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Great car, definitely recommend.

This is a great car. Being a new mom I thought this would be enough space to put a carseat in the back but it is a tight squeeze. The car seat will fit but whoever sits in the front passenger seat has to be very far up near the window. The. Navigation does not always seem to give the fastest route. But I do really enjoy the smoothness and speed/power that the car has. Overall I feel like it is a great car, I just personally need more space now.

- Ruth P

For those of you who want some of the luxury but not the price tag, this is it! This eye catching sedan does not disappoint! With the layout of the cockpit, the available options, the turbocharged engine, there should be enough to please in this price point.

I love the size and feel of it. It's a classy looking sedan with a slightly aggressive front. What I love the most is the interior and how it is laid out. I'm not too keen on the tablets that sit on top of the dashboard that come in most vehicles nowadays. As far as things I don't like, my only complaint is I don't drive enough or on roadways that allow me to utilize the turbo charged engine it is equipped with.

- Christine m

Very handsome body. Very chic looking.

I love my Infiniti q50 because it is a cross between a sedan and SUV. It gives me great visibility and is quick and easy to maneuver. Also has great seating for my 96 year old mom who I chauffeur around with storage in back for her seating walker, it has all the features that I need already available on the basic car. Very affordable just don't like the fact I have to use premium gas.

- Gracie G

Beautiful and stylish you get both sporty and luxury.

I love the style of my car it is beautiful and sporty. The only problem I ever have is sometimes the warning lights for the tires but there is actually enough air in them. It is kind of pricey for gas. I have never had any real problems with the car. I also love the dealership because they treat you very well. This is my second infinity and probably will not be my last.

- Kristen L

Infiniti q50 best car that I have purchased.

I never really thought about purchasing this vehicle because I thought it was out of my league. My husband purchased it for me and I completely fell in love. It is a luxury car and you can really tell. The ride of the car is wonderful. The interior technology is exquisite. Have had my car for about 6 months now and would not consider any other car.

- Susan R

A 300 horsepower driven smile.

Great performance with AWD. Love driving this car, put the foot on the pedal and it goes. The interior is very spacious and comfortable. The ride is tuned more for sportiness. Great for long road trips. Great for wet weather also due to AWD system. Infotainment is a bit dated and mileage could be better, but then you put your foot down on 300 bhp!

- Arjun S

Has backup camera and heated seats and steering wheel. Great Bose speakers.

I love the pick up in the vehicle, it also is one of the smoothest vehicles I have ever driven. The look is sleek and beautiful with a sporty look. You get both the luxury of a sedan but the sport car look and feel. It comes with all the added extras and so far has been very reliable. This is my third infinity and hopefully will not be my last.

- Kristen J

Amazingly beautiful Infiniti.

My car is super comfortable, there is adequate room for passengers. Has not mileage is good. Speed is awesome. The car is really quiet and drives smoothly. It does not make any loud noises when driving. The color is amazing. I love all the luxury features on the car. Sunroof, navigation, heated seats.

- Shelby S

Cool, classy and definitely reliable.

The car is great in all aspects. It's quite comfortable with plenty if space for everyone. Handling is very good. I have the car for 2 years and have not experienced any performance issues so far. Drives pretty smooth. The gas mileage isn't the best but that's what you get with a faster car.

- Eli N

My obsession with my car.

The Infiniti that I drive is awesome, I love the comfort, styling, reliability. It looks muscle bound which is perfect for a guy like me who lifts. I take long trips in it which is not really an option since everything I use is about 20 miles. I will forever be a loyal driver of infinity.

- Chris C

Positive and negative on a infiniti q50 3.0t sophisticated and stylish. Exterior.

This vehicle has great performance. It's really quiet inside even when speed over 50. On premium and higher there's a 16 speaker Bose sound system equipped. Include two usb ports. Vehicle not does not have apple play or android auto option. Takes only premium fuel and full synthetic oil.

- Tommy S

Stylish and sporty and dependable.

Very reliable, stylish, dependable. It has satellite, navigation, leather, sunroof. The only thing missing is heated seats. Mileage on highway is good for long distances, not good for stop and go driving. Very sporty. Sports tires with run flat technology. Nitrogen tires.

- Wanda T

My vehicle is very comfortable has two screens which I love.

Love the car, very smooth ride. The only thing I would complain about is the storage space in the front and the trunk space. My 2009 Volkswagen Passat has way more trunk space. The Volkswagen also has more technology like seat warmer, lumbar support on the driver seat.

- Liz S

It has 5 different ways you can drive the car.

This is car is seriously a dream car. I have had it for 2 years and have never had a problem with it. The only service I have had to do is oil change and tire rotation. It is gas mileage is amazing. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a fast sporty car.

- Susan G

Size limited storage space. Safety features must be better.

Infiniti has small trunk space. Car performs satisfactory while driving. Car does not have safety features such as when you are too close to anything in front or on side of vehicles. When your car is backing out and a vehicle is near to it, it does not sound alarm.

- Elliot D

Infiniti Q50 signature edition is a great performance car.

The good: signature edition 3. It is a great performance car, transmission is awesome, good on gas mileage, good navigational system. The bad is no heated seats or memory seats, no space for personal items and less interior features than an Honda Accord E-XL.

- Jeff T

Style with performance! Who can ask for anything more?

It is such a smooth ride with great style. It has a smooth engine that quickly accelerates and gets me where I am going safely. It has a great body style with plenty of room inside of the car. It is sleek while still providing plenty space. I love it.

- Jennifer D

Gas mileage is great and the space for passengers.

I love my vehicle because it is a sports car. It's fast I love the radio. I also love the sunroof. What I dislike is, it has no seat warmers. The cup holders are too small. Also it isn't as spacious in the back for people to sit comfortably.

- Luis S

Most important thing about my car are the safety features

Took a few months to get adjusted because I still missed my old car, but I love it now. I love how easy it is to drive. I love that I have a rear camera now. I love that it connects to my iTunes music. And the list goes on..

- Shari M

That it speaks to the fact that I have actually made it...

I like that I own a luxury car, and it says something about tho I am. It is comfortable, easy to drive, and has lots of great tech inside. I only wished I had seat warmers!!!

- Andrea L

Overall reliable car. Smooth ride. Good turning radius.

Dashboard monitor is set too far back and cannot see well in sunlight. Also doors do not stay open and come back to hit you. Car is comfortable and I love the look.

- dianne p

It is safe and a great car worth purchasing.

No complaints. I like the navigation system, the motor, and the color. I also enjoy the cost of gas. Additionally, it is a very safe vehicle.

- Lacey Q

A great car for the price.

Nice looking car with all of the extras. Gets good gas mileage and drives very smoothly. Oil changes only every 10K, so low maintenance costs


The important thing about my car is the way it is built. Very reliable.

It rides comfortably and handles easily. I love the body style and the interior. The console is very pretty. . I wish it was better on gas.

- Pamela G

Fast, stylish vehicle worth every penny!

Great performance! It accelerates quickly and efficiently. It has much style and up-to-date style. It is truly my dream car!

- Jennifer N

One thing others should know is the vehicle has great handling.

The car has great handling. It is beautifully designed. It is fun to drive. There is nothing I dislike about the vehicle.

- John L

The performance is amazing super fun car to drive.

The performance of the red sport is amazing it is timing is spot on makes this car super enjoyable well worth the price.

- Chamar R

The transmission is a little iffy. Other then that the car is great.

It's a luxury vehicle with leather seats. Has a 3.0t engine in it. It is a very fast vehicle. It is a beautiful vehicle.

- Tommy L

Infiniti Q50 Review: An Average Vehicle for an Above Average Price

The Infiniti Q50 is a nice car, but the options, fuel economy, and maintenance cost do not justify the sticker price.

- Shaun E

Like driving a living room!!

It is a comfortable and responsive car. It has few if any problems. The dealership is 100% there for their clients.

- Andrea K

It is a sedan but come with a very style design and strong engine.

My car is fast. It has twin turbo. The motor produce a potential power. My car rates at 300hp and 285 lb. tq.

- Hoang D

White infiniti q50 3.0 twin turbo

3.0t engine with 300hp and with leather interior and two touch screen displays and 16 built in Bose speakers

- Luis G

Love my infiniti car q50!

Love the speed of my infiniti and reliability as well as gas mileage. All around solid car for the money

- Todd W

Infiniti 2017 QX50 is a zippy car

Fun to drive, powerful engine. downside--low miles per gallon. My golf bag fits well in the cargo area.

- terri g

I love my new infiniti q50. The interior is very spacious and comfortable, giving you the feeling that you are driving in a high-end luxury sedan. Lastly, the power the car produces is lovely. The twin turbos love to get you moving.

It's the perfect luxury sedan that has it all: affordability, horsepower, comfort, features, and MPG.

- Colin E

It gives me freedom to do and go where I want in luxury and style.

Great ride and acceleration. Nice looking and very comfortable interior. Feel good driving it.

- col s

Great performance and attractive interior and exterior

Good looking. Smooth performance. Sufficient interior room. Decent gas mileage.

- Bill M

It makes me happy and shows that I'm someone important

The car is fast and sexy. Plus the car is perfect for the kind of driving I do

- John W

It's drives so smoothly and handle well around curves

I love how my vehicle drives but I dislike what it cost for the upkeep

- Gladys M

fun to drive and runs great

no complaints. runs great looks great is great

- chris B