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Luxurious and fast crossover car

I love my 2017 Infiniti QX30 it is a reliable luxurious car that is comfortable. It has all the new gadgets like rear view camera and touch screen dash. The only thing I don't like is there isn't a lot of legroom in the back but that's okay because mostly my dog is back there. She loves the seats and sticking her head out of the window. It's a perfect crossover car, not too big or too small. Great size and shape.

- Morgan M

Pros and cons of 2017 Infiniti

No problems with performance. It has a nice smooth ride. One thing I don't like is the automatic engine shut off option. I think it's a good idea and cuts down on emissions while stopped at lights but it jolts forward when turning back on. My husbands car has this feature and his doesn't do that. Slight problems with interior. Sunroof shade had a malfunction. Leather seat started to rip out of nowhere.

- Breanna J

Infiniti Highs and Lows 2017

First year model and so with every first year there are a lot of recalls and small kinks that need to be worked out. The inside of the vehicle is amazing however it is one of the smaller crossovers that I've been in. The leather in the vehicle is a nice addition but it adds added heat during the summer months here in Florida.

- Jill M

Infiniti 2017 owner review.

First year model so there have been a few recalls and quirks that we are still unable to fix like the ac rattling. The car drives like new even after having it for 2 years and using it for daily use. The backseat of the car is a little small but works well for occasionally transporting people.

- Amy M

It is fuel efficient and provides the option to drive in different modes: sport, economy, or manual.

What I like about my car is the sporty design and extra room it provides me that was not there with my previous Infiniti G35 sport coupe. It is also very comfortable and easy to drive and has many features my 2003 did not have such as navigation, backup camera, and keyless ignition.

- Linda F

Love my bronze colored hatchback.

Love the size not too big not too small drives very smooth a lot of options love the memory seating is set for 3 different people has a lot of compartments 360 camera makes it easy for parking and shows you all your surroundings would highly recommend for self or as a family car.

- Susan W

It is luxury & sporty at the same time and quality interior.

My Infiniti qx30 is good on gas mileage, the style is luxury & sporty. Dual clutch transmission, intelligent all wheel drive, also have start stop system it is compact for small parking spaces, it is very comfortable & some of the features cruise control, in touch navigation.

- Erica E

This car is great for young teens because it perfect for younglings.

This car is very affordable and nice for young teens. The inside interior is grey and the outside is black. The interior is mostly leather and plastic. The mpg is nice to, and it holds 15 gallons. This car has no problems but there are a few minor scratches.

- Paul B

it will make you feel good! the car rides very smooth and is very classy

the car rides smoothly and is very sleek. it is spacious enough but not so big that you cannot park it in the city. Sometimes I have issues with the backup camera or radio (not bluetooth). I also wish it had a sunroof instead of a moon roof.

- Gabrielle S

Excellent gas for a crossover.

It is great on gas yet has plenty of giddy up. Plenty of room. It looks nice and has a great ride, one that is very smooth. Very stylish and the maintenance is not bad either. Overall great car.

- Joe L

Good gas mileage, compact for parking & its a smooth ride.

My qx30 has good gas mileage, small, sporty & compact. It adaptable for tall people & perfect for short people. The system 8s easy to navigate through. It also has a nice size truck.

- Erica Edwards J

The vehicle is perfect in every way for daily use.

Infiniti is naturally a good brand of car and my car is perfect for the lifestyle I live because I drive everyday. It is not too luxury nor too simple.

- Olivia G

It's fun to drive and that it's smooth and quiet inside the vehicle

I like the gas mileage I get from it I like the handling of the vehicle and it's all wheel drive It's got get up and go,when you need it

- dale f

It takes premium gasoline, and the tank is on the smaller side so if you drive a lot, you'll be going to the gas station frequently.

I like the car a lot. It has great pick-up and is sporty and stylish. I only wish I could have afforded something bigger.

- Carla F

I do not think it is safe to have to unlock car every time you shut car off.

Doors do not unlock automatically when turn off car. Need to use key to start car. Sunroof does not open.

- Connie P