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A reliable vehicle that anyone would enjoy.

The acceleration is great for a 2. 5l v6 and the handling is amazing. The interior is quiet, comfortable, and excelling in style. Although gas is expensive, the mpg could be better. I am currently getting 16 or 15 mpg. The car takes premium gasoline so a fill up is pretty expensive. There is plenty of room throughout the cabin and trunk. Overall, a great, reliable car with okay gas mileage.

- Leah C

My car. The secure location for the keys.

My car is not good on gas mileage. It not a very comfortable ride. It drives good and has never left me stranded. It is also a really attractive car. The interior is well done and it drives at a fast rate of speed. I really like the push start button and a secure place to put your keys by the trunk opener.

- Beth M

2011 Infiniti G25 Details

Excellent performance, smooth ride, almost maintenance free except for routine things such as - oil changes, tires, brakes, etc (normal stuff). Backseat is small compared to an Altima and a lot of people complain that car sits too low to the ground like when they're getting into the passenger seat.

- Amy B

I like the chrome trim and beige seats.

Great car. I've had an Infiniti in the past they last long without maintenance issues. Japanese car are always very reliable like that. Also it feels more luxurious than my old car which was a newer BMW but the only thing I do not like is the vehicle performance (handling to be specific).

- Aria A

Very nice and cute lil car!

Haven't had no problems whatsoever! Great car to own as long as you keep the maintenance up you will not have no problems. Will probably go with a SUV for my next pick of vehicle. It is a small sporty luxury car that is cute and it also have quite a bit of power.

- Bridget A

It is fancy and I feel like it is a very nice looking car. I used to drive it for Uber and passengers always complimented it.

The auto locks are not working on the passenger side and I don't want to fix them because they are $400 each. The reset for the oil change reminder does not reset. In all other aspects I love my car!

- Brooke D

Dependable and still looks amazing.

I love my car. It has great speed and comfort. The air works great and it turns on a dime. The only complaint have are the lights on the clock work sometimes and sometimes they don't.

- Beth M

Infiniti G25 - reliability

After nearly 5 years of owning an Infiniti G25x sedan, I have had no issues with it! Rotors needed to be replaced at 54k miles but other than that it has been reliable

- Jen K

Gas mileage and don't cost too much to maintain.

to small don't like the ride just not satisfied. Would buy a SUV Infiniti in a heartbeat. Would recommend to someone who loves lil cars just not my type.

- Bridget A

The back up camera has spoiled me. I will never be able to drive another car without it.

I love this vehicle. I will probably get another Infiniti after this car. The gas mileage is reasonable and traveling long distances is comfortable.

- Lynn M

Sleek mid-range sedan that's fun to drive

Sleek sedan, love the way it drives. Handles curves well and fun to drive fast. Interior is nice and easy to clean.

- Genevieve P

Nice, functional car! Worth the money.

It's a nice car but I wish it was a little more spacious. The interior is very nice!

- Nava S

When I buy a car, I first look at fuel efficiency and safety. Infinity is a great car that has high fuel efficiency standard, spacious enough for my kids and I, and safe enough to transport the loves of my life.

Like: It has a lot of space and I feel safe in it. Dislike: Expensive to maintain

- May S




nothing much, It's an okay car

the back seat doesn't fold down. that's pretty much it

- Satomi L

It's a reliable car. Okay technology and okay functionality. I like seat heating and moon roof options. I would have loved it if it had swat cooling and flat or foldable back seats.

The back seat does not fold down, only the arm rest.

- Satomi K