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My SUV is amazing I love the way it operates and drives, always been a good car!

My car has been really good I have 187 thousand miles and it has never given me any trouble. I replaced the water pump once had the battery a few times. It pretty good on gas and I can get in it without my back hurting, I need a high seat to get in and out. It drives really well and I love the way the cruise works. I really like all the detail about this SUV.

- Joyce B

My best vehicle investment. The room is awesome and handling is a breeze.

The leather seat heater is awesome in cold weather. I have had the best luck with this vehicle no problems. I bought my SUV new in 2004, best investment I ever made. Never thought about trading for a newer model. Still going strong. When I trade I would like to find another one. Do not no if they still make them.

- Lynda H

It has held its value after all this time with me.

I love my SUV it is great size and gets relatively good gas mileage. It is a great size for me and for me to move all over town and take things places. The sound system is great. The leather interior has held up very well.

- Stephanie J

It's been the best vehicle I've owned.

My boss gave me my vehicle. I love it. I have been able to go 3 times in it. Gone to see my son like 6 times. I can even move my Rv. I have not had any problems at all.

- Gracie C

It is fun to drive and good for taking many people with you at one time good family car.

I like my car it has good room for 7 passengers. It drives and handles well. It is reliable and easy to drive. It's a little spendy on gas but not to bad

- Elizabeth O

Carries the cargo. Carries my people. Very reliable.

I love how much space it has. I love that I can find parts for it. The battery died recently because of some problem but we were able to replace it.

- Syed S

It has been very dependable,handles easily and seats comfortably and usually good qn gas mileage plus it has kept it's color without fading.

I like the way it drives,passenger capacity,cargo room, and electric power windows I do not like it is not 4 wheel drive and I wish it was a v8

- Michael B

You cannot drive it it is mine.

I like that it is big and I have room for everything. I like the way it looks. I do not like that I have to take it to the mechanic so often.

- Lindsey N

That even though it's old it still can get me to where I need to go, and is reliable.

I dislike the sun roof because it leaks sometimes.What I like is even though it is 14 years old it still runs good.

- Amanda C