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It is roomier inside than it looks on the outside.

I do not like it because its old.. I do not like it because it has problems.. I do not like it because it is rusting.. I do not like it because it is falling apart.. I do not like it because it makes a lot of noise.. I do not like it because the windshield wipers does not work.. I do not like it because the tires are worn out and the radio does not work properly. I do not like that it is an old school radio.. I do not like that it does not even have a CD player it has a old school tape player.. I like that it's still drivable because it takes me to point a to point b.. I like it because we keep it clean.. I like it because it's "reused new".. I like it because it's my favorite color.. I like it because I could find great parking with it.. I like it because there's space.

- Christina M

It is a great utility vehicle. It can carry a lot of stuff easily with a huge cavernous back area.

it carries lots and lots of stuff in the back and is easy to get in and out of and drive and I really like the really huge door in the back that opens like a regular door rather than a hatch. when I dislike is the fact that it gets really really crummy gas mileage and also the air conditioner has been giving me some trouble and I have a window that will not go up and down because it is broken.

- Debra H

It has never left me stranded.

Very dependable, strong motor, having problems with steering and there is oil leaking somewhere not sure how often. It is all automatic which is good except only one window works now the rest are up permanently. I like the room it has back seat is spacious and large rear can pack a lot in it.

- Nicole P

The trooper is a blast to drive!

My trooper is a blast to drive!! At 200, 000 miles, it performs great! It handles well, turning on a dime. It does not have an oil leak, yet burns through oil like crazy. That is probably my only issue with it. My husband is jealous and is looking for a trooper for himself.

- Angela C

Large SUV with multiple problems.

Have had multiple problems with it but it is old. Replaced the water pump, burns oil like crazy, but does not drip, air conditioner does not work and a lot of cosmetic problems. It is too large for my needs and is sometimes difficult to park in small spaces.

- Patricia L

Too much car with too many problems.

Burns oil too rapidly. Too large for my needs. Has had multiple problems with the emissions, water pump, air conditioning and numerous cosmetic problems. Does not get a lot of miles per gallon. It is a gas hog. Is a comfortable vehicle, but cumbersome.

- Patricia A

It is well made and last forever and it is a true classic.

Trooper is dependable and safe It is an older model so it is not too attractive. It is not fuel efficient . It is well made and needs few repairs. I have no complaints.

- Susan O

The air conditioner is great, gets pretty darn cool in the hot summers.

It's a car that works to get from place to place. It's red in color, some rust but not overwhelming. It runs pretty good. The air conditioner is fantastic.

- Cory W

I have had no issues with my car so I would tell them I highly recommend Isuzu.

They no longer make my vehicle but if they did I would definitely buy another Isuzu it had been the most dependable car I have ever owned.

- Tracy M

It is a very safe vehicle. However, it does consume a lot of gas.

It is a great vehicle. At 19 years old, it's starting to have some issues. As much as I like it, it may be time to replace it.

- Jennifer W

It drinks a lot of oil, so it can have engine issues if you don't keep up with that

Engine drinks oil so I have to add oil on a regular basis. People love seeing on the street because it's so unusual

- Piers R

Why I Love My Isuzu Trooper

No major issues but gas mileage is not the greatest with this vehicle. The car has a rather large engine.

- Chester F

I love that I can fit large items in my car. But do wish it was more modern when it comes to the electronic side.

My car is a very strong running vehicle and sure that it will be running for years to come.

- Gabrielle B

Is durable dependable and it can can hold up a large family

Love that fits my family the only thing Is that it takes up alot of gas

- Jessica A