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I Love my AWD Q60 3.0TT

I Love my Infiniti Q60! I bought the 3.0TT AWD and couldn’t be happier with the decision! It’s by far the most enjoyable car I’ve ever owned! It blows my mind every day with how powerful and how responsive this car is! The AWD system isn’t something that I really needed or was even looking for when I started my search for mine but I’m so happy I ended up with one because it just adds so much “wow” to the driving experience especially when your driving on a extremely curvy road! It feels like the car is glued to the road because no matter how hard or fast you hit a curve as long as your giving it gas it will grip and go! It doesn’t drive like a AWD car it actually feels like any other RWD sports car until your going around curves or until you stomp it from a dead stop and it doesn’t spin or break traction it just sucks your head to the headrest and GOES... it still makes my adrenaline starts pumping every time! But it’s also great in the snow (as long as it’s not to deep or it becomes a snow plow) and heavy rain! Also I love the fact that it has the power and speed to take on a Mustang GT or a Camaro SS and walk off and leave them but yet you flip it into Eco mode and it gets 32mpg or more depending on how fast your cruising. The Soundsystem is amazing and sounds like it would have aftermarket amps and subs in it because of how hard the bass hits and it’s never distorted regardless of how loud your playing your music. I have had so many people tell me how beautiful my car is and I’ve had one person follow me to the bank just to stop me and tell me it was the sexiest car they had ever seen!

- Buster Justus

Infiniti Q60 is the best luxury car out there

My 2018 Q60 Infiniti is worth every penny. It handles so well in all weather. I am very pleased with my purchase. My passengers tell me it is the most comfortable ride ever. I must agree with them. It is luxury at its finest. If you are looking to buy a luxury car take a look at this model.

- Jennifer L

I love the transmission, no slips.

Good handling, durable and simple work on engines. Comfort is luxurious. The turbo whistles better than a Hyundai. The tunes on this car are amazing I love how the exhaust shoots flames and gaps cars on the freeway, this is a good project car if you ever want to work on a car and make it fast.

- Jose C

Style performance and quality.

No problems very sporty AMD and comfortable. Handles great and fast. The price is comparable to other sport cars. I love the new body style. Gas mileage is good and I think the quality of Infiniti automotive are as good as anything out there. The service department is top notch.

- Tim B

The Infiniti QX60 is one of the best cars in the world and here's why.

The Infiniti QX60 is really comfortable. The reliability of this car is really trustworthy. In my experience this car never broke down and all the features are amazing, like the reclining seats and the extra space in the trunk. There aren't any problems with this car.

- Harry D

It has a very roomy interior and the back rows are able to control their own temperature.

The car has a comfortable ride. It is very good on gas and has great acceleration. The safety features in the car are a comfort to have.

- Jennifer G

It is better than a BMW. It looks better than a 328i. It is faster than an Audi. It has nicer wheels.

It is a beautiful liquid platinum color. It has a v6 engine and navigation. The interior is beautiful. There is nothing I dislike.

- Cali C

It has been very dependable. I love the way it drives.

The car is very spacious, comfortable and safe. I love the design, the color, the leather seats. Everything is very elegant.

- Jenny M

Mileage is important for many but also a smooth and comfortable ride too.

Very durable, smooth ride, looks great. It is one of the best vehicles we have ever had.

- Oscar S

It is better than a BMW. It has a nice v6 engine. It is luxurious.

It has a very nice color. It is fast. It has good features. It has a nice interior.

- J S

It is a great family car, which is why I traded in my sedan to upgrade to.

I wish it had more features. Great vehicle overall. Satisfied with my decision.

- Melissa C