very tall, and there is plenty of headroom as well as an extreme amount of room in the back seat. Well made with leather, heated seats, absolutely love the automatic sun shade for the rear window, and I have received many compliments on it. Terrific sound system from factory. My car is a bit too old to have Bluetooth or GPS, but I do not miss it. Love my car!!

- Alice W

Leather seats and fully loaded.

Make sure you have a key fob! I use the key to unlock the door from outside the car, and the key got stuck twice. For some reason my trunk will not open unless I use the key as well. Besides that the car is equipped and is a good size. Sunroof, heated seats, v6, and 6 disc changer. Car is comfortable with leather seats and plenty of space.

- Kiara K

Used Azera works well for a busy single mom.

Since I have had my vehicle it has only broke down on me once. It was a belt, not super expensive to fix which was great. It is decent on gas. The temperature changes are pretty extreme as far as the air and heat go, its gets real hot quick with the heat and real cold quick I wish it would stay a moderate temperature easier.

- Britt S

Problems with my car, need repairs.

Transmission had to be replaced and now something is going wrong with the gas pedal. I was told it's going to cost me close to $600. 00 and I don't have that to spend on repairs. Sometime the gas pedal will stop. Working when I am driving so o have to pull over put it in park shut it off the turn it back on.

- Christie B

Runs like new for a 2007 car.

This car runs so smoothly. It is from 2007 and it runs like new. I have never had an issue with it. Just the common oil change and new tires. I have put some miles on it and it has not let me down. I like that it shows how many miles you have before you need to put gas and how sleek it looks on the inside.

- Britt M

Very nice vehicle overall.

I have yet to experience any difficulties with my vehicle, it gets 23 mpg on a good day and on average about 21 mpg. It's really easy to drive and I enjoy having heated seats. It has a sunroof and a little shade thing in the back that you can put up and down like rolling down a window.

- Emily R

Azeri is a great used car buy.

Like this car. After a 100, 000 miles we have had no engine problems. Just basic maintenance. We did need to upgrade tires, brakes, shocks and struts and ball joints, but this is expected. Reside is smooth and the engine is whisper quiet. Cruising drive is comfortable. Very nice room.

- Steve H

Happy owner of a Hyundai Azera.

Very reliable but like most cars now, to keep the warranty you have to make costly repairs at certain mileage points. I bought the car used and it has performed very well for the eight years I have had it. I plan to buy the same make and model in the next year or two.

- Stephanie M

Especially like the awesome pick-up with the six cylinder engine. Handles great, good gas mileage.

I inherited this car from my parents who owned it for 10 years. I absolutely live it! Last winter was the first snow it's ever seen, as it was driven to Florida every year with my snow-bird parents. I never thought I'd own such a luxurious vehicle! Luv my Hyundai!

- Christine B

This car has everything that is needed in a car including heated seats.

This is a reliable car I have not had any major issues with it. The only thing is that it goes through brake pads quickly. I love the heated seats. The radio is nothing special but it works. I like the 3 disc CD changer. It has good speed and is very spacious.

- Amanda H

System issues, but comfortable.

Wish gas mileage was better. Seats are fairly comfortable. I have had to have the check engine light reset several times. It has previously come on and caused the car to stop working correctly. Once the system was reset, the car started working again.

- Charlotte W

Gets me from point A to point B.

It was bought used. I have had a few problems with it but that's to be expected with a used car. I replace the transmission and tires and basic care. Right now I am having issues with the gas pedal messing up on me but I can't afford to get it fixed.

- Christy B

Fully loaded, reliable and comfortable.

I haven't had any problems with my car. It runs well and is reliable. I've only had to have the sunroof and the rear window screen adjusted, but that was covered by the dealer. The only complaint I would have is that it isn't very good on gas.

- Lisa C

2007 Hyundai Azera, minimal problems

first problem we had was the ignition would lock up every now and then, you have to hold in the brakes for a good 5 minutes before it would turn over, performance is great, reliability is good, no other problems with the car

- Bonnie R

It is very reliable if well kept.

I like the smooth ride and the power of the engine. I do not like that it has low gas mileage (compared to newer cars). I also do not like that it does not connect to my phone either through aux or Bluetooth.

- Emily K

Great car with regular maintenance.

It's a limited Edition so parts are a little more expensive and harder to find. The look of this car is super slick. Glossy black on matte black seats really make for the sleekness of this car.

- Shalia W

About mine personally? That I got it used and it retained most of its value.

I like the mirrors, the way the seats fit me comfortably. I do not like that the screen in the back window wont go down. And also do not like that the passenger seat does not move forward.

- Susie M

That even though is a 2007 and it is not a luxurious car, the design is better.

I like the space inside. I also like the design inside the vehicle and the fact that has a sunroof. I dislike that the brakes make sound every time I hit the brakes.

- Jessica M

Has a great ride. Very quiet. Plenty of power. Great AC and stereo.

I love the styling! this has been a great car. I purchased it new and never had an issue. I believe that Hyundai plastics don't hold up well to Texas heat.

- Wayne F

The car itself has a smooth quiet ride.

I really like everything about this car except it does not do very well on gas, if it was better for the environment I would absolutely be in love with it.

- Jennifer F

The car is extremely comfortable to drive and be a passenger.

Extremely comfortable car to drive and ride in. Gas mileage could be better but I am extremely pleased with the overall performance of the car.

- Patricia J

It is absolutely reliable.

No complaints. Never gave me a problem. I have 250000 miles on her and she still runs awesome. Would buy another one of these in a heartbeat.

- Jack B

When the gas says it's empty it's not actually empty.

It's very spacious. Great sound system. Lots and lots of compartments. Pieces, like the window grips, are starting to peel off.

- Becca G

it has lots of 12v ports and standard radio with xm/sirius that you can hook up

fuel efficient, but lots of minor mechanical issues that are unable to be fixed without spending a drastic amount of money

- shane j

Dependability and reliability.

It look great. Loads of compliments. I have had no expensive maintenance on it. It has lots of power and get up and go.

- Mark P

Probably the Best Car Made by Koreans.

It gets me where I'm going. I like the new engine and transmission. I dislike the dented fender. No complaints.

- Craig A

Very safe vehicle. Smooth ride. Comfortable seats. Great engine.

Love the size, comfort, reliability and gas mileage. Best car I have owned. Fabric a bit lose on seats.

- Stephen H

I've got over 120000 miles on it without any big maintenance.

It looks great and get it lots of compliments. It rides nicely especially on trips. Maintenance free

- Mark P

It's comfortable to sit in and drive. You feel like you have enough space.

I like the feel, comfort, and ride. I don't like the gas mileage, age, or wear and tear.

- Kirstin U

There is low maintenance, so far

I like the styling. no complaints about the mechanics

- Elaine W