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High maintenance car for a luxury car, lots of technical issues

The problems with the vehicle is that the engine light and back up camera tends to turn on and break often. The maintenance of this car is very expensive and not worth it. The reliability, comfort and features are not outstanding and mediocre and my expectations were much higher.

- Aka H

It's going to beep like crazy when another car is near you.

The car needs better cup holders. I can't use the ones in it. It's also too sensitive about nearby cars. It's constantly beeping at me that I'm going to hit someone when nobody is that close. I also wish there was a better way to switch between saved radio stations.

- Misi C

The best car in business? Maserati is amazing!

The Maserati is amazing if you can afford it. I have had no problems with it, and it has over 50, 000 miles! It performs every day and I haven't had a problem since. I think it is a must buy if you have enough money.

- Andrew C

The monthly payments are surprisingly affordable.

I love the look of the car. It iS powerful and a luxury product. IT IS safe.

- Diane L

It is very expensive yet worth the money and it is a very nice car

I like how fast and the sins of my vehicle and I dislike that it is not sport

- Dariana P

It costs a lot of money and uses high octane gas

Nice look. Nice feel. Nice comfortable ride

- Larry W