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It has TONS of room for the entire family!

I love my Navigator. I have four kids and we have a very busy life. It is nice to have the extra room to cart them wherever they need to go, as well as take the long trip with plenty of room for luggage and stroller in the trunk. We like the entertainment package that allows the children to watch movies on the go.The only complaint I have, is that it does have a rust issue.

- Krystal k

It's a great family car. It has enough room for multiple passengers to fit comfortably, along with any belongings.

I love all the luxury features of my car. Comfortable leather seats, automatic sideboards, bright headlights, backup camera, alert sounds, automatic folding 3rd row seats, and dvd screen in the back to name a few. The biggest negative is the low gas mileage it gets. I live outside of town and try to plan to get as much done in 1 trip.

- Emily S

Fully loaded Lincoln Navigator

I love my car! The leather seats are nice and I love the appearance of the wood grain steering wheel. There is so much space and the TV is a bonus for additional riders. Three rows is very nice if you have children or if you're taking a road trip. The only negative I have to say about it is it uses a lot of gas.

- Luka T

Elegant, smooth ride, and affordable!

It offers great features such as a backup camera, DVD in the backseat, Bluetooth, CD/DVD, sensors for when you are too close to a car and is simply a smooth ride. It is an elegant SUV and is top quality! It has never failed me and was definitely a great purchase!

- Gabby B

I love my Lincoln navigator!

My Lincoln has a really comfortable set up, although I am not a fan of the center console in the middle of the vehicle. I'd prefer not having to lower a seat each time me or someone else has to get in the rear of the navigator. Otherwise, I love it to pieces!

- Julia J

Great car, smooth ride, very reliable.

I really love the car. It rides smoothly and the gas mileage is not bad for a larger vehicle. We haven't had many problems with it as far as malfunctions. The only thing I would complain about that the plastic pieces the radio etc break easily.

- Maeri M

It's roomy and lots of space for everything including people

I like it well enough, it's comfy and there is tons of space. We have had quite a bit of trouble with it though. I don't really dislike anything about it except I wish it were better on gas. We can pack our friends easily into it though.

- Brittany C

The vehicle is equipped to notify when something is going wrong.

My Lincoln navigator is fully loaded. I have never had any issues, it runs a vehicle health report for you every few months to keep you updated. That was a plus for my family to get notified of any issues before the vehicle breaks down.

- Stephanie K

It has only been driven by me with low mileage and well maintained.

It is large, rides smoothly, ability to see clearly, feel very safe on the highways, ability to load many items to transport, and i know it is a quality vehicle.

- Denise B

The one most important thing about my vehicle is that it's very reliable.

First of all I love my vehicle. I like everything about it. I'm usually in a good mood when I'm driving. There's nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Janis Y

Vehicle is easy to handle

I like the way the car is easy to handle. The large roominess comes in very handy. I like the extras that come with a Lincoln.

- K B

Be in the navigation of life

It is a great vehicle that makes me want to drive! It's smooth and has enough room for all my adventures.

- Lina A

up to date. cd player attached to it and a radio that plays good music

it is a dark red. has 2-4 doors. and has a radio and cd player attached

- Crystal F

it is expensive for insurance and gas tank is large.

I love the size and luxury and it has the smooth ride of luxury.

- sandy b

It's a nice car, but costs a lot to repair and fill with gas.

It's reliable. Repairs are very expensive. Poor gas mileage.

- julie B

The fuel mileage isn't great. Other than that, it's the best car I have ever had

I love how smooth it rides. As well as all the features.

- Theodore M

Good maintenance means good service

I like the size space. I like the deluxe features

- Freida B