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Mini Cooper countryman is spacious

Very nice leather interior. Nice horsepower. Hasn't broken down any over the year we have had it. Drives very well and has nice manufacturer tires. I have a black Mini Cooper countryman and I have added More horsepower so it's very fast and still drives very well. The seats have buttons to make them go forward or backward and then make the seat go up or down. It has lots of legroom in the front and in the back. Very spacious trunk and fits a lot. Has held up well.

- Ashleigh W

A fully functioning sport and outdoors vehicle

The countryman runs like a champ, it's innovative BMW style steering makes it one of the smoothest driving vehicles. Great for speed along with quick and sudden stops. In over a year with it my only collision was a fender bender in a parking lot- the negative part of having such a small car is when a large one bumps into you, it leaves a large dent. Mini's service is quick and reliable, returning my vehicle to me quickly.

- Natalia D

Mini cooper vs mini countryman all 4.

I drove a regular mini cooper prior to purchasing the countryman all4. I like how my first mini took curves and was a quick little thing. The countryman has power but it is a larger vehicle. So I prefer the size of the smaller mini but the all wheel drive of the countryman. Other than that, the car is good.

- Lisa L

The Mini Countryman is made by BMW. Most people do not know this fact.

My Mini Countryman is the best car I have ever had. It drives like a dream, so smooth! I love the features it has, like the sunroof. It is the perfect size to get enough wind and sun. It doesn't blow your hair everywhere. It is so easy to maneuver. Feels like you are gliding down the street.

- Denise R

Best car in the Bay Area and for any single woman that likes to drive

I have no problems at all with this car. I have had it one year and it's amazing. I would recommend this car for anyone living in the Bay Area and if you enjoy driving up to Lake Tahoe or Los Angeles . It is also great for a small family with small children since it's a four door

- Ella G

Could be used as an advertisement we carry so much in it for long trips.

Much larger than expected. Very smooth. Stop feature at red lights. Good gas mileage. Comfortable seats that tilt in all directions. I also like that the back hatch opens be simply waving your foot and that you can drive without the key in ignition. Well worth the price.

- Gloria P

Love my mini! Fun to drive and sporty.

Never had a problem! Love my car! Reliable and comfortable. Lusaka be he heated seats and sunroof. Car is responsive and fun to drive. The hatch holds plenty of groceries. Has good gas mileage. I get a lot of compliments on the car and would definitely buy again.

- Lisa K

Great little car with lots of room

Very comfortable. Easy to drive. Very reliable. Apple carplay option. Lots of room. Seating for 5 people. Drives like a BMW but without the hefty BMW price tag. Super cute body contour. Great sound system with lots of speakers. Great air conditioning system

- Jill K

My mini countryman feels like a small car while driving but with the SUV size.

I love the unique features of the countryman. It seems more personalized while having a SUV type vehicle. It has a lot of space for a 'smaller' vehicle and can fit four adults plus a dog comfortably. It drives like a small car with no blind spots.

- Mary A

It is a compact SUV or crossover SUV and because of the plug-in hybrid model, it gets better gas mileage than other vehicles in its class. It is also in line in price with lower car makers because of Tax Incentives for Energy

My car is a Plug-In Hybrid vehicle which allows me to increase my gas mileage, especially with city driving. It is also a Mini, which is owned by BMW so I do not have to sacrifice luxury or speed. I also love my features such as my lift gate

- Jennifer T

Fun to drive and very dependable, car repairs are few but can be a little costly

Love my Mini Cooper countryman. Love the mini brand. I also have a mini cooper s that I have had since 2006, bought new, only has 87000 and love the car. They are fun to drive. I am hooked on mini coopers. Very reliable and safe car.

- Deb S

Cute and sporty with lots of room.

Looks great drives smooth small and has lots of legroom also can park any place because so small and has great windows lots of doors and can seats lots of people, pets and stuff. Can get in and out of traffic fast because so small.

- Nancy C

Great on gas and a very reliable car.

Love it because it is reliable, good on gas especially when on minimalism mode and drives smoothly. Also like the start button feature to start the engine and it is a plus that it comes with a sunroof.

- Jung H

There is a lot more space that it looks. Even though mini is known for being smaller. It has a lot of room for passengers and in the trunk

I love the way my car handles. It is a fun car to drive but also very safe. It is much bigger than it appears to be. Also, it fits my personality

- Alyse E

Operates like a go- cart.

The way it hugs the rode. I also love the gas mileage. I love the sporty look, and the fact that I can fit my golf clubs.

- Anna N

it drives like a go cart and is fun

fun to drive and luxurious. uses premium gas which i don't like

- bob H