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Fun to drive, well designed car.

The Lexus is 350 is a great car. It is fun to drive and really nice to look at. The features in the newer models are great. The interior is extremely comfortable and nicely designed. I really have loved driving my Lexus is 350. The car has held up very well and has needed minimal service beyond standard maintenance. At over 100k miles it is still driving well.

- Jenna W

Sleek, quick, fun, reliable

Great car absolutely love it. Long lasting and very reliable she's at about 207k miles and still running brand new. But like every other vehicle as long as you maintain it properly it was last you forever. I have the famous 3.5l v6 motor with 305 hp and 277 lbs of torque to be honest she feels like she has much more than that though so pretty quick all around.

- Jonathan R

This car has lasted the test of time. It has only not started once due to the lights being left on in the car. The only problem with the car is the check engine light will not turn off, even though the engine is all good to go. The interior of the car gives it a sporty feel, and the car drives nice and smooth.

- Isabella V

Fantastic car to own and fun to drive.

Fantastic car, lots of extras, fast, comfy, reliable. I love how stylish the car is as others look at the car as I drive by. I like getting car washes for. Free. Like. Getting loaner cars when needed and the dealership is one. Of. The better ones. I like having a. Dealer nearby.

- Edward A

Great fast, reliable, dependable Lexus sports car.

Fantastic car, fast with lots of features that keep you motivated to drive. Super stereo system with 13 speakers, 6 disc CD, , moonroof and wiper headlights. Great gas mileage, etc. turbo button for fast acceleration and. Fun to drive. Lots of cabin room more than others.

- Ed A

My experience with Lexus!

The car itself is very nice, it's comfortable and sleek. However, recently there have been many issues with the car. Lights keep turning on and off etc. this may be due to the fact that it is used but nevertheless it still causes me problems. I recommend to buy it new

- Mark B

It is been a very reliable, nice car to have for 10+ years.

The age of the vehicle and lack of Bluetooth is something I wish I could change. I also would prefer a backup camera. The design of the car requires different size front and back tires which can be frustrating.

- Jenna W

It is a luxury car that is fully loaded and very reliable.

Downside - There have been a lot of recalls on this vehicle. Even though I have new tires, every 3 weeks the low tire light comes on. I still love it. It is loaded and very sporty.

- Crystal H

That it has been an extremely reliable car over the last 9 years I've owned it.

The reliability for this vehicle is great. I wish it had Bluetooth audio. I also wish it had a rear view camera standard. I would buy another Lexus again.

- Dave L