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Overall a good car with nice add-ons.

I love that my vehicle comes with the panoramic sunroof, it is beautiful and one of the biggest reasons I choose this car. Driving is smooth I wish it came with an automatic start like my prior car but I had one added aftermarket. I love the keyless entry and lock although I wish there was a way I could hit the button twice or something and unlock all doors instead of just the door I am touching. Very comfortable love the steering wheel and the options for driving such as sport mode and locked in 4 wheel drive. Overall definitely a good car.

- Mariah R

Love my money saving vehicle!

I love the way my car handles, gas mileage is good. Plenty of space and great safety features enables me to pi up groceries, gardening items easily. Feel protected with the navigation and safety warnings. Comforting to know you can call for assistance if needed. Leather seats are easy to take care of and don't worry about my fur baby riding in car. Enjoy the darkened windows so you are protected from sun and people are unable to see packages left in your vehicle when you go from store to store. Great vehicle le.

- Carole R

Amazing smooth, yet sporty quality.

I absolutely love my vehicle. The drive is extremely smooth. We looked at other makes and models and we ultimately decided on going with my vehicle. When we shopped for a car, we knew there were some items we didn't want to give up and had to have. We love the keyless entry part of our car. I believe that any woman should own this feature. It is my favorite when out at night because I do not need to be worry about looking for my keys in my purse when it is dark outside.

- Xenia O

Basic but practical, with great safety features.

I currently have the basic model, no bells or whistles. It is slow and loud to accelerate but is comfortable and a smooth ride. The backup camera takes some getting used to but is a nice feature for added safety. Hands free phone is convenient but the touch screen control panel for all the features like the radio, etc. Can be distracting. Not a fan of the daytime lights but that can be dimmed or shut off. Overall, I love the Tucsons and they have high safety ratings.

- Angie B

2018 Hyundai Tucson review.

Pros to purchasing a 2018 Hyundai Tucson is overall safety features. My Tucson came with backup camera, which is highly useful and an added safety feature when backing up. Mpg is great. To fill up my vehicle is 30 dollars and I get roughly 400-430 mpg. The space for the price is wonderful compared to other vehicles in its class. Smaller features like heated seats, touch screen navigation and hands free calling come standard which is amazing for the price.

- Meghan H

Hyundais in general are very reliable so you can trust that you won't need to spend a great deal on repairs but instead will get many years of consistent use.

I just bought the car about 2 weeks ago, so I am not positive about everything yet, but I like that the interior is upgraded with Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth. It has a large touch screen which is very nice. It handles well and thus far gets good gas mileage. I used to have a Sante Fe, which was a bit large, and taller. I do wish this was a bit taller because I prefer sitting up higher in a car, but it is still better than how low a lot of sedans are.


overall good small SUV but lacking fuel economy.

overall it is very comfortable and spacious for us and our two kids. Apple carplay is great and even lets you use waze for navigation right on the dashboard. The hands free texting is a great asset for me so I can contact people to let them know I am on my way. On the down side the transmission is sluggish and it has a small gas tank only 14 gal and bad gas mileage. Maybe 17 mpg around town and 24 highway if practical use.

- Tom W

My adorable Hyundai Tucson!

I love my Hyundai Tucson! It is an SUV but is not too large and bulky for me. It drove very smooth, I do have turbo which helps, but I feel in control of the vehicle! I always feel safe in any Hyundai. The interior is simple and sleek, I went for black on black and I love it! I also have a very large sunroof, backup camera, apple carplay etc. It's a fantastic vehicle that I am happy to drive everyday!

- Rachael H

Buying a Hyundai is a process.

The price is great, performance includes multi-speed, turbo automatic that makes passing on highways and up mountains little to no effort. The seats are super comfortable, the speaker system is upgraded to make listing at its best. The interior is perfect for hot summers in Arizona, the moonroof expands to the second row of seats allowing everyone to enjoy the fresh air, sun and sky.

- Donna O

We love traveling in our new vehicle!

We purchased our new Hyundai Tucson a little over a couple of months ago. It has been a great vehicle for our family. We are always on the go, we have four boys, so we go often! I wished the Tucson had a third row to make traveling with our entire crew easier but our oldest is driving now so we are able to make it work. We love this vehicle! It's like a car and SUV at the same time!

- Trisha T

It looks really fancy from the outside. Looks like a luxury car.

I wish the car wasn't as simple as it is. It looks really nice from the outside, but for the amount of money I paid, I really wish it had some features such as heated seats. I do love the Bluetooth, all wheel drive and the ability to hook up the phone to my car. It does eat a lot of gas, I feel like for a compact SUV the gas goes really quick.

- Anna M

Sleek, comfortable, and reliable.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle! The vehicle has been incredibly reliable and gets excellent gas mileage. Both the interior and exterior are sleek and the interior provides amazing comfort. The backup cameras feature is an awesome addition and provides me (not the best driver) an added sense of security when reversing.

- Amanda M

Tucson is a great value for a very affordable price.

My 2018 Hyundai Tucson has a lot of features I love in a small SUV and the price was perfect. It has start button push start, Apple play, driver assist and panoramic roof. I have had no complaints or issues the last 7 months I have owned or driven it. I have even influenced 2 other friends to purchase the same vehicle as well.

- Meredith N

It's a perfect fit. Has the car feel when driving. But I feel safer.

Love my Tucson. I have always wanted to buy one. It doesn't feel like I am driving a tank. It's the perfect size. It drives very well. It's just enough room for my dogs. I can fit one in the very back and one in middle. Then they aren't fight. I can't wait till it snows to get out there and drive around and see what it can do.

- Angela G

Luxury at affordable price.

The vehicle is very comfortable. The features that it can come with such as heated seats, blind spot monitoring, etc.. Really make the ride enjoyable. The panoramic sunroof makes it feel like a luxury vehicle. Gas mileage is fantastic! If you are looking for a safe and reliable vehicle look at this vehicle.

- Laura M

Love our Hyundai Tucson, which recommend it to anyone.

This a great vehicle, comfortable and very reliable. We have not had any issues with the vehicle and would recommend it to anyone and also buy another one when the time comes. This is our second Tucson and really enjoy driving and riding in it. We would recommend it to anyone looking for an SUV.

- J P

CarPlay in Tucson favorite feature.

This is the second Tucson I have owned. The mid-range standard equipped “extras” are solid. (butt warmers, steering wheel controls etc. ). Plenty of room for daily life or a long weekend camping trip. Apple/android car play is hands down one of my favorite features included with my stereo.

- Meagan D

White Hyundai Tucson with panoramic sunroof and many features!

Love this car because it has all the features! The panoramic sunroof is awesome! The blind spot assist is super helpful. It rides very smooth. We just bought it recently so not sure of any problems yet, but we have owned Hyundais before and never had many issues. I would definitely recommend!

- Gina P

Gets you where you are going and fun to drive.

I haven't had any problems with my car. It rides nice, but has a little too much road noise. It goes great in the snow and has a 4wd lock for it. It is a smaller SUV but has plenty of room. Easy to park. The backup camera helps a lot. It is a fun car to drive and I would overall recommend it.

- Melanie S

Great features and great price.

The 2018 Hyundai Tucson is a great, reliable car. The value edition includes heated front seats, sunroof and cross traffic alerts. Android auto is a great feature as well. The ride is smooth and accelerates well even when not in sport mode. Overall a great car for the features and the price.

- Anderson A

I like the powertrain warranty.

I like that Hyundai has the 100,000 powertrain warranty. I like that it is reliable and it also has all wheel drive. I like that it drives well and is comfortable too. I like the color of my vehicle and all of its features and how Hyundai offered many incentives to me when I bought the car.

- Kristen S

The best bang for your buck in an industry that will take your money and leave you feeling unsatisfied

I love my Tucson! It's so roomy in the front and back AND in the hatch. It's a very safe car. I love having blind spot detection and a rear backup camera. It will be the perfect family car once I have kids. It gets great gas mileage. My fiancé is jealous of it every time we look at it.

- Bianca B

Tucson is short driver friendly!

I have had this vehicle for a year now and haven't had a single problem. It is comfortable and drives smoothly. I love the sport mode option! As a shorter driver, the Tucson accommodates all of my needs. There are limited blind spots and the full screen back up camera is beyond helpful.

- Erica S

It is awesome. The vehicle itself is amazing.

No problems it is fully loaded and the performance is awesome. Very reliable and drives smooth and nice. It has a sunroof and electric seats and heated seat it was the best decision about a vehicle that I have made. The people at the dealership were great and treated us really well.

- Tina Brown B

Buying my Tucson saved me so much money on gas and frustration in the winter time.

Love my heated seats and it drives well awesome in the snow. Not a fan of the color but AWD makes up for the difference. Cheaper to fill my tank $30 than what I had before a 2017 sonata with eco and that was $38 would recommend to anyone looking for a SUV that's smaller on the size.

- Sasha C

Reliable and comfort an the safety features.

I enjoy my vehicle it handles well on highway as well as local streets. It is a reliable vehicle. Very comfortable on long drives. I do not have all the features making it cheaper when I purchased it. Now I am sorry I didn't get more accessories I do not have the blue link or GPS. .

- Patricia R

Good affordable family car even for short people.

Love the smaller SUV feel of the car. The heated seats are nice as is the rear wiper. The new CarPlay feature is great. The vehicle is not so high off the ground that my seven year needs help getting in. The folding side view mirrors are also very helpful when street parking.

- Jessica M

How much I love my new car. The best features.

No prob. Love it. I love the warranty and the free yearly oil changes. I live the seat warmers, the price was right for all the amenities. The leather is not sticky. There is just enough room for everything. I wish there was a little more seat room that didn't cost anymore.

- Tracey S

Wise car purchase for a senior citizen.

The doors open very wide so it is difficult to reach when I am in the car to close. Sometimes when I step on the gas to increase speed the car is slow to accelerate. I wish there was an air conditioner vent in the back. I wish I could see my texts and emails on the screen.

- Joy D

Perfect family car for a family of four!

This car has great gas mileage and is the perfect size for two car seats. It is not too big so it is still easy to park and drive on crowded roads. But it is still an SUV so it has plenty of truck space. The front seat is very roomy as well. The heated seats are a bonus!

- Heather M

Love the panoramic sunroof.

So far I love everything about this vehicle! The panoramic sunroof is by far my favorite feature and was a must on my list of features. The heated seats are also a great feature. The car drives smooth and quiet. Back has plenty of space for adults to travel comfortably.

- Renee W

Decent bang for your buck.

I really like all of the features like the carplay and the leather seats. It picks up quickly and is amazing on gas. I do not like that it does not have auto start standard and was a lot more money. There were not many options with a sunroof either. Nice color options.

- Kat N

Why I have a new car and it is blue in color.

I just bought the car couple of weeks ago. Reason I got rid of my truck is for the cheaper payments. And to have something smaller and easier to drive. I had no need for a truck anymore and it has been wrecked so I would not get much for it anymore. My car is blue.

- Melinda M

Big change. Love the audio system, I can just plug in my flash drive and listen.

Have had no issues so far with the Tucson. Love the visibility it offers as well as the pickup when taking off or passing. This vehicle is comfortable and easy to drive, the audio system is top notch and has features I haven't used yet even after 8 months.

- Will B

Hyundai cars and if they are reliable cars.

I don't really have much to say other than it is an economical car. They should add GPS even to the base models in case they are stolen. They are sporty cars and have great gas mileage. The only thing I do not understand is the three door Veloster model.

- Jade M

It's comfortable and spacious. It's also a smooth drive.

I love how it handles, the foot room in both the front and back, and the storage space. I'm also a huge fan of the added bells and whistles such as Bluetooth, backup camera, and the blind spot mirror. I don't like the rear view mirror lack of range.

- Merrie H

The Safety Features! We really like the Blind Spot Detection Feature and Back up Camera!

Have only had the Tucson for 17 days but We Love it! It is very comfortable for me, I am only 5'3 and had to use a cushion behind my back in my last car. The steering is better and it has Blind Spot Detection which is what sold my husband!

- Kimberly M

The mileage you get on a tank of gas.

The Tucson is smooth riding on the road. It is easy getting in and out for someone my age. Good on gas. The seats are comfortable on long distance drives. I would recommend this vehicle to my friend and family especially my age group.

- Patricia R

It is very comfortable to drive, although I wish the windows had more glass.

My car is very comfortable and easy to drive. It does have features I do not use, but I do like the modern conveniences. It was reasonably priced and is good on gas. Love the air conditioning!The dealership was good to work with.

- Susan P

It is a great value for a crossover SUV.

There was an issue with the keyless entry on the driver's side door. No matter how close or far you are in proximity, the button on the door does not work. We found out it is a manufacture defect and Hyundai is replacing it.

- Star S

great vehicle with lots of room, super comfy and easy to drive

it is a brand new car and so far i love it. so much space and easy to drive. great sound quality of radio. love the technology features and the buttons on the steering wheel to control everything in the car.

- jenna S

Safety - it is higher off the road than the Honda CR-V and wider.

I just purchased and only had it 3 weeks so it really hard to give many details because it is so new. . . But so far I am very pleased with the performance of the vehicle and would recommend it to others.

- Debbie M

It drives really smooth and you may not notice you are speeding.

I love the size of the vehicle and how safe I feel in it. I love the body style of the vehicle. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a cd player and how everyone is expected to be going digital.

- Marcela G

It has one of the highest crash safety ratings which is why I bought it.

I like the size. It is not too big but has enough room for everything. It handles well. I don't like the features. Seems a little basic for the price and model. Gets great gas mileage though.

- Rebecka P

The room inside. The car is very roomie and has lost of space.

The vehicle is well equipped with the most recent technology. I love the leather interior. The vehicle manufacturer did a great job with making a mid priced SUV look like a high end SUV.

- Todd S

The Hyundai Tucson is a luxury SUV in a sporty and economic price range. The unique full roof sunroof is a luxury among none others!

Personally, this car is an amazingly fuel efficient and perfectly sized car for any type of user. It allows for easy mobility of different things because the trunk space is so large.

- Jade B

Second Tucson is better than ever

This is my second Tucson. I love the body style and it fits my needs perfectly. Every day I drive it makes me happier Next time I will get the Santa Fe just because it's roomier

- Ana A

The value for what we paid for the vehicle is excellent.

The Tuscan is great on gas mileage. It is a comfortable ride. The features are okay, but not as many as our previous vehicle. However, I feel we got good value for the cost.

- Leland W

It's reliable and will get you where you need to go comfortably.

I like the comfort and features. It has leather seats, seat warmers, dual climate control, Android auto, navigation and Bluetooth. I wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Ashley P

A great safe car for a one person or someone starting a family

I just recently purchased my suv and it is great! I so far have no complaints. I drive different cars for a living and the Tucson is on if the best running suvs I've drove

- Caitlin O

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

My vehicle is a good compact SUV. It rides smoothly and is the perfect size. A few things I like about it are the HD screen, heated seats, and various other components.

- katie f

It seems to have plenty of power and lots of room for both cargo and passengers

I like the newer technologies included, the Height of the vehicle adds a lot of visibility and there is a lot of cargo room. I do wish it got better gas mileage

- Will B

Sporty but lacks trunk space.

My car is very sporty looking. It runs smoothly. I do find that I wish it was bigger now that we have a child. I feel like the trunk does not hold enough stuff.

- Amanda C

Hyundais are pretty good cars now. I did a lot of research and I was surprised.

It's plush and a vast improvement on previous decades of Hyundai's. Great tech, decent mileage. My only complaint is that the engine is a little underpowered.

- Gilbert D

Great vehicle all around. It has a great warranty and all the up to date technology.

I love the new technology and the way it drives. I don't really have anything I hate about it. I also love the reverse camera. The android auto it great too!

- Antonia G

It has blue link so I can remote start it. I can defrost remotely too. It has heated seats, sirius radio, navigation and hands free talking.

No complaints yet just brought about 4 weeks for my birthday! So far love it until I have to start making payments. Been 10 years since I had a new car!!

- Nona P

It's the perfect car for moms. There's enough space for kids and all their sports gear or school things.

It's the perfect size. It fits my 2 kids and their car seats perfectly. It drives so smooth and I've had no problems with it. I love everything about it.

- Angela M

It's a lot nicer than you think, rides smoothly and has a lot of bells and whistles.

Good value for the price. Smooth ride, has most of the gadgets I need. It is missing adaptive cruise control and a keypad to get into the car w/o a key.

- Colleen C

Great product for the price. Lots of room and comfortable

Like the room, the backup camera and the feel on the road. Dislike that it didn't come with a cover for the trunk area and no tint on the front windows

- Ray N

For my family it is meets all the things we need that is important.

Size and reliability have no complaints about the vehicle since it is new. It also is something we wanted for our dog to travel in when we go camping.

- John E

Is not as good on gas as a small car. But its a lot safer. it drives so good

My vehicle is a suv with xm radio.It feels safer than the car i was driving. i love how new and clean it is. I hate that it doesn't have a cd player.

- Ellen W

Great car that looks stylish and has the newest features

Great car. I have the model with carplay which easily syncs with iPhone and Android. Back seats recline. Front driver and passenger heated seats.

- Patricia M

It's comfortable and I am confident driving it on the highway and around town.

It's comfortable and easy to drive. I like sitting up taller than in a sedan. It has a lot of technical features like nav and Bluetooth and SiriusXM.

- Pam S

It contains Android Auto or Apple Carplay for navigation and safe calls.

It is a smooth ride which makes it so easy to drive. It contains great safety features that were not on my last car. Also, I love that it is an SUV.

- Caritha M

It's an all around nice car

Has enough room for everyone but isn't too big to drive or park. Pretty fuel efficient but it could be better in that area. Love the safety rating

- Jessica F

THe hyundai tucson drives like a cadillac and the four wheel drive works great.

Yes i like the bright blue color on it.I fell in love with the backup camera it is a must. I wish it had a push button start like my old one did.

- Brad B

It has two drive modes. Normal and sport mode.

I love the look of my vehicle and that it is roomy with a sunroof. I dislike that it rides a bit rough over simple cracks and bumps in the road.

- Jessica C

Great mileage and reliability.

I do not like the way the windows are. They are too high and the doors are too long. They are hard to close when you are getting in the car.

- Maureen H

Hyundai Tucson - A car so right I just bought another one when I had to replace it.

Good size for our family with just the right extra creature comforts to make the car homey. The seat warmer really helped to seal the deal.

- Eleanor B

2018 Hyundai Tucson best vehicle out there.

My 2018 Hyundai Tucson is a great family car and very comfortable. This car is extremely reliable and handles well. Gas economy is amazing.

- Angelina G

For the price of the car you are getting a reliable and solid car.

I have zero complaints about my vehicle. The SUV rides very good and is comfortable. I wish it would have the side mirror monitors though.

- Jessica B

Hyundai Tucson. New technology. Very stylish look. 4cyl great gas mileage.

I love my SUV, no problems and feels secure and solid. Love the 4 cylinder gets great gas mileage. Is very nice with updated technology.

- Cindy Z

Choppy start is the only complaint

The only complaint I have is that it accelerates choppy. Once I get up to speed it is smooth though. I love the panoramic moonroof!

- Anne L

It is a high performance BMW engine.

Would like this car to have a bigger trunk otherwise love this car I love the white color drives very smooth. Payments are great.

- Pat T

You can turn off the lane departure beeping.

I like how luxurious it feels when driving and how peppy the engine is. I dislike how sensitive some of the safety features are.

- Lindsay A

I has a ton of room and is comfortable to drive

I like the Visibility of the vehicle, it's handling and the built in technology, I do wish I had sprung for the remote starting

- Will D

Hyundai Tucson Like the way lights come on when wipers are on.

Impressed by the power this 4 cylinder car has. Excellent on gas - 28 miles on the highway. Plenty of legroom, front and back.

- gloria g

Great car with excellent value for the money!! Very satisfied

I love how roomy the interior is. It drives so smoothly and easily on the road. Sound quality of radio is great as well!

- Alexa K

This car is a smaller suv. Perfect amount of room.

I have had my vehicle for a month now and I love it. Great on gas and very comfortable. I recommend this car to anyone.

- Breanna F

It is a reliable vehicle.

So far no real issues. It does not have the giddy up and go I had with my equinox but it gets me where I am going.

- Lindsay L

It has 5 star ratings in all categories but possible rollover which is 4 star.

This toucan is very Roomy. It gets Great gas mileage. Rides wonderful and very comfortable. No complaints so far.

- Rhonda H

Great car for the money..

Great car so far. Very good ride- Decent gas mileage for this type of car. Can't beat the manufacturer's warranty

- Alan F

that's It's a safe car to drive and the brakes are really good in the car

I like the car cause it rides smoothly and the color of it. there is nothing I dislike about it - no complaints.

- Lena H

It has four wheel drive and is properly equipped with air bag for both the front seat passengers as well as back seat passengers

I like that it sits up higher, has a panoramic sunroof, has 4 wheel Drive and spacious in the back seat and trunk

- Rachel M

it's a great small suv with tons of power, modern gadgets and perks

already needed a new alternator at only 4000 miles. however roadside assistance and warranty have been fabulous

- Amy E

Gas saver and good warranty.

Problems accelerate itself when you turn on, reliability very good, comfort is plus, features basic. Gas saver.

- David V

The car is family friendly and fits car seats great.

Like- handles well; comfortable ride; nice looking for the price; good safety features.. Dislike- no CD player.

- Carmel P

Very safe with all the airbags and seat belts good visibility

Easy to drive very comfortable good looking car good riding car very reasonable price wise nice paint finish

- Girard S

I really like this vehicle. I really like that the back seat folds down to almost flat down. Great on gas mileage. Since i got my vehicle in 2018, i tried to get the oil changed at somewhere other than the dealership. The oil change place had a hard time getting all my oil information.

The trunk is very roomy and fits everything that i need. I came from a sedan, so this is a great upgrade!

- Emily M

It is affordable, has good safety features, and is fun to drive.

I really enjoy driving my Tucson. It's quiet, drives nicely, and has some fun features, such as Sirius XM.

- stacey m

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in.

Doors open too wide and then hard to close once seated. Can hear shifting of engine when you accelerate.

- Joy D

The mileage is good. Fun to drive. Lots of cargo space for a car it is size.

It is a great size and has good gas mileage. Sometimes it does not respond well when I step on the gas.

- Patricia C

It is fun to drive and has great options that made driving safe.

Very comfortable and a nice ride. The only problem is I do not like the acceleration on the gas pedal.

- Holly G

I love the design of my SUV. The rims on the tires match my car and are very stylish. The 10 inch touchscreen makes changing radio stations and making calls a breeze.

It is expensive to fill up! I had a smaller car before this, and it cost me almost double to fill up!

- Audrey T

It is safe and definitely a family car. Whenever I am in the car, I feel very safe. The fuel efficiency is great and you definitely get your money's worth from it.

No complaints - absolutely love my car. It is very dependable, fuel efficient and easy/fun to drive.

- Maria B

It's economical and gets good gas mileage. Good bang for your buck.

Gets decent gas mileage. Hate the sound of the horn. Doesn't have good pick-up. Has blind spots.

- Judy S

Has everything you want with economical features that you need!

Small SUV with all the bells and whistles I wanted. Easy to drive. Economical. Love it!

- Donna H

It is a great buy for a reasonable amount of money.

I love my new car! It comfortably seats both of my children with a lot of room to spare

- Lisa S

Great warranty and good rebates. Well priced car for it's class

Very comfortable,quite and smooth ride. Lots of equipment. Lots of storage Good price

- Charles R

It has the room for people and items that my family needs.

Ability to switch between normal driving, sport driving, and economic driving.

- Kelley M

It is great and I got it for a great price. Brand new, turbo.

It is comfortable. Looks chic and it comes with all the toys. It is economic.

- Erving M

It gets great gas mileage! The Hyundai warranty cannot be beat!

It's great on gas! Drives very smoothly. Plenty of space in the back.

- Matt C

It's really affordable and clean and very nice inside and out

Love the quality and smooth driving, very clean and beautiful

- Shurouq K

It's a new vehicle, and I love the safety features. I like the automatic back door latch system. I also like the general physical appearance of my car/SUV.

It has good safety features, and comes with a great warranty.

- Karen R

It has a backup camera & bluetooth to hook up phone GPS & answer phone calls handsfree!

I really love it! It is good on gas & still plenty of room!

- Ella E

Its comfortable and easy to drive

It's easy to ride Have a lot of space Its safe

- Lorena R