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Lincoln is the best ride ever. Driving a dream with an amazing sound system.

I really enjoy my Lincoln. It has been very dependable and gets great mileage. It is extremely comfortable with air and heated seats and steering wheel. It is awesome in the winter months with remote start as I do not have to step out to start it on cold mornings. It also has 3 different drivers settings. This is awesome since my husband is 6'1' and I am 5'6'. The auto lights and rain detecting wipers are amazing as they set themselves for the rain conditions. The large trunk is great for traveling as it can hold several suitcases. It really drives and handles exceptionally and has plenty of pep for passing or pulling out in a hurry. I am a devoted Lincoln owner now that I have owned and driven one for more than ten years.

- Jamie P

This car is very durable as we have over 130,000 miles and it is still in great shape

This vehicle is exactly what our family was looking for. Plenty of space for 2 adults and 3 kids to sit comfortably and plenty of room for all of their sports gear. Is got all of the extra we love and now can not live without in our next car. We have had some issues with the brakes but otherwise we have 130000 miles and still going

- Melanie D

My 2013 Lincoln is the best car I have ever owned luxurious and sporty combined.

The first time I drove my car I fell in love with it. Handles great, fits me good. Sporty looking but is a luxury be the backup camera, makes it so much easier to back out without the worries of getting run over. Also love really like that you can start car before going outside on hot or cold days.

- Sandy B

Luxury to the maximum, with all the bells and whistles.

Very luxurious ride, all leather, gps, fantastic sound system, all finger tip controlled, gas mileage decent, power window power brakes, beautiful paint job, insured from head to toe for the life of the vehicle. . All wheel drive helps in the snow. . Tinted window throughout.

- Theresa M

It is a good family car; reliable with elegance.

Reliable; luxury, good on gas 17 miles/tank capacity, good on mileage, all heat/cool seats good traction, can fit five passengers comfortably, big trunk, push start, automatic, power start, powered sunroof, had for 5 years and just minimal repairs mainly for maintenance.

- Gloria N

Great car, buy a Lincoln, u will be happy.

Luxury car, comfy seats, drives well and smooth. I like the way it runs, the sleek style is great. Each time a customer gets in it he or she says it is comfy and that makes me happy to know that. Technologically advanced, great radio system and speakers.

- Samantha H

MKS is the bomb! Perfect for pregnant women to drive or ride in!

Car rides very nice, we elected for every bell and whistle and it makes the overall driving and riding experience a lot better. The ability to adjust the ride to smooth or bumpy has helped huge and the back massagers are awesome that are in the seats!

- Danielle B

My vehicle is very dependable, gets great gas mileage, and is good looking car that is semi-luxury.

I like the lumbar support, trunk space, and back seat room. The heated and cooled seats are a great feature. I dislike the parental controls that happen if I accidentally take the secondary key and the touch screen malfunctions.

- Tiffanie C

That it is a beautiful, big safe black beauty. The mileage is good and the driving is easy.

I love my Lincoln MKS. It is a beautiful black color. I feel very safe driving this car maybe because it is large and sturdy. The only complaint I have is I am unable to learn how to use the navigation system.

- Ceil L

Get the Lincoln MKS for the ultimate in luxury!

My Lincoln is the ultimate luxury vehicle. It is equipped with everything but Turbo boost. I actually like the shade of white (I usually get red cars). It is a bigger car than I am used to driving.

- Kate P

It's a fantastic car! I find it to be the best car I've owned so far.

I love the cooling seats during the summer as the leather seats get hot. I love the comfort and the way that the car rides. It is a sturdy car and I feel safe driving it.The MKS handles great.

- Melissa S

Not a bad car for a full side car, it have the sport look.

What I like about it is a nice car and drive good I just like it, and what I dislike about is the ride it ride ruff on bad road not like the town car I had before getting this one.

- Darnel T

Great car for what its used for.

Never had any problems with it. Has great power and very easy to drive. Very stylish little on the large end for an everyday car, does not get great gas mileage.

- Jackson S

It is very comfortable, and rides like a dream.

Rides and performs as a luxury vehicle, all power. . Sound system is amazing. . Had only one issue in 5 years regarding keyless entry needed repaired. .

- Teresa M

It is a sharp looking car and I think anyone would be proud to own it.

It is a very nice looking car. It runs great and take the curves very nice. My family and I really like it a lot. It is fun to drive.

- Daryl P

Lincolns are the best! Do not hesitate to buy one!

Live my Lincoln! The ride and drive are fantastic. The comfort is incomparable and it has been a very dependable car.

- Beverly A

It gets much better gas mileage than anyone expects!

I love the smooth ride, and all of the helpful accessories like lane assist and navigation.

- Mary S

Miles per gallon it gets great miles per gallon fill up less

Style,color,brand it is a great car I love everything about it

- Lexxie M