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Overview of a Nissan 370z owner

This car is amazing from the power to the look to the authentic sports car sound it really is killer. The interior is nice too. Leather seats with Bose sound system is a great feature. The car sounds amazing without anything added on it gives you a true sports car feel. The car is super fast and has right handling too which is always a plus. The Nissan 370Z is one of the best cars out there on the road today. It is super slick and comfortable. The only downsides are that it is only a two seater car so you can't carry a lot of passengers. The other thing is it is very low to the ground so you must handle speed bumps cautiously and be careful getting in and out of the car. The last problem is that it is a gas guzzler and takes the most premium fuel so it is expensive to keep feeding gas. It also doesn't get the best miles per gallon on the road so you have to constantly fuel it up like no other. Overall though the Nissan 370Z has been my favorite car I have ever owned and driven.

- Bradley M

Great first-time sportscar experience.

Speed and paddle shifts are awesome, however very small trunk space and limited leg room. Currently something may be wrong with the transmission because sometimes the engine will not ignite or start, despite a new battery replacement. Although I brought it to the dealership, they couldn't figure out what is wrong with it and claims it is due to the steering wheel lock needing replacement. The car is also a gas-guzzler and not so-good mpg. Nevertheless, it is a great sports car with a v6 engine.

- Dolly P

A cool car with good gas mileage.

It is not a car for ppl who transport things because there is limited space. There is no back seat and the hatch does not hold much either. So far (I hope I do not jinx myself), I have had no major mechanical issues. The pick up is great and the look of the car is awesome-I always get compliments, especially from men. Gas mileage is pretty good also, and for a 17 gallon or so tank, I get about 375 miles. But you have to use premium gasoline.

- Loretta P

Two seater made by Nissan that requires premium gas and need ester oil.

2009 is the first year that the 370z came out and with comes associated problems. Csc is a normal failure if you drive manual. Steering lock can lock the car will require you to tow your vehicle to the dealer and get it fix. The oem fuel pump assembly is completely useless. I will never have an accurate reading on my fuel level since the assembly is not built the right way.

- Duane G

Confident inspiring, fun car.

The 370z is a fun, performance oriented car. The base model has 330 horsepower and overall excellent handling. It was my first rear wheel drive car, and it made me feel confident in handling it. The only drawback to the car is the lack of space, but if you are looking at a z, space probably is not your main concern.

- Blake C

Very fast. Sporty looking. Fun to drive.

Great performance, handling, sporty, looks good. I have not had any issues with it. I drive it daily. The gas mileage is decent. It is comfortable to drive on trips. It is roomy even though it's a two seater. It is comfortable for passengers as well.

- Rachel C

It is not that comfortable for a tall person

It has the best look of all the cars out in the market. My Nissan is fast and decent on gas. Only complaint is no storage and hard to get out of seat

- jim B

it is a nissan and they are great running trucks, and it gets great gas mileage

i really love my nissan truck, it is my favorite thing to drive, it is small and compact and i can load anything in it, and it gets great gas mileage

- anitar r

Amazing car for an even more amazing value. Still can't believe the value.

Corners like it's on rails. Great power for an amazing value. Over 300 HP packed into a stylish body.

- Ashley K

It's a beautiful car. It's got class.

It's a classic. It Has t-tops. It Has style.

- vicki T