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The passenger side visor falls down randomly and if you aren't warned it might scare you.

I love the space in my car. I love that I have three rows of seats even though I usually only use two I like the option of three. My absolute favorite thing about my car is the radio. It came with Sirius xm and I have been a customer of theirs ever since 2009. I have had very little trouble in maintenance of my car, but a chain broke and I ended up needing a new motor. My lifetime warranty covered all but my deductible. All in all I love my borrego and I'm a little sad they don't make it anymore.

- Beki J

Amazing vehicle, very reliable.

The 2009 Kia Borrego is a 3rd row SUV that is functional reliable and most importantly safe. I have 4 kids and the oldest ones can get into the 3rd row easily and putting car seats in is easy with the latch system. Never had an issue with it since I bought it. Even when I got in a fender bender there was not 1 scratch on my vehicle and my family was safe. I really love all the inputs with 2 charger plugs, a USB plug, iPod plug and aux plug you can charger or listen to any device.

- Crystal R

Extremely reliable and safe car

I love my car so much. It is large, reliable, and has a phenomenal sound system. Along with that, it's just a great looking car. It keeps me safe in all weather scenarios and I never worry about it leaving me stranded. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage. I'm not sure what the exact number is, but I know that it's very low, so filling it up once or twice a week gets expensive. However, I still love this car. It almost has 200,000 miles and it's still kicking :)

- Emma H

The 2009 Kia Borrego. Room to roam for a family of six.

This car has plenty of room. Lots of head room. I have had very few mechanical issues. It is also easy enough to do the light maintenance on the car, oil changes, spark plugs. . On the road it gets decent gas mileage. I only fill up once a week, unless we're on vacation. I have taken numerous road trips consisting of 1000 miles each way and have had no issues. Great car, I wish they still made them, I'd buy a newer model.

- Lynn H

It is a great SUV and I wish Kia still made it.

I have had no problems with my Borrego because I bought it new and have had it serviced regularly. It is a SUV so you cannot expect it to be as comfortable as a luxury sedan but it is not uncomfortable. My Borrego will hold six passengers very comfortably but could squeeze a seventh passenger if necessary. The only drawback to owning a Borrego is because it holds several people, I always end up driving.

- Mary S

The features are the best part of my car.

I have had my car for 3 years it is so comfortable it drives great I have had no problems with the car nothing major has gone wrong with it. The seats are great and comfortable. I like how I can set my seats up to go right to the way I like it and do not have to adjust every time I get in the car. I like how it has all kinds of different features. The heated seats are greats.

- Lucas W

Never have regretted buying this car.

I love this car. It has been very reliable. I live in a very cold, snowy climate at it really performs. It has been very reliable. The feature of collapsible seats in the cargo area has been wonderful. Including being able to have a 3rd row when we need. The car feels and is very durable. Its has a really well made interior. I have never regretted purchasing this car.

- Teresa G

My car is an older model that does not catch fire while driving.

My Borrego is great for the 4WD in snow, aside from all other features. The handling is fantastic. I love the get up and go even though it is a v6. There is much more room in this 2009 model. When car shopping, space was not available in a lot newer SUVs. I am super lucky to have picked up on this one minus all the navigation systems of the newer vehicles.

- Debbie D

2009 Kia SUV Excellent Vehicle

I just bought my car about a month ago ! I love my car it has third row seating and all leather seats. Tons of cup holders. It also has rear view sensors and different settings for the mirrors based on the sunlight or darkness. There is also a setting on the rear view mirror for people's headlights. The trunk is huge it is overall a very nice vehicle

- Cheyenne G

My vehicle GPS had old maps when I purchased it. No updates were available.

I purchased this vehicle in 2008, the first year it came out. I has a GPS system that had old maps however I was told that it would be updated. The update never happened and when asked about it they said it would be about $1200. This vehicle was only manufactured for a year so now parts are expensive and hard to find. It is still running good.

- Harris A

It's a nice size SUV, not too small & not too big.

It really has been a great vehicle. Not many repairs. It has about 240,000 miles & it's needed shocks & struts, brake pads, new drive shaft, and a new compressor. The interior is starting to have wear & tear because the passenger seat is ripped and he air vents in ceiling have come off. Other than that it's been great.

- Rachel C

The perfect car for college students.

The Borrego is literally perfect. My family has driven it all of the united states and it is extremely reliable. As a college student, the ability to have the third row lay down flat, makes it easy to move me and my friends in and out of the dorms. With basic upkeep, this car can go forever. If I could always have a Borrego, I would.

- Olivia L

Third row seating and rear air are a huge bonus to me!

No problems with the vehicle. Just purchased used. So far I love the vehicle! It has the luggage rack, the throes row seat, the trailer hitch, and rear air! Everything I was looking for short of the backup camera. That was not available on this model year, but will be added in the near future to make my dream vehicle.

- Ann S

Spacious reliable affordable SUV.

Although I do not believe they make the Kia Borrego anymore I would recommend it to anyone that likes the roominess of an SUV the Borrego offers lots of space and can seat up to 7 people. The only downside to the Borrego is it rides pretty hard like a truck. I haven't had any trouble with it and it has 90, 000 miles.

- Dorothy T

Very few borregos exist in our area.

The car is primarily plastic. Things started falling off within two years of purchase. It is cheaply made. I will never buy another Kia. We have had to replace bearings and have extensive electrical problems. Where the car is good on gas and overall looks nice it has other problems that don't make it cost effective.

- Jeanie S

It has slapstick and 4WD use useful to make it more powerful.

drives nice, is comfortable for 5 people but seats seven, the middle row has plenty of space, I like that the middle seat can be moved forward or back, when you use all seven seats there is not much trunk space so limits travel unless you use the roof for luggage, would be nice to have Bluetooth for phone or music.

- Tanya M

Kia is a nice car they have nice cars they have great cars.

It has 3rd row seats but it does not have 4 wheel drive. My car is really silver and grey in color. Nice tires clean interior nice body. I just really wish it had 4WD. For that I will be getting a new vehicle next year in 2019 I need something that is 4WD and 3rd seats. I will go back to the same car lot.

- Octavia M

Great 4 wheel drive in bad weather.

Nothing but problems! Steering knuckle went out, wheel bearings, wheel bearings mount, not good on tires, tail lights go out, front end alignment is constantly needed, it's just too much wrong about this Jeep to speak on the good. There are a few good qualities but the bad always is near with this Jeep.

- Damien W

Simple crossover- no bells and whistles

Simple crossover. Seats 7 people. Heated windshield. Also has back up sensors but no camera. Towing ability is incredibly and it has 4 wheel drive. We get about 18 miles per gallon in city. Very reliable. I have had issues with the automatic locks. Three out of four doors need the regulator replaced.

- Michelle J

Awesome SUV, good mileage

Gas mileage is pretty good for an SUV of the size. It has loads of room for passengers and carrying lots of stuff. The seats are very comfortable and are cloth, which I prefer to leather especially in the warm weather. The parts are a bit more expensive to replace since it's such a limited run car.

- Lake D

A great vehicle and have a great experience with it.

I have had a great experience with this vehicle. I have never had any serious issues with the performance of the vehicle. It has been very reliable. I have used it on many family trips throughout the years and have never had any problems. I have always had good experiences with Kia products.

- Mike F

The Kia Borrego is a large SUV. It is wonderful for the outdoor family.

The 2009 Kia Borrego is an amazing vehicle. It definitely drives like a truck so it is not the smoothest ride out there. It has 3rd row seating that you can collapse for plenty of rear space. It is the perfect size for my family of four. It has been very reliable. We love our Kia Borrego!

- Amber B

Future car of my dreams love.

No problems it's perfect love it nice fast car like new bought it used for less but might buy other kind later in future because I want other color I want red or blue car and not sure now what to say besides that until I get to the minimum so hope to get car soon in future that nice.

- Sally A

Orange Beast of the Mideast

One default is that the lock button on the driver side door or no longer works and I've only had a vehicle for two years. The vehicle has been reliable, The vehicle has soft seats and plenty of legroom my vehicle has three different rows so I can fit a lot of people in my vehicle

- Page G

This car is not made anymore

I only had one problem in all the years I've had my car. But apparently they stopped making the Kia Borrego. I only needed a new ac compressor. Other than that, it's been great to me. As long as you get the oil changed and everything when needed, it will not give any problems.

- Chanel R

The best and reliable car for you.

I love it because it gets me to point a to point z. It's very reliable it's one of my favorite colors I truly enjoy the four wheel drive in the winter it has definitely saved me and my fiance on a few occasions. It does not take much to fill it up it's very good on gas.

- Destiny N

The title of my review is call my Kia truck.

For me it is comfortable, roomy it seats seven, reliable, I have driven it all over the place long trips, it comes in handy when I purchase a large item I can fold the seats down and vary the item with no problem the only thing I dislike about is the gas mileage.

- Jan H

The life of my car. It is a good car but I want something different.

It holds 7 people. The motor light is on. The air does not work. The gas needs to be in it. The tires need to be brand new. The brakes are squeaky. The seats are being messed up by the sun. It needs a oil change. It just needs new owners. The color is black.

- Maggie W

They do not make this model anymore. But they should.

Very durable and reliable vehicle. Comfortable roomy interior with seating for five and still room for luggage. Some problems with headlights needing to be replaced more often than standard. Truck body so excellent on roads that are not well maintained.

- Julie B

Rear facing car seat convenience

It is extremely comfortable for traveling with my family. However; when we decide to add another child in a rear facing car seat it will no longer be as convenient as it is currently. There are very few options for more than one rear facing car seat.

- Sierra S

The Perfect SUV for room in the back to carry a harp and everything associated.

I needed a vehicle to carry my daughters harp. The Borrego turned out to be ideal. At six feet high, there was an inch clearance. It is perfect. I'm just sorry that they sold only the one year. I would buy another one to replace this one.

- Rex J

The Kia has really good breaks and makes perfect turns.

I like that my Kia has a third row seating so we can carry more passengers. I also like that the third row can fold down and we will have more room for our trunk area. I do not have anything that I do not like about it.

- Hannah S

Seats seven or keep the third row folded down and seat five with plenty of storage.

I love this car because it drives very nicely yet has four wheel drive and tons of storage space. It's a good looking car. It has some suspension problems at this point but it still has a lot of life left in it.

- Maggie D

Because of a short life span of production, maintenance has become increasingly lengthy and expensive.

The Borrego has been a solid vehicle since purchase, though it has been increasingly expensive due to short supply of necessary parts (drive train, etc). Prior to that it has been comfortable and reliable.

- Daniel V

It's a reliable, strong, and great size vehicle - good for busy families!

It's a great size vehicle. It has a truck frame so it's strong to haul a camping trailer. I love the copper color of my vehicle. KIA had a recall on the brake pedal but it's quickly remedied.

- Stef G

Our Kia is very reliable! 100,000 miles and no major problems. Nust general maintenance. Highly recommended!

Wish it had better AC for the back seats and better mileage but this has been a great car for our family. Very reliable. Just went over 100,000 miles and only general maintenance. Love it!

- Melinda S

The kia borrego is roomy enough for eight people and not as wide as some other vehicles

No problems only problem is the ac blower went out and just changed the starter other than that we love it.we wish they had a newer version we could buy in the united states.

- Ruben R

Very roomy has wonderful customer service

I love my car, when have only had to do regular maintenance on it. Kia is wonderful about fixing issues under warranty. I would not hesitate to own another Kia

- katie h

This car is our family car you get great mileage and it is comfortable to drive

When I bought it it has a five-year warranty I got a fair purchase price and I love the way it drives and so do my kids and I love the mileage that I get

- Mable D

Kia vehicles are reliable and economical for families.

It is reliable. It's nice looking and easy to drive. It seats 7 but is not huge. I love the way the back seats fold down to transport large items.

- Christi S

The KIA BORREGO is a great all around SUV for everyone!

Like the ride. I like the satellite radio. It is roomy and great for transporting things. It has seating for seven and easily pulls my boat.

- Stephen F

It is very roomy and comfortable to drive as well as ride in.

I love my car. It has third row seating which makes it easy to transport my kids. It is very roomy! I also love the gas mileage in it.

- Carol D

A very reliable vehicle with a strong engine.

The Borrego has had no major problems at the mileage it has. It is strong and full of power. It is extremely roomy, a lot of space.

- Pauline E

It's a great value for a large SUV, and can haul lots of cargo or people!

I like that it is functional and has a lot of space. I also like that it can carry 7 passengers. I dislike the low gas mileage.

- Jason N

That my vehicle is great on gas. And It is great for families.

I love my vehicle. It is great on gas. It can fit my entire family. I like that it is high because my mom was unable to bend.

- Pia R

Super Dependable vehicle for the whole family. Love it!

It's large enough for my family. It's dependable. It's ok on gas. Could be better on mpg. Very happy with Kia service.

- Dana M

3rd row seating Good gas mileage.

Great car. Just wish the check engine light made noise, and it would tell Distance until empty. Love the 3rd row.

- Jenn C

Great for big family easy to drive.

Very comfy love it very easy to drive good for family of seven or less in family great for travel in vehicles.

- Mike V

No problems with the Borrego

I've had no issues with this vehicle since I purchased it in 2012 other than the alternator going out twice.

- Jeremy S

It's roomy and it is not too big to maneuver.

The only problem with my car is the gas mileage it runs the gas out quick and it depends how often I drive.

- Jan H

It is no longer manufactured. Wish it was.

Is the right size SUV. Rides comfortably, even on long trips. Not had many problems that required repairs.

- Bobbie M

Sturdy. Made well and heavy. Great on gas.

Rides well. Lots of room. Heavy vehicle. Sturdy. Would buy a Borrego again if they would bring it back!

- Nancy S

i like the vehicle but the repairs are extremely expensive. It breaks down a lot.

it runs well, has a lot of room and is comfortable but repairs are expensive

- courtney s

How great the gas mileage is

I love the gas mileage. It has been a very dependable car. Low maintenance

- Jeremy K

The third row of seats lacks legroom and is uncomfortable for adults

We have put over 230,000 miles on the SUV and it is still going strong.

- Darlene D